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The storm runs through you, in you. You and the storm must become one, which is why I must pound this lightning into you. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You could also possess nothing of true value. Storms need a place to spend their power, and you may be a terrible vessel with no ability to control any of it.

–The Storm Runner

Saqik’oxol (pronounced: sock-ee-kh-oh-SHOLE), also known as the White Sparkstriker, is a being that lives in the woods and the maker of lightning bolts in Mayan mythology. She pounded lightning into the first daykeepers (diviners).


According to Popol Vuh, Saqik’oxol escaped into the shelter of the woods when the first sun rose to avoid Spanish domination. She took animals that the sun petrified into a tree and may be encountered in caves, deep woods, and at night.[1]

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

After Zane Obispo arrives in her cave in the Old World, she gives him a cane that hides his limp and can turn into a spear, she advised him not to take off the mask "Nobody" gave him or his eye will be fried out of his sockets from the light. She gives him a cane with a jade handle to allows his short leg to grow. Then she tells him to fish out a lightning bolt and when he does she tells him to lay down on her slab so she can pound it into his short leg. Zane is reluctant until she says it is the only way to unlock what ever powers Hurakan passed on to him. She reveals that his short leg is actually the most powerful part of him, the doorway to his magic, and the only clue to his ancestry. Regarding the name Zane was given, the Storm Runner, the White Sparkstriker explains that running actually means channeling, like the Demon Runners. Zane agrees to this and she proceeds, Zane is then taken to the Empty because he was taken to Hurakan. After she finishes, Zane informs her that he has power over fire, moments after that she senses Ah-Puch. She has a vision of the other gods arriving very soon and warns Zane and Quinn to find the death god quickly.

The Fire Keeper

Quinn mentions the spark striker when saying she saw something in her pool that scared heya d sent the nawal under cover in Xib’alb’a.


Saqik’oxol is a deformed woman shorter than Mrs. Obispo, she had red hair all ratted out like a nest, teeny tiny silver bells were woven into the knotted strands. She had a nose bent a little too far to the right and her left eye hanging lower down her face then her right eye. Her forehead had a lump in the center that looked like a giant mosquito bite. She wears a red robe with bells attached to it.


In the series Saqik' oxol can pound lightning into others and objects for different effects such as bringing out the power of Zane Obispo's Serpent Leg and giving power to his spear.

  • Electrokinesis: It can be assumed she has some power over electricity and lightning


  • Some versions of Mayan Mythology have her as a male.
  • Saqik’oxol is also the K'iche' name of Rabinal Achí, a Maya theatrical play.[2]
  • Jennifer Cervantes felt that the scene with the Spark Striker was really powerful for her. She had chills when she wrote the part when the lightning was struck into Zane's leg and Saqik’oxol saying it was actually his conduit of strength. Cervantes loved writing that scene because it was filled with magic, folklore, and also power.[3]
  • Her Greek equivalents are the Cyclops.


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