Sarah Jacobi is a magician who despises the rule of the Kane family. She was part of Vladimir Menshikov's elite hit squad, until taking the position of Rebel Leader. She worked with Apophis but blamed the Kane family for his rise.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

She was recognized by Desjardins as a magician who was sent to Antarctica after causing a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. She is one of the magicians commanded by Vladimir Menshikov to attack Brooklyn House. She is later seen fighting the magicians of Brooklyn House. When Carter and Sadie tell them about what happened to Desjardins, she refused to believe it and left taking the rebels that fought against Sadie and Carter and telling them that the Kanes are the cause of Apophis returning.

The Serpent's Shadow

Jacobi leads a rebel faction of magicians opposed to the Kanes and she slaughters anyone who stands with them. She blames this on the Kanes or the gods and broadcasts a message to Carter demanding his surrender and making it look like the Kanes are the evil ones. The young Russian magician Leonid discovers that Jacobi and Kwai are actually working with Apophis and escapes with the help of the god Shu to warn about this along with an upcoming attack on the First Nome at the same time that Apophis rises. During the attack, she seriously wounds Leonid and leaves him to die and battles. Amos, hosting Set, was overpowered when the Kanes and initiates arrive, so Jacobi was holding him hostage to end the battle. She tries to get the Kanes to surrender and meanwhile attacks Sadie when she reveals that Jacobi is working with Apophis not against him as she claims. Jacobi throws a netjeri blade at her, but it is caught and disintegrated by Walt Stone who is hosting the god Anubis. The two are so furious with her attack that they open a chasm in the ground that releases spirits that wrap Jacobi in mummy linen and drag her to the Underworld.


Jacobi has milky skin, spiky black hair, and dark, permanently startled eyes lined with "too much kohl". Her appearance has been compared to a Halloween ghoul and a schizophrenic Wicked Witch of the West. She usually wears pure white robes. Her voice is said to make Carter jump, even when it isn't alive. Her laughter is said to sound like metal scraped through sand.


She is said to be a very powerful assassin magician, who used to work for Vlad Menshikov. She is powerful enough to cause a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and wipe out a quarter million people with that. She has deadly netjeri blades and has pin-point aim with them. She used them to injure Leonid, attempted to hurt Amos, and threw them at Sadie. However, Walt caught it and destroyed them. She can cast the Ha-di spell, which is known to require years of practice and can create a magic storm cloud that she can ride on.


The Kane Chronicles
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