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Sargon is a Lamassu owned by Belet Amari and Ishtar.

City of the Plague God

He is seen by Sikander Aziz shortly before the forces of Nergal attack his family's deli. Sik later sees him when he visits Ishtar's House. A day later Sik is told to fight him for combat training and refuses. He attacks and subdues the boy soon after. The following night he and the other cats alert Ishtar of Nergal's arrival. They follow Belet outside and reveal their true forms. As Ishtar and Nergal fight, he and the other lamassu fight the demons.

Two weeks later, he and the other lamassu take refuse in Mo's with Daoud. When the others decide to take the remainder of Mo's promise to Manhattan General Hospital, he and the other lamassu pull Ishtar's Chariot after Sik turns the Jaguar into one. He swats away an infected Mr. Georiou and tries to kill him, but Sik stops him. As they fly, they are ambushed by Idiptu and end up in an abandoned office building. He and Bagheera maul the toad demon as Sik runs him over with the chariot to save Daoud. He, Bagheera, and Sik go on with out the others. As they fly they are stopped by Nergal, but soon get away as Sik finds a storm cloud and plans to mix the perfume with the rain. One month later he begins residing with the Aziz family.


Sargon resembles a grown male lion with wings when in his true form and an orange tabby cat with a white eye when disguised as a pet.


Sargon is calm most of the time but can become violent when need be.

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