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I promise you, on the River Styx, that as soon as you surrender what I want, I will not shoot you. I will send you right back down that cliff.

–Sciron to Jason Grace and Hazel Levesque, in The House of Hades.

Sciron, also known as Sceiron, was a Greek demigod son of Poseidon and a bandit who robbed travelers passing the Sceironian Rocks.


Sciron was an Isthmian outlaw. He dwelled at the Sceironian Rocks, a cliff on the Saronic coast of the Isthmus of Corinth. He robbed travelers passing the Sceironian Rocks and forced them to wash his feet. When they knelt before him, and were distracted by the smell, he kicked them over the cliff into the sea, where they were eaten by a monstrous sea turtle. Theseus, his half-brother through Poseidon, killed him in the same way, by pushing him off the cliff.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

The crew of the Argo II were waylaid on the coast of Croatia by Sciron, who was assisted by a giant predatory sea turtle. Sciron demanded that the crew give him all of their valuables or he would shoot them down with his bow and arrow. Hazel Levesque agreed to travel with Jason Grace to the cliffs to speak with Sciron. It was decided that Hazel's geokinesis would be useful in satisfying Sciron, while Jason's aerokinesis would prevent them from falling off the cliff.

At first, when Sciron introduced himself, Jason mixed him up with the centaur Chiron. Sciron then promised that once they surrendered their valuables, he would "send them right back down the cliff," a phrasing that bothered Hazel. Jason thought about fighting the bandit, but Sciron simultaneously nearly hit Jason and Frank Zhang (back on the Argo II) at the same time.

Shocked, Hazel remarked that she would have thought he was a son of Apollo, the way he shot. Sciron thanked her, adding that the sea turtle came from his father. He added that he did have hydrokinetic powers, like their friend Percy Jackson, but they were a lot of work. He found it much easier to shoot people down. He added that Theseus was a "cheater," one he did not want to talk about. He revealed that he was a reborn mortal, in service to the goddess Gaea.

About to be eaten by his turtle, Molly

When Hazel provided the bandit with many precious metals, Sciron demanded that they give him the Athena Parthenos statue. Hazel figured that Gaea ordered him to take it. He agreed, but he added that Gaea said that he could keep it, if he captured it. Jason declared the statue off the table, and Hazel tried to talk Sciron out of working for Gaea, due to the fact that she was obviously using him. She reminded him that if the Gigantes win the war, there would be no where for Sciron to spend his gold. That convinced Sciron to let them keep the statue, on the condition that they wash his feet, something that confused Jason and Hazel.

In that moment, Hazel figured out who Sciron was and what he was planning to do. In a private conversation with Jason, she told him that Sciron planned to push them off the cliff. Jason suggested that they fight, but Hazel argued that Sciron was too quick. Jason felt his aerokinesis might give them an extra advantage, but Hazel argued that Sciron would shoot them down if he did not see his turtle devour them. Out of ideas, Jason asked Hazel what her plan was. Hazel replied to a bewildered Jason that they had to let Sciron win.

Reluctantly, Jason went along with Hazel's plan. He bent down to wash Sciron's feet, but unfortunately for the pirate, Hazel turned the tables on him; she manipulated the Mist, turning them away from the cliff without Sciron realizing it. The bandit seemingly kicked Jason into the turtle's mouth, then turned on Hazel. The demigod pretended to be devastated by this, begging Sciron not to push her off the cliff. Hazel bent down to wash Sciron's feet, and the bandit kicked her backward, only to discover that she and Jason had been kicked farther away from the cliff. As with Theseus centuries before, Jason tackled Sciron off the cliff and he was eaten by his own turtle.

The Blood of Olympus

Jason Grace mentions Sciron when he, Piper and Annabeth are on Ithaca to spy on ghosts Gaea's recruiting.


He is described as having curly black hair, which Hazel describes as looking like a little kids hairdo, and friendly green eyes. He is described wearing high leather boots and leather breeches, with a pirate-style shirt. He is also said to have a red bandanna that covers up half of his face.


He comes off as friendly, but it is simply a ruse. Sciron has a much more sinister nature, and he proves this by seemingly taking pleasure in killing and overcoming his victims. He tells Hazel and Jason when they come to confront him that "target practice is so much more fun with live targets running around and screaming!" It also seems that he quite clever as, unlike Procrustes, he was not falling for the same trick that Theseus pulled off when he encountered the modern Roman demigods


  • Theseus killed Sciron in the same way as Hazel and Jason did; by pushing him off the cliff and into his pet turtle.
  • According to some myths, Sciron was a Megarian warlord, not a bandit. In these myths, he was a son of Canethus and Henioche, not Poseidon.
  • Some myths say that his father his Pelops, the son of Tantalus.
  • Like his father and half-brothers (Theseus and Percy Jackson), Sciron has black hair and green eyes.
  • Jason mispronounced Sciron's name as Chiron.
  • Sciron mentions that he and the demigods were getting along so well. In The Lightning Thief, Procrustes, another son of Poseidon confronted by Theseus, said something similar.
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