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CLICK. We-grr-see you-SCREECH-Nico-CLICK-di Angelo-grr.

–Screech-Bling talking to Nico in The Tower of Nero.

Screech-Bling is a Troglodyte who aids Apollo during the Battle of Nero's Tower. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Troglodytes. His name is pronounced with the sound effect screech, not the word.

The Trials of Apollo

The Tower of Nero

When Nico di Angelo brings Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and Will Solace to their settlement, he and others surround the group and asks the son of Hades if they are offerings. The son of Hades says no and gives him a skink, a delicacy among his people, instead and he accepts this. He brings the five back to his camp and speaks with Nico as dinner is being prepared. During dinner his guests make a statement as to why they should save the city above. Most of his people think it should burn, but they change their minds when they mention their food and hat supplies could be in danger as well the threat of being eaten by Python, a giant reptile. They agree to help until he realizes they lead his people’s natural enemy, Tauri Sylvestres, to the camp and orders an emergency evacuation.

He and his people disable the Greek Fire reserves and participate in the Battle of Nero's Tower with the forces of Camp Half-Blood. Rachel sends him to find Apollo and he locates the mortal god in the daughter of Demeter’s bedroom as he talks with Nero and learns the god-emperor is going to gas every floor below the throne room with Sassanid Gas. When the call ends, he tells Apollo he will find and disable the system.

He and his forces find and disable the gas and he meets up with Rachel and Luguselwa, who has Nero’s fasces with her, and they make their way to the throne room. He watches as Apollo and Nero fight over the axe and sees the god-emperor die. His people subsequently discuss with Sherman Yang the split of the spoils of war between the trogs and Camp Half-Blood. When Apollo goes to fight Python, he and the other troglodytes present remove their hats as Apollo passes by, a great honor given by his people.

Two weeks later, Nico explains to Apollo that he intends to enlist the help of Screech-Bling and his people on his quest to Tartarus as the trogs can dig to and from anywhere, including Tartarus and can safely get Nico and Will in and out.


Screech-Bling is a troglodyte with light green skin with dark green streaks. He dresses like George Washington.


Screech-Bling cares greatly for the welfare of his people.

The Trials of Apollo
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