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Security Officer Seok (pronounced suhk) is an investigator assigned to the supposed desertion of Kim Jun.

Thousand Worlds series

Dragon Pearl

Seok approaches the Kim Dome one day to inform them of Jun’s desertion from the Space Forces to search for the Dragon Pearl. He asks Kim Seonmi questions about her son before requesting to see Kim Min, who was the recipient of Jun’s last message. He shows it to Min and asks her if her brother hid anything in it. She realizes it has a hidden meaning but lies about it. Seonmi invites him for a meal and he accepts. As they prepare to eat, he asks her about her son and threatens an investigation into them. Min, who was disguised as a table, transforms into human form and, realizing the Kims are Fox Spirits, he grabs by the throat. He says “So that’s why they needed the cadet” and tries to make a call to report them, but Min knocks him out. His unconscious body is dragged out of the room and the adults council over what to do.

Two months later he meets up with Min and tries to take the Dragon Pearl from her, stating it is property of the Dragon Council. But it singes his hair and Min takes it back. He then recites her crimes and heroism since their first encounter and offered her a job in the Thousand Worlds Domestic Security Ministry, stating they can protect her from the Dragon Council and the Space Forces. She agrees if Jun can be her partner. After the shock of seeing a ghost he agrees.

The three arrive on Jinju via civilian transport and drive to the Kim residence. He put a listening device on her clothes before sending her to her mother and listens to their conversation.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities: New Stories About Mythic Heroes

The Initiation

He calls Min and Jun to his office to inform them that they need to undergo an eight week training program in order to become agents. He tells Min to keep her heritage secret and asks that she leave the pearl with him during her training.

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