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Most people have forgotten how to protect themselves from gumiho. But some remember the old lore, and I happen to be one of them.

–Sen to Kim Min as Shield drains the fox spirit's magic in Tiger Honor.

Sena is a shaman who partners with Juhwang Hwan to help him enact revenge.

Thousand Worlds series

Tiger Honor

After being recruited by Hwan to enact his revenge against Kim Min, she, her sapsali Shield, and outlaw mercenaries from the Sun clan are smuggled onto the Haetae. After Hwan recruits their nibling Sebin, he locates Min and Yi on the fifth level on a live feed and takes Sebin, Sena, and Shield with him. After tracking the two down, Hwan tells Sebin to wait for his signal. ieldegoes s out first followed bher and y Hwaa with Sebin going out last. Min shouts for Yi to run as she sees Sebin and declares she knew they were working for Hwan the whole time. Min fires a blaster at Hwan but Sebin blocks it and get hit in the forehead. Soon Sheild starts to drain the magic of both Min and Jun and the siblings revert to their true forms ashe a threatens to send Jun to the afterlife if Min does not work with them. Min reminds Hwan he was the one who sent her brother to his death before pleading with her to let Jun stay in the land of the living. Sena starts the cleansing ritual and talks softly to Jun as he agrees with her and starts to fade. Min continues to plead as Sena stops, revealing it to be a warning and and threatens to send Jun away if she disobeys. Min reluctantly agrees and requests she be allowed to return to human form. Hwan reluctantly allows her as Shield requests two treats to do so. Sena gives him the treats and he lets Min take human form. Min leads them to the medical bay, where the captain is being treated, as Sebin watches Min. The doors fail to open when they arrive, resulting in Hwan ripping them open. Blaster fire breaks out as Hwan orders Min to get the crew to stand own as she stands ready to send Jun to the afterlife if the fox spirit disobeys order.

She later follows Hwan to the engine room with Min in tow. She watches as Min tells Sebin to take Shield away from the fighting. With the dog out of the way, Min charms her into not expelling Jun from the land of the living and Hwan takes her away. After Hwan comes to his senses, she is locked in a holding cell and planed to be handed over to the shamans for trial, with her status as one being revoked.


Sena is a woman with long black hair and dark eyes.


Sena is a calm individual, using words to help her in most situations.


  • Mystiokinesis: As a shaman, Sena is skilled in magic.
  • Ghost Persuasion: Sena is able to persuade ghosts into passing on.
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