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Serena is a Mayan godborn, daughter of Ixchel.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

Serena is abducted from her bedroom by Gee and conscripted into joining Jordan and Bird.

A few days later after Zane Obispo is captured, she calls him a thief and demonstrates her powers by summoning a snake that slithers towards the son of Hurakan, but backs away when it reaches his godborn leg. After the twins leave and it is revealed the godborns are in cages, she forms a red smoke snake trying to escape. She and the other godborns are freed when Ren Santiago, who arrives with Ah-Puch and Rosie, uses her Mexica magic to unlock her cage, however there escape is halted when Marco awakens Camazotz. After Ah-Puch sides with the bat god, Camazotz explains how to twins plan to use the blood of Hurakan and the hearts of the godborns to resurrect the Mexica Gods and creative a world order with themselves on top. She and the other godborns hide behind old cars and throw whatever they can find at the bats, after Ah-Puch stabs Camazotz and opens a gateway, the godborns run towards it but it closes when Ah-Puch is killed. After the death god is revived she and the other escape through the gateway into an unknown jungle as he fends of Camazotz. When Zane tells the godborns to hide, she and the others convince him to let them stay and fight and the son of Hurakan let’s them be an auxiliary unit.

After the failed execution she stands with the godborns in front of the shocked gods. They go to Xib’alb’a and wait outside as Zane explains everything to the gods and, when he’s done, she and the others express their desires to be claimed. She is revealed to be a daughter of Ixchel, the moon goddess, and given a gold jaguar tooth to contact her mother and sent home.


Serena has short honey colored hair, brown skin, and hooded suspicious looking eyes.


  • Summoning: Serena can summon creatures by creating a small cloud of red mist.
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