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Serinda Swan (born July 11, 1984) is an actress born in West Vancouver, Canada. She plays the goddess Aphrodite in the film The Lightning Thief. She is only seen, but not focused on, in The Lightning Thief movie when Percy Jackson (played by Logan Lerman) returns the Master Bolt to Zeus (played by Sean Bean) on Mt. Olympus. She originally auditioned for the part of Medusa, but got the smaller part of Aphrodite.


Movie or TV show Role Year
Graceland Paige Arkin 2013
The Baytown Outlaws Unknown 2012
Breakout Kings Erica Reed 2011-12
Jinn Jasmine 2012
Creature Emily 2011
Hawaii Five-O Alana 2011
Supernatural Ashely Frank 2006-10
Smallville Zatanna Zatara 2009-10
The Lightning Thief Aphrodite 2010
Random Walk not known 2010
Trust Tiffany 2009
Hostile Makeover Amanda Manville 2009
Reaper Hot Patron 2009
Desperate Escape Melissa 2009
The Break-Up Artist Ashley 2009
Psych Eileen Mazwell 2008
Beyond Lock Ness Caroleena 2008
Exes & Ohs Lucianne 2007
Blood Ties Pretty Young Woman 2007
Neal 'N' Nikki Amanda 2005

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