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We only serve the strong. Are you strong?

–Serqet to Carter Kane, in The Serpent's Shadow.

Serqet (also known as Serket) is the Egyptian Goddess of scorpions, snakes, venom, protection, fertility, nature, animals, medicine and magic.  


Serqet attended Osiris's birthday party.  

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Serqet and Bast briefly engage in battle in Central Park. She appears to defeat Bast, but the cat goddess turns into Muffin and escapes into the Duat. She later engages in combat with Zia Rashid in a museum, who manages to expel Serqet from her host. Serqet, however, was able to reform for an unknown reason.

The Serpent's Shadow

Serqet appears before Carter, when he fused with Horus, calling all the gods to fight Apophis. When Carter order the gods to aid him, Serqet states that she will only serve the strong, and asks Carter if he is strong. Carter then moves instantly before Serqet and slashes her in half, after which she reforms from a pile of sand. Nekhbet nods and mutters that Carter is strong after all.


She is very aggressive and loyal to Set in The Red Pyramid. It is shown that she only follows the strong. In this respect, she is similar to Nekhbet.


She is described to be a woman with pale skin that resembles chitin. She wears brown robes with gold jewelry adorning her hands and neck. A live scorpion rests on her head. Her hair is cut in the Egyptian style. Her eyes are beady black, and her long, dark hair is unnaturally thick, as if made out of millions of bug antennae. When she opens her mouth, one can see sideways mandibles snap and retract outside her regular teeth.


  • Animal Charming (limited): She has power over scorpions and snakes, and is able to summon swarms of them.
  • Toxikinesis (to some extent) : As Goddess of Venom , she presumably have absolute control over venom
  • Scorpion Physiology: She is shown to have the abilities of a scorpion, such as a large scorpion tail and the power to change into a huge scorpion.
  • Reforming: When she served Set, because Chaos was increasing she was able to reform almost immediately, even after being bound by the Ribbons of Hathor.


  • Tefnut: Believed to be Serqet's and Sekhmet's sister.
  • Sekhmet: One of Serqet's sisters. The original Eye of Ra. The flip side of her personality is Hathor, the cow goddess.
  • Bast: One of Serqet's siblings. Sister to Sekhmet and Tefnut as well. 


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