Sessrumnir, or the Hall of Many Seats, is Freya’s mansion in Folkvanger. It is also intended to be a ship for the residents of Folkvanger to use during Ragnarok. The mansion is rather large, comfortable and posh. Several einherji, servants, as well as Freya's giant pet cats also stay in Sessrumnir.


Sesrumnir is an upside-down ship made of silver and gold. The rows of tall windows are oar slots. The sloping walls of the hull were made from clinkered gold planks riveted with silver nails. The main entrance has a long awning that would’ve served as a gangplank. The ceiling rises all the way to the keel. The oar-hole windows crosshatched the air with bars of light. The entire space is open, no separate rooms or partitions – just clusters of sofas, comfy chairs, throw pillows and freestanding hammocks, most of which were occupied by snoring warriors. Down the center of the hall ran an aisle of Persian carpets, flanked by braziers with glowing spheres of gold light. At the far end stood a throne on a raised dais. In front of the dais, a cozy fire crackled in the hearth. Piles of jewelry and precious gems glittered here and there as if somebody had swept them up just to get them off the floor. On either side of the steps lounged a calico house cat the size of a saber-toothed tiger. The throne was carved from wood as soft and buttery as the light – linden wood, maybe. The back is draped with a cloak of downy feathers like on the underside of a falcon.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Sumarbrander dragged Magnus Chase and Blitzen to Folkvanger while they were trying to go to Nidavellir. They met Freya in her mansion, Sessrumnir.

Freya told Magnus about the history and powers of his sword. Blitzen revealed that he is Freya's son. The goddess asked the duo to buy her jewelry from Nidavellir when they went there. She offered them the necessary money in red gold coins.

Magnus later realized that Sessrumnir is an inverted longship that can house tens of thousands of passengers. It was mentioned that Freya and her subjects shall use this ship to travel to Vigridr, the final battlefield, during Ragnarok.

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