Seven Ribbons of Hathor is a spell that summons seven ribbons and binds a god or magician, banishing them to the Duat. This spell can only be used once a year due to its immense restricting force (the ribbons are powerful magical items that can be made by a charm maker, each set takes a year to recharge after use but in though if a magician has more than one set then they will be able to cast it multiple times a year).

In the Books

This was used by Zia Rashid against Serqet, goddess of scorpions, in the New York Museum when she was trying to save Carter and Sadie Kane. Setne has the Ribbons of Hathor to prevent him from going on a killing spree and Zia and Carter Kane are able to use it to control him, binding him up more when need be by using the spell tas and are able to make the Ribbons appear and disappear as well. Setne somehow escapes from the Ribbons eventually. It is mentioned that Walt always wanted one of these.

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