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Shakuntula (pronounced: "shah-KOON-tuh-luh") was beautiful woman and a victim of Durvasa's curses.


Shakuntula fell in love with a neighboring king named Dushyanta and secretly married him. Dushyanta told his parents and promised Shakuntula that he would be back. She spent a lot of time pining and lovesick, so she didn't notice that Durvasa the sage was visiting her ashram. Angry about going unnoticed, Durvasa cursed her that anyone she was thinking of would forget her immediately. But if she showed she her king the ring Durvasa gave her, he would remember Shakuntula. So she went off, but a the ring fell in a river she was crossing and subsequently swallowed by a fish. The king showed up at that moment, but a fisherman caught the fish, sliced it open, found the ring, and gave it to the king. Dushyanta remembered Shakuntula and they were reunited.[1]

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