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The Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic, also known by the acronym SHIHOM, is a training school for godborns of the Mayan Gods.


SHIHOM is made from various connected treehouses connected to the World Tree. SHIHOM has a torch-lit ball court and a large T-shaped area with a stone amphitheater seating on each side. The stone amphitheater has an elevated platform against a backdrop of eight-foot-high standing stones called stelae. The stones were carved with the gods’ likenesses, except with more exaggerated noses and ears. The treehouses are connected by bridges. The library is a bright red temple with multilevel platforms, massive steps that lead to a pillared building on top, and corbeled roofing. The exterior walls are decorated with huge sculptures and glyph carvings. The temple has a single doorway on the bottom level and butted up against a lush hill blooming with red and yellow flowers. Dim lights flicked on overhead, casting shadows against the chipped blue stone walls. The air smells like old cigars and dark chocolate. The library has winding halls and the space opens into a massive tri-level room with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves encased in glass. The domed ceiling has stained-glass windows that are melded with shimmering gold. At the center of the room was a 3-D holographic orb/globe, glowing blue as it spun in midair. The glowing blue orb is able to talk and has extensive knowledge. The globe is named Saás. The library has roughly hewn wooden tables. The courtyard is filled with dining tables and chairs. The tables are covered with plates of half-eaten breakfasts: bacon, eggs, fruit, donuts, and other items. On the lowest tier, a dozen or so godborns are gathered under a clump of trees. The rascal monkeys hover in the branches above, clapping and chomping their teeth.

The dorms where the students sleep consist of treehouses of various designs. Rope ladders lead up to the treehouses suites. The inside of Hurakan's treehouse is a large room with a thin white trunk poking up through the floor that extends all the way through an opening in the ceiling. On the ceiling, plump green leaves droop from bowing branches. The space is decked floor to ceiling with books and furnished with modern sofas and chrome tables. The book The Book of Questions by Pablo Neruda is located on the coffee table. The treehouse has drapes and a glass entryway that leads to a balcony. Vines grow on the deck. The World Tree can be seen at the far end of the jungle.


The schools uniform consists of a black T-shirt with the school’s logo on it, black drawstring sweatpants or basketball shorts, black tennis shoes, and a black baseball cap with their godly parent’s name on it. Sleepwear consists of a gray shirt with the school logo and gray sweatpants.


  • Physical Training
  • The Great Gods
  • The Art of Magic and Mayhem
  • Sinful Chocolate: From Bean to Bar
  • Monsters, Beasts, and Demons
  • The Mystic Universe: Cosmology, Fate, and Time

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Fire Keeper

After the Mayan gods get read of their oath of not having anyone godborns, they agree to claim and train any already existing godborns at the school.

The Shadow Crosser

After being ambushed by Camazotz and Ixkik', Zane Obispo arrives at the school. When the forces of Ixkik' attack the school, the staff and student body are forced to evacuate. A few return a few days later when Ixkik' has nearly won, however the godborns and their allies fight back and defeat them.




  • Students sleep in treehouses.
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