"I kill a snake. Kill, kill, kill. Bad snake!"


Shelby is one of Carter and Sadie's students. She is the youngest one. Like all of the ankle-biters, the youngest students, she is at the Brooklyn House with her parents' consent. She is already skilled in magic. 

The Kane Chronicles

The Serpent's Shadow

Shelby appears in the beginning of the book, where she shows Carter and Julian her drawing of a dead serpent with knives sticking out of its back. She later participated in the final battle and was seen running between magicians legs, swinging her wand like a tennis racket and turning an enemy shabti into a multicolored pig. She could also be seen whipping enemy magicians on the rear end and yelling "Die! Die!". Carter said that he was more anxious for combat than she was.


Even though she is very young, Shelby has proven to be a talented magician.

Hieroglyph Spells: When Shelby draws pictures they tend to peel off the pages. For example, once she summoned three brightly colored unicorns.

Combat Magic: It is mentioned by Carter that her crayons sometimes morph in to weapons.

Animal Charming: Along with the unicorns, with her wand she turned an enemy in to a pig.

Sparks: When she once stamped her foot, sparks appeared, possibly hinting in a future potential with fire elemental magic.

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