Shen Lun was the great-grandfather of Roman demigod Frank Zhang. He was also a legacy of Poseidon.


Shen Lun went to Camp Jupiter in the early 1900s because his family had roots connecting them to the Roman Empire. Despite being a legacy of Poseidon and a descendent of Periclymenus (a grandchild of Poseidon), the Roman Legion accepted him into the camp because of his powerful ability. Just like Periclymenus, Shen Lun had the ability to shapeshift into different animals, a gift passed down through his family. Although he was a legacy of Poseidon, because of his Roman blood everyone believed he was a legacy of Neptune. It was thought that he had caused the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, but his name was later cleared by Frank Zhang in The Son of Neptune.

Banishment from Camp Jupiter

After Shen was allowed into Camp Jupiter because he was a powerful legacy, he was disliked and looked down upon due to his Asian appearance, his relation to Poseidon (Neptune), and his unusual ability, even though he had Roman ancestry in his lineage.

After the earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco, Shen Lun was accused of causing it, being that he was a legacy of the god of earthquakes, Poseidon. Despite Shen not having that kind of ability and with no evidence that he had caused it, Shen was banished from Camp Jupiter and New Rome. Years later, his name was still resented by members of the Legion.

After his banishment, Shen Lun relocated to Canada and had at least one child, a daughter.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Images Poseidon

Poseidon, his ancestor

Before Frank leaves for Camp Jupiter, Grandma Zhang hands him a note with an apology for what Shen Lun had done, and tells Frank to give it to the Praetor of the camp. Reyna is the one who Frank apologizes to, but she orders him to not mention this to anyone.

After Frank manages to help save the camp from the Giant Army, people begin to talk about reinstating Shen Lun posthumously back into the Legion as there was no evidence to back up the claim that he had caused the earthquake of 1906.


  • Shapeshifting: After Poseidon blessed Periclymenus with the ability to transform into animals, Periclymenus passed this gift on to his descendants. Shen Lun was able to use this ability, being able to transform into any living or mythical animal. The true extent of his abilities is unknown.


  • He is the first known Greek to join the twelfth legion.
    • However, he could have claimed to be descended of Neptune, rather than Poseidon because he might have thought he was Roman rather than Greek.
The Heroes of Olympus
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