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Sikander Aziz? Well, well. For this I will see you in Hell.

–Sidana to Sikander after being trapped by the boy in a dumpster in City of the Plague God.

Sidana was an Asakku from Kurnugi who served Nergal.

City of the Plague God

As he and Idiptu are scouting out Mo's, they are attacked by Sikander Aziz, who they have been tasked with retrieving, and are trapped in dumpster. Idiptu manages to unlock the dumpster and they get out just as their boss, Nergal, arrives. Sik runs inside and slams the door behind him. Sik then takes the refrigerator and barricades the door. It doesn't matter though, because Sidana, Idiptu, and Nergal still get in. Flies and cockroaches swarm into the deli with Sidana and his companions. They trash the deli looking for the flower of immortality, tearing Mo's flowers off the walls. Then Belet Amari shows up. She proceeds to beat up Idiptu, making Sidana stand down. Nergal then decides to leave.

Later, Sidana shows up at the fight between Nergal and Ishtar. When Nergal defeats Ishtar, Sikander surrenders himself and is carried away to Sunnyside yard in Queens. He jeers with the rest of the Asakku when Nergal eats a crow demon. He is shocked when Sik accuses Idiptu of having what Nergal has been looking for since the deli attack and a fight breaks out. Sik gets away but is hit by a train.

When Sik and Belet go to Central Park to see who the ring Ishtar gave Sik belongs to, the come across Sidana and Idiptu with some plague dogs. Sidana and Idiptu chase them until they enter Gilgamesh's Glass Ziggurat. Two weeks later, he and other demons return and order Sik, Belet, and Gilgamesh to surrender. However the demigod unleashes a powerful storm to scare the demons away. He then attacks Sik, but is killed by Belet, but not before dowsing her with his poison.


Sidana had one head and two arms like a man, but he had a deformed length of his skull, and his long, hairy ears. A pair of cracked pince-nez balanced on the end of his twitching nose. Wiry black whiskers sprouted from either side of his mouth crowded with yellow teeth that jutted out at all angles, his beady red eyes and he wore a dented top hat.


Sidana speaks in rhyme. He loves Manhattan vermin.


  • Sidana speaks in couplets.
  • "Sidana" is not a name, it's a curse
  • Sidana may be the romantic partner of Idiptu. On page 20, he says "All yours, Idiptu, my love" if not, they are best friends
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