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I know what it’s like to lose the one person you love more than anything. Mo was my world. Everything I looked up to, everything I wanted to be. Then he was gone, and I was so angry. Angry at him for going, at my parents for letting him, at everyone and everything. Myself most of all, for not making more of every moment we'd shared. But don’t let that anger eat you up, it’ll destroy you.

–Sik to Belet on losing a close loved one in City of the Plague God.

Sikander "Sik" Aziz is a thirteen year old boy and the protagonist and narrator of the Rick Riordan Presents stand-alone novel City of the Plague God.


Sikander was born to Iraqi immigrants. When he was younger, he enjoyed reading the Arabian Nights stories. He had an older brother named Mohammed. When the two were younger, they would reenact the Epic of Gilgamesh in Central Park. Mo would be Gilgamesh which he would be Gilgamesh's sidekick Enkidu. The pair even went trick or treating as the hero and sidekick for Halloween when he was five.

At one point his brother forced him to watch JAWS with his and he became terrified of the water. The following day they went canoeing in Central Park and half an hour in he became petrified and his father had to wade through the pond to get him. On the way back to shore his father tripped and they fell into the water.

His brother would send back seeds of whatever plant specimens he would find, one of these plants unknowingly being the Flower of Immortality. Somehow the plant got into his system and Sik slowly became immortal.

When he was eleven, Mo died in a motorcycle accident in Iraq. Later, Mo's friend Daoud moved in with the Aziz family and stayed in Mo's room. Sometimes, Sik will start talking to Mo even though he's not there.

City of the Plague God

Sikander is closing down Mo's, his family's deli, with not much help from Daoud, his brother's friend who moved in with them. As Daoud talks about an after party for Hamilton Sikander says he has a zit and he rushes to the bathroom. When he is alone he has a conversation with a memorial wall his parents set up after Mo's death while he wipes down the tables. He hears something in the back alley and he grabs a wok and goes to investigate. After seeing a white-eyed tabby cat, he sees two strange looking men in the dumpster and over hears them looking for him. He swings the wok at them when he hears they want to kill his family. He locks them in the dumpster and calls for Daoud to call the police. The two reveal they're Asakku, Mesopotamian demons, as one of them uses his tongue to unlock the lid and they break out, soon a figure starts to form at the end of the ally and they tell him their boss has arrived. When Sik sees the boss, a man made of shadows, he bolts inside. He tries to convince Daoud to help him, but Daoud panics and runs away to call the police. To stop the intruders, he barricades the door with a refrigerator. Flies and cockroaches swarm into the deli, and the shadowy man gets in. He and his demons trash the deli looking for something, tearing Mo's flowers off the walls. He chokes Sik, demanding he tell where it is. Then a girl dressed as a ninja. She demands Nergal to let Sik go. Instead, the shadowy man tells his demons to take care of her. She then proceeds to beat up Nergal's Asakku, and Nergal decides to release Sik and leave. He collapses from exhaustion as Mina and Mr. Aziz barge in to help Sik. When they see he's alright, Mr. Aziz yells at Sik for fighting Nergal, while Mina hugs Sik to make him feel better. Sik watches as Daoud sees the destruction of Mo's flowers. Daoud tries to take a flower out of a broken frame, but it crumbles in his hands.

After speaking with police and making an appointment to look at mugshots, he and his parents clearly up to rotted food and dead insects. Mr. Georiou, the owner of the pizzeria across the street, drops by with four pizzas and asks how they are going, when Sik says he is doing fine, his mother makes him go to school. He sneaks in half way through social studies while the teacher, Mr. Grant, is arguing with the new student, Belet Amari, about Thomas Jefferson stealing his ideas from Cicero. He runs into his friend Jake, who begs him to hang out with their friend group again. After he laughs at something Belet says, Grant sends him and Belet to the principal's office. As they walk, Belet gets a call from her mother and they are harassed by three bullies, Zack, Hobbs, and Clyde. As Zack demands Belet's phone, she spin kicks him in the head and knocks him out and Hobbs and Clyde let them pass. As they exit the school, her mother arrives and Sik is captivated by her beauty. The woman introduces herself as Ishtar. Sik is shocked that he is speaking to someone named after a Mesopotamian goddess and he mentions what happened to his family's deli last night. She conforms that her brother-in-law was responsible and offers to tell him more, if he comes with her and Belet. Sik is hesitant at first but agrees when Belet says it is his only chance. He and Belet get in the backseat of Ishtar's Jaguar and he is taken to their house.

When they arrive, Sik is mesmerized by the layout of the mansion. When they enter, he sees many cats and recognizes one from the night before, Belet informs him that his name is Sargon. As Ishtar tries to find the kitchen, Belet reluctantly shows him around. They get separated and he finds a room full of weapons and armor dating back to the Stone Age. He picks up a sword and cats start to swarm him as he hears a voice telling him to put the sword back. Soon Belet arrives and introduces him in the first sword, Kasusu. After realizing it was the sword that was talking and he realizes Belet's mother is an actual goddess. He thinks they crazy and goes to leave. However Ishtar stops him and shows him a vision of different wars she was a part of. He collapses in shock as Belet looks him over. Ishtar offers to pay for the damages as they ask him what Nergal might have been looking for. He becomes angry when they suggest Mo might have smuggled something out of Iraq and refuses to help them. He takes the subway home a when he arrives he sees his parents being put in ambulances. When he tells the paramedics he is their son, they ask how he is feeling and have him put on protective gear and take him with them. As his parents are put on life support and placed in quarantine, Sik is tested for any illnesses but they find nothing wrong with him but is placed under twenty-four hours observation. As he paces around his room, Ishtar and Belet barge in and tell Sik he must come with them if Nergal is to be defeated. He is hesitant about leaving his parents, but they reassure him Nergal will keep them alive as a bargaining chip. He agrees to go with them. He wakes up at Ishtar's house to find Daoud making pancakes. Dauod informs him that his patents are stable but nothing has changed as he reveals the only reason he was working at Mo's is because he promised Mo that he would look after Sik. But before Sik can pry more, Ishtar and Belet arrive and the goddess gets Daoud to leave by saying a modeling agent for France is there to see him. When Daoud leaves, she tells Sik that they must defeat Nergal to save his parents. As she leaves to look for Nergal alone, he and Belet decide to search for Nergal themselves.

As they travel, he learns that the same sickness that his parents have is going through the school with Zack being hospitalized and the students blaming him. They arrive in a masjid in Little Egypt in Queens and meets with his local imam and starts to serve food to the disenfranchised. Soon Ada, a homeless girl his age with knowledge of bizarre current events in the city, arrives and he serves her food to get her to talk. After she eats, she informs him of a shipping container filled with dead refugees at Gravesend in Brooklyn. They arrive at the docks and sneak in. They reach the shipping container and inspect it. They find cuneiform etching that reads “Gilgamesh lied” and some couplets by Sidana. Soon they are found by three dockworkers and the pair realize they have been transformed into minions of Nergal. As Belet fights them, he sees one about to hit her with a chain and uses his body to shield her. After taking out the last of the minions, she checks on him and is surprised that he is still alive. She helps him up and they leave. When he tells her the ballet lessons paid off, Belet laughs but quickly catches herself and stops.

The following morning, Belet wakes Sik up for combat training and is bewildered by his lack of combat training. She leaves to get equipment and he speaks with Kasusu. The sword tells him the feats of Gilgamesh were watered down and that he once rejected Ishtar. Kasusu tells him to fight Sargon, but Sik refuses and cat attacks and overpowers him just as Belet returns with wooden swords. Later he meets up with Daoud and tells him he wants to see his parents. Daoud agrees to get him in and out unnoticed. As they ride the subway, he tries to contact his friends but they don’t reply. Due to massive track shutdowns, they end up walking through Washington Square Park and see city workers cutting down diseased trees and flowers covered in sludge. When they arrive they find the waiting room packed and set people waiting inline for vaccines. Daoud distracts a nurse while he goes to see his parents. As he watches them Idiptu arrives with a threatening message, give Nergal what he wants or his parents die. Still not sure about what the Plague God is after, he slams the demon against the wall and says he will stop Nergal.

When he returns he finds Belet demanding Ishtar tell reveals her plan, she remains tight lipped and asks Sik if Mo took something from Nergal. He becomes defensive and says his brother would never steal anything. Ishtar becomes offended by his tone but Belet calms her down. Later he and Belet move his mattress into her bedroom and she is shocked to learn how small and sparse it is. Belet says she and Ishtar move around a lot and tells him about her birth parents. When he learns she is from the same district of Baghdad as his grandfather, he tells her about the time his grandfather asks the occupying American troops for water in his underwear. Later he walks around the halls and runs into Ishtar and asks about the other war orphans she adopted. She takes him to a room filled with paintings and photographs of all the children she adopted through the ages. She gives him a ring with the king's seal on it and tells him to return it to it’s owner in Central Park and to look out for Belet. Just then Sargon and the other cats alert her to Nergal's arrival. Sik realizes she was using Daoud as bait to lure Nergal to them and Ishtar tells him to get Kasusu. He gets Belet and he chases after her and they exit the house. They find Nergal and his demons at the end of the block street and the Plague God demands Sik, as Sik tries to talk his way out of things the cats transform into big cats with wings and Belet reveals they are actually guardian spirits called Lamassu. Soon Ishtar arrives and, after Belet hands over Kasusu, the two gods fight. As the fighting destroys the block, he and Belet urge the neighbors and Daoud to evacuate. They encounter a few demons, but Sargon and Belet take them out. Unfortunately, Ishtar is wounded and turns into stardust soon after. Sik urges a distraught Belet to run and, when she is out of sight, he surrenders.

He is brought to a junkyard in Queens and Nergal demands he give him what his brother stole, which he denies and has no idea what it is. As the demons suggest different methods of torture, he looks for an escape route and finds a hole in the fence. He lies and says Idiptu had it all alone and Nergal's forces start fighting among themselves. He uses the opportunity to escape, he gets through the fence but he trips on a set of trains tracks and is hit by an oncoming train. He drifts in and out of consciousness, hearing the voices of the track workers and Belet talking to someone. When he comes to he finds himself in a body bag in a morgue and gets out, startling the coroner and finds a pair of scrubs and sneakers to wear. He calls Belet, who thinks it is a prank, but he gets her to believe him and she reveals they are having funeral prayers for him at the masjid. They agree to meet at a restaurant. After that she hugs him and they head to a hotel owned by a friend of Ishtar's and head to the penthouse. She explains the the train accident was three days ago and that Nergal's plague is transforming those infected with it into his servants. Just then Daoud emerges from the bathroom and hugs Sik, he is happy to see him until he learns he had Belet identify his "corpse" when he chickened out. He berates him for it until Daoud gets a call from his agent about auditioning for a Mexican drug lord and leaves. Sik gives his condolences and says he knows what she is going through, but she says a God's death is much more devastating then a moral's. Kasusu gives Belet a pep talk and says they need a plan, and Sik soon thinks of one.

They head to Central Park to find the owner of the ring and find it converted in a camp for those trying to escape the plague. They find Sidana and Idiptu with some plague dogs and hide, unfortunately the plague dogs find their sent and they run, with him pulling Belet with him, while the demons are in shock over seeing someone they thought was dead. He and Belet take shelter in a glass ziggurat that the demons and plague hounds can't detect. As they explore, they come across a gardener who reveals the ring he has belongs to him. They ask for help defeating Nergal, but he refuses. When Sik asks for his name, he says he is Gilgamesh. Sik is awestruck that he is face to face with Gilgamesh and the King of Uruk invites him and Beltran for vegan sweets. He explains how he actually did eat part of the Flower of Immortality and fed the rest to a snake before faking his death. He and Belet plead with him to help them defeat Nergal, but he reveals he gave up fighting and took up gardening instead. He also tells Sik that the snake he fed the flower to helped create more and the his brother took one and it somehow made its way into his system, making him immortal. Ski says he planted the seeds in the community garden and he and Belet head out. Before heading out, he is told by Gilgamesh that Nergal needs the flower to regain his former self and not vanish and the Sik will have to pay a price for cheating death. As they walk, it starts to rain he wonders if his not being born in Iraq made him an outcast in his own family. Belet gets a cab and they ride to the garden, however they find a news segment calling Sik patient zero and the cabdriver freaks out and a crowd forms around the cab, only disbursing when he threatens to cough on them. When they make it to the garden, find it bulldozed into a parking lot for new condos. As he thinks of their next move, Belet heads out to fight Nergal herself as he tries to stop her. She blames him for not tending to the garden enough and he blurts out he promised Ishtar he would look after her. Belet starts to tear up and takes out the picture of her birth parents and rips it up. He is stunned as she reveals it is a magazine clipping of actors from a soap opera, something she knew for years but faked not knowing to give Ishtar a sense that the girl was not alone. She gets in a cab and he chases after her. He loses her but finds a working subway and decides to see his parents. He runs into an old man named Harry who refers to himself in the past tense and they walk on to the platform with other people referring to themselves in the past tense. Soon a subway with cuneiform graffiti pulls up and he is dragged on, realizing to late that it is a train to the afterlife.

The doors close and the train takes off as Sik becomes horrified and tries to think of how he might have died. The ghosts depart to their own afterlives until it is just him and Harry. The train stops in a desert and Sik disembarks after saying goodbye to Harry. He finds the remnants of long eroded buildings before a figure says his name from behind. As the figure reveals his face, Sik is happy to see Mo again. They talk in some ruins and he explains how Mo's final shipment contained the Flower of Immortality and that Nergal has brought a plague to the city. When Mo asks about the garden, he reluctantly reveals that it was turned into a parking lot. His brother berates him for not tending to it and he fires back by saying he always left him behind while he went on adventures. Soon a pride of Ugallu arrive with the ruler of Kurnugi, Erishkigal, and someone else. They tell the brothers to bow and just before the goddess of death can order their deaths, Ishtar stops her. As he explains everything that happened since Nergal attacked them, the Queen of Night wants to kill him while Ishtar pulls her aside and thinks of an alternative. They decide to have the brothers go to the Sea of Tiamat to find the original flower in a cave in the Rock of Nisir, but they need to fight Humbaba, a creature immune to attacks. Later he and Ishtar talk about Belet and the girl's desire to trade places with her and warns Sik not to get a second exposure to to the flower would do it him. He and Mo fall asleep and wake up in a forest with Gilgamesh's boat where they run into Humbaba. The brother try to think of their next move as the giant thinks of eating them. Mo thinks of the Baghdad sauce Sik unknowingly has been offering him all this time and they trick the giant into drinking it. When he drinks it, he becomes overwhelmed by the taste and searches for water. The brothers try and fail to move the boat as the sea comes to them. They cling to the boat as they are pummeled by waved and they pull themselves up when the current calms down. When they find the Rock of Nisir, the water gets rough again and they abandon ship. While he makes it to shore, Mo gets swept out to sea and he throws his bag at Mo, which turns into a net, and he pulls his brother to safety. Mo examines the bag and finds the symbol of Shamash, the patron god of kings, who had a net that can catch anything. They brace themselves and dive into calmer waters. He losses his breath for a second but he quickly realize he doesn’t need to break. They swim deeper until they find a hole leading to a grotto with a tree and find the flower. He picks it and puts it in his jacket as Mo senses something outside, they proceed with caution as they encounter a shiver of sharks and the Basmu Serpent. The brothers do what they can to evade the beast until he uses the bag and successfully tangles the serpent in it and they head to the surface as the serpent sinks. When they arrive, a Raven appears to guide Sik back to the land of the living. Sik is reluctant to go and offers to trade places with his brother, but Mo talks him out of it and vanishes. He follows the raven back home.

He follows the raven until he ends up in the Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. He pulls himself on dry land and comes face to face with a snow leopard. They stare each other down until Belet arrives and fills him in. She explains that he was gone for two weeks and the city has nearly been taken over by Nergal. They go back to the ziggurat and meet back up with Gilgamesh. He shows him the flower and talks about his time in Kurnugi. As Gilgamesh prepares to make an antidote to put in the City's water supply, Nergal's forces finds them. The three stand down the demons and poxies as they demand their surrender. As Gilgamesh warns them to leave and they ignore his warning, the demigod unleashes lightning and hurricane level winds to scare them off. He tries and fails to convince Belet to retreat with him as Sidana attacks him and Belet kills the rat demon, but not before being dowsed in his poison and scratched by his claws. As Sik tries to use one of the flower's petals to heal her, Idiptu snatches it out of his hand. He picks up Belet and runs out of the park. When he stops she chastises him for losing the flower and running away. He agrees and puts her in a shopping cart and sets a course of Manhattan General Hospital to treat Belet and, if worse comes to worse, be with his parents in the end. He passes the deli to find it boarded up after being burned and vandalized with hateful graffiti. He sees cats inside and calls out, only to be answered by Daoud. He goes around back and, when Daoud lets him in, he is shocked to see Daoud missing teeth and hair. When he says he needs to take Belet to the hospital, he says it is overrun with the infected and they patch her up in his parent's room and they eat dinner in Daoud's room. He is surprised that Daoud kept it as Mo had, with only a few fashion magazines and products around the room. He finally looks at Daoud's portfolio and sees pictures of Mo and the Flower of Immortality. Daoud says he took it before the garden was turned into a parking lot turned the rest into a fragrance called Mo's Promise. He puts some in an eye dropper and gives it to Belet, who looks like she is about to die. After a few seconds she is healed and they explain to Daoud that the flower grants immortality, which he did not get due being careful not to make skin contact with the flower. They wonder if they should give the meager amount of what is left to Daoud or try to make more to cure the city, they chose the latter and Daoud gets his kit. As Belet inspects her now healed wound, she asks him if she is immortal or not.

He and Belet wait in Ishtar's Jaguar for Daoud to make more perfume. He pushes a button and the car turns into a chariot. The lamassu are automatically hooked up just as a hoard of poxies attack. They take flight as the lamassu swat the infected away and he stops the flying big cats from killing them. Just as Daoud comes out with a pint of perfume, Sik tells him to get on the chariot as Idiptu emerges from Georiou's to kill them for killing Sidana. As they head to the hospital and avoid the poxies, he asks Daoud if he tested the perfume on himself, which he did not as he didn’t want to waist a drop. Soon they are ambushed by Idiptu and crash in an abandoned office building leaving two of the lamassu, Simba and Shere Khan, out of commission. As the fiat demon threatens to eat Daoud and the perfume is about to roll out a broken window, he and the other two lamassu, Sargon and Bagheera, kill Idiptu as Belet saves the perfume. They tell him to take the chariot to the hospital and he does so. As he rushes to the hospital, he encounters a rejuvenated Nergal, who asks Sik why he is waisting his time trying to heal those who hate him. When the god notices the jar and demands he hand it over, Sik refuses and is stabbed in the shoulder and thigh as he flies to the top of a nearby storm cloud and jumps in, opening the jar and watching the perfume mix with the rain as he falls. Sik wakes up to Belet nudging him as it rain. He soon realizes the perfume didn’t work as they are surrounded by Poxies and Nergal. As the Plague God is about to finish them off, his body starts to evaporate as the poxies are cured. He watches as Nergal begs Belet to spare him and evaporates before she can finish him off. He soon rushes to his parents at the hospital, which has been barricaded, and slips inside to meet them just as they are waking up.

About a month later, he, his parents, and Daoud are preparing the deli for its reopening. As he and his father are painting, his father tells him that he and his mother, while in their comas, had a dream about him and Mo in a boat in rough waters and their eldest son telling them to hang on for Sik. Soon his father and Daoud trade places just as a man selling water from the night Nergal was defeated, called by many as the Big Rain. He walks over to the deli and without realizing who he is talking to, tells them his desire to have Sik, who he believes to be dead, endorse him. As Daoud leaves after getting a call from his agent about him getting the lead role in something, Belet arrives and, blushing, hands him a box of flowers from Gilgamesh. She reveals her plan go to Kurnugi to get her mother back and she tells him to stay with his family. However Belet agrees to come in to pet Sargon, who is now living with Sik and his family, and to try a new sauce he made.


Sikander is a skinny teenager boy of Arabic descent with wavy black hair, dark eyes, and an olive complexion.


Sikander is a hardworking teenager who cares greatly for his family, but is also resentful of his brother at the same time for not including him and stealing his spotlight. He has a tendency to worry for others, increasing his stress. He only wants to live a simple life and help out his family. Sik is friendly and calm with those he talks to, such as when he was getting information out of Ada. Sik also is not much of a fighter.

Despite his tendency to run rather then fight, he will fight is his loved ones are in danger. He is a tactical thinker, being able to manipulate moderate sized crowds and quick find an escape route.


  • Multilingualism: Sikander speaks both English and Arabic.
  • Culinary Arts: Raised at the Aziz family deli Mo's and helping out at the local kebab kitchen, Sikander possesses above average skills in cooking Middle Eastern cuisine. He also has a varied culinary palate, favored towards sweets and meat.
  • Mathematics: Sikander's specialty at school is math because knowing numbers at Mo's cash register means business is better or not. He is even a member of his school's Math Club.
  • Botany: Influenced by his brother's college major and childhood hobby, Sikander has a decent foundation in botany and can take care of a garden. Also, through his family's culinary arts, Sikander has a basic understanding of herbs.

  • Immortality: Unintentionally, Sikander became immortal like Gilgamesh by "ingesting" a piece of the flower of immortality. Sikander's botanist brother Mo unknowingly gifted pieces of the discovered descendant desert hybrid flower from the desert of Basra to Sikander, who coincidentally assimilated it through the flower's petals, sap or pollen, thereby becoming immortal (less than Gilgamesh's, requiring 24 hours to slowly heal). However, like Gilgamesh's immortality, Sikander's immortality forces him subconsciously, or environmentally, to fix the imbalance and fulfill every death he cheated by sending himself to the Mesopotamian underworld, Kurnugi, as repentance. After being enveloped by Mo's Promise to end Nergal's plague, Sikander received a double dose of the desert hybrid flower of immortality. Therefore, Sikander's immortality reached the same level as Gilgamesh's. Sikander no longer needed sleep or gets tired, while bruises and cuts heal within seconds. His vitality also increased.

  • Items

    • Ishtar's Heart: A flower species cultivated by Gilgamesh. Several stalks were gifted to Sikander as a deli-warming present. The flower has a green stalk with white velvety petals. The petals are pointed and narrow like swords and flecked with gold. The smell reminds others of their favorite dream.
    • Gilgamesh's Royal Seal: A golden ring fashioned with the seal of a man and lion, worn by Gilgamesh during his reign as the King of Uruk. The royal seal was delivered with the Ishtar's Heart stalks in a rustic wooden box by the courier Belet to Sikander at Gilgamesh's request.



    Sikander is close with his father, often giving up time to hang out with friends to help him and his mother out with the deli. After he is stricken with Nergal's plague, Sik worries that his father won’t survive.

    Sinander is close with his mother, often giving up time to hang out with friends to help her and his father out with the deli. After she is stricken with Nergal's plague, Sik is concerned that she won’t survive.

    Sikander misses his older brother since his death and thinks of him often. He has imaginary conversations with his memorial at the deli. While he has idealized Mo his entire life, Sik has a slight resentment towards his older brother for not taking him on his trips with him. When they meet up again in Kurnugi, he is exited to see Mo again, but also berates him for leaving him behind to travel the world. After getting the Flower of Immortality, he is reluctant to leave his brother in the afterlife and only goes when Mo urges him to.


    Belet Amari, his friend.

    At first, Sik thought Belet was just a rich girl who attended his school, but as he spent time with her trying to stop Nergal, the two quickly grew close. When they were at the harbor Sik shielded her from a chain that was going to hit her, showing his concern for her. Shortly before the goddess is killed by Nergal, Ishtar made him promise to look out for her.

    They got into a small fight after they supposedly lost the Flower of Immortality and she becomes upset after Sik says her mother made him promise to look after her, he chases after Belet when she gets into a taxi. After he was revealed to have survived being run over by a train, she hugs him, and again after he returns from Kurnugi. When she is poisoned by a demon, he gets her to safety and manages to find a cure for her, who Daoud's help. He thanks Belet for funding the restoration of the deli and offers to join her in saving her Ishtar from the afterlife, but she tells him to stay with his family.

    Prior to Mo's death, Sik would hang out with Aaron and their other friends, but he stopped to help out with the deli. He misses his friends, but feels he is needed more at the deli.

    Sik and Jake miss hanging out together with their friends, but he feels he is more needed at the deli. Jake often begs him to hang out but Sik rejects him.


    Ishtar, the goddess of love and war.

    When he first met Ishtar, Sikander did not believe she was a Mesopotamian goddess. After she proves that she is who she says she is and shows him her past, he ran back home. After he and his family were hospitalized, she and Belet liberated him and brought him to their house. As the goddess brought Daoud to various upscale venues and events to find Nergal, he questioned her methods. Shortly before she was killed by Nergal, he promised the goddess that he would look after Belet.

    After the two reunite in Kurnugi, the two greeted each other warmly after she stopped her sister from killing him and warned him about a double exposure to the Flower of Immortality.

    Nergal, the god of disease and destruction.

    Sik hates the plague god for destroying his family's deli and getting his parents sick. He managed to escape the god's forces when ever the two came face to face, either with the help of his friends or if the god thought he was dead. During their final encounter, the god promised to cure his parents if he handed over the cure for the city. When Nergal's immortality is canceled out by a double dose of the flower of immortality, Sik simply watches with relief as the god dies.


    Gilgamesh, a figure Sik has idealized through out his life.

    Sikander has always admired the legendary King of Uruk. When he finally met Gilgamesh after returning from Kurnugi, he was awestruck that he was meeting his childhood hero. However he was shocked that Gilgamesh became a pacifist. When the ziggurat was surrounded by Asakku, he was amazed by Gilgamesh's power. A month after the plague was stopped, he has Belet deliver flowers to Sik.

    Sik feels that Daoud is a lazy dreamer. He is annoyed by his focusing on wanting fame and finds it makes him vain. After learning he chickened out on identifying his "corpse" and having Belet do it in his place, he becomes enraged by it. Despite his hatred of Daoud, Sik is jealous of his closer relationship to his brother then him. After finding out that he kept Mo's room as it was and that he kept pictures of Mo in his portfolio, Sik starts to lighten up on Daoud.


    • Sikander is a Persian name derived from Alexander, which is often translated as "defender of the people", but which is translated in the book as "defender of the world".
    • Aziz is a masculine given name and surname of Arabic origin meaning "strong, powerful".


    • Sikander is the first main character in a work under Rick Riordan Presents to share a hometown with a main Riordanverse character (Percy Jackson).
    • Sikander's immortality was initially degraded due to the difference between a desert hybrid and the original flower of immortality, until to the end of the City of the Plague God.
    • Sikander is the second protagonist in a Rick Riordan Presents book to deal with the death of a close friend or relative, the first being Tristan Strong in the Tristan Strong Trilogy.
    • He is on his school's math team.
    • Sik's favorite food is kofte wrapped in homemade pita.
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