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Charlie . . . See Charlie . . .

–Silena with her dying breath in The Last Olympian.

Silena Beauregard was a Greek demigod daughter of Aphrodite and Mr. Beauregard, the girlfriend of Charles Beckendorf, the former head counselor of the Aphrodite Cabin at Camp Half-Blood, and a spy for Kronos. She was ultimately killed by the Lydian Drakon in the Battle of Manhattan.


As revealed in The Last Olympian, at some point shortly before he left Camp Half-Blood, Luke confronts Silena, charms her, and persuades her to become his spy by telling her that she would be saving lives. Afterward, upon discovering the truth, Silena wanted to stop being a spy for the Titans, but Luke blackmailed her by threatening to reveal her secret if she ever stopped and said that he would harm Charles Beckendorf, her boyfriend.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Silena is shown to be in charge of the Pegasus stables. She gives Percy Jackson his first riding lesson on a pegasus. Percy thinks Silena is very pretty and describes her as, "one of the nicer Aphrodite girls."

It can be assumed that Silena was how Luke already knew about Tyson before meeting him.

The Titan's Curse

Silena was one of the only campers at camp in December.

Percy tried to find Silena to discuss things with her. He spotted her having an argument with a Huntress in the pegasi stables, and decided he shouldn't get involved. Silena seemed angry about the argument and wanted to defeat the Hunters during Capture the Flag, even though they didn't like the game. She said that she would show them "Love is Worthless" and pulverize them. She was on a team with Nico di Angelo, Charles Beckendorf, some Ares kids, some Hephaestus kids, the Stoll brothers (Connor and Travis), Thalia, and Percy. Silena led a decoy into the woods, and was spotted leading them deep in the woods later by Percy.

Silena later attended a council meeting with the head counselors to discuss the quest. Silena questioned the prophecy and wondered what "The Titan's Curse" was. Silena also said that Percy was right that two campers should go. Zoë Nightshade sarcastically asked if she was going to volunteer, and she blushed, saying she wasn't going anywhere with the Hunters and to not look at her. Zoe scoffed, saying it was odd that a daughter of Aphrodite didn't wish to be looked at and wondered what her mother would say. Silena started to get out of her chair, but the Stoll brothers held her back, and Beckendorf told her to stop. Silena, along with the Stoll brothers and Beckendorf, looked at the table when Percy tried to argue his case that he should go on the quest.

Silena attended the next meeting when Percy returned.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Silena greets Percy when he arrives at Camp for the summer, riding a pegasus.

Later, Percy became nervous when he had to do cabin inspection, because Silena was doing it. When she did, she would always be harsh and liked things to be as pretty as possible. When Silena came to Percy's cabin, she was shocked at how clean it was because she didn't know that Tyson did it. Silena did a quick twirl and raised her eyebrows at Percy. She said she had her doubts, but he cleaned up nicely, and she would remember that. She winked and left the room.

The next day, Silena was partnered with Beckendorf by Quintus, which Beckendorf was happy about. The next morning, Silena met at the war council with Grover, Juniper, and the head counselors to discuss the Labyrinth. Silena was skeptical as to why Juniper knew where the entrance was, but didn't tell anyone.

Silena fought with the other campers at the Battle of the Labyrinth. Before the battle, she and her siblings helped straighten peoples armor and combing the tangles out of horsehair. The next day, Silena grieved for the dead and cared for the wounded with the other campers. She then attended a sing along made by the Apollo Cabin to raise everybody's spirits.

The Demigod Files

The Bronze Dragon

Aphrodite, her mother.

During Capture the flag, Silena and Aphrodite's Cabin were on a team with Annabeth, and Athena's Cabin, Ares's Cabin, Dionysus's Cabin, and Demeter's Cabin. After Annabeth teased Percy about the game, she ran back to her teammates and they all laughed and gave her high fives, including Silena. Silena also passed by Charles Beckendorf while he was talking to Percy, and wished him good luck, calling him by his first name, Charlie, which no one did, and gave him a brilliant smile. Silena and Annabeth then eavesdropped on Charlie and Percy and followed them, and then Silena jumped out of the woods and scared Percy, with her sword drawn. Silena had pink and red armor and makeup to match, making her look like Guerilla Warfare Barbie. Silena and Annabeth tried to take Percy prisoner, until they realized that the Myrmekes were trying to kidnap Charlie.

Silena freaked out and yelled his name, and after Annabeth let the ants take him, Silena became very angry at her and pushed her. Silena was also mad that she was more worried about saving The bronze dragon than Charlie, but Annabeth shook her by the shoulders and explained to her that if they tried to save him, they would’ve been kidnapped too, and they needed a lot of help to rescue him. Silena began to cry and say that Charlie was probably already dead, but Annabeth said he most likely had a half hour left. Silena sobbed more and said they needed to save him, and Annabeth told her to get a grip and that they would. Silena was amazed when Annabeth mentioned the legend of the bronze dragon, and insisted it was just a legend. After she told her, Silena wanted to activate it, because it would help them rescue Charlie.

When they went over to the dragon, Silena realized that Hephaestus wanted Charlie to fix the dragon and unearthed it on purpose, making her choke up. After Percy complimented Annabeth, Silena sniffed and wiped her eyes, and called him sweet. Annabeth then told Selena to shut up and told her to hand her her dagger. When Annabeth fixed the dragon and it charged at Percy, Silena ordered it to stop, speaking with such command that the dragon turned to her. Silena told the dragon that they woke it to save the camp, and said that Charlie was in trouble, making the dragon listen to them. They shoved the dragon to the Myrmeke's Lair and Silena led the charge into there, which was the first time Percy saw a daughter of Aphrodite lead a charge. Silena was so determined on saving Charlie that she was uninterested in a room full of jewelry, another first for a daughter of Aphrodite. She was very happy when she found Charlie and tried to help him up, and dragged him through the tunnels due to his paralyzed legs. She also pleaded with him to save the dragons life after it almost died, for her. But when the dragon malfunctioned, Charlie defeated him, and Silena was very happy, giving Charlie a kiss on the cheek and fussed over his cuts and bruises.

Silena admitted to Charlie that what he did was the bravest thing she saw him do, jumping on the dragon. When Charlie asked her out to the Fourth of July fireworks, Silena said she thought he’d never ask and said of course, and called him a dummy. The two then walked ahead, holding hands, and Percy and Annabeth gave them space. It is later revealed that Annabeth and Silena may have planned the whole thing just to arrest Charlie and Percy to keep them out of Capture the flag, but when asked, they just smiled, trying not to laugh. They won the game.

The Last Olympian

After Percy arrived at camp without Charles Beckendorf, Silena pushed through the crowd and ran up to him to ask him where he was. Percy noticed her hair wasn’t combed and she wasn’t wearing makeup, which was unusual for her. When Percy and Chiron broke the news to her, Silena was in shock and disbelief and began crying while everyone stood around her, too stunned to speak. Clarisse La Rue went to comfort her, put her arm around her, and went to get her a cup of hot chocolate.

Silena gathered with the senior counselors for a war meeting, with her eyes red and puffy and her cup of hot chocolate laying in front of her. She sat between Clarisse and Michael Yew arguing about who will drive the chariot when they defeat Kronos, and she was the only one who didn’t care about the argument, as she was thinking about Charlie. Clarisse and Michael did agree that they were only at the meeting to support Silena, though. Clarisse apologized to Selena about the dumb argument but to no one else, but Selena didn’t register her words. Silena watched Percy say the Great Prophecy and told him that "Raze" wasn’t the same as "Raise" and meant "to destroy or annihilate." Silena then began crying again when Charlie was brought up again, and Annabeth put her arm around her. Silena also banged the table so hard her hot chocolate spilled when they began accusing each other of being the spy, and chastised them for arguing like little kids when Charlie was dead. She put her head down and began to sob, making everyone feel ashamed.

That night, Silena went to the campfire to see Beckendorf's burial shroud. Selena sat there crying as Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez tried to comfort her. Percy went to talk to her and apologized for what happened to her boyfriend, and said that he looked at her picture before he died. Selena burst out sobbing, making Clarisse glare at Percy, but quickly composed herself. She thanked Percy and said she should go. Percy offered her company, but she shook her head and ran off.

Later, Silena met with the campers on the Empire State Building and she was astonished at how peaceful Manhattan was, and asked if they were dead, and Percy said they weren’t dead, Morpheus had just put them to sleep. When Pollux asked why they weren’t asleep too, Silena explained that it’s easier to resist bigger spells and that Morpheus's spell was a very thin layer of magic, and because of that it’s a lot harder to get demigods to sleep. Pollux asked how she learned so much about magic Silena blushed, saying she didn’t spend all the time in her wardrobe. When Percy said that they will hold off Manhattan from Kronos' forces, Silena was unsure and said Manhattan was a very big city. Percy gave Silena a random lady's cell phone and told her to keep in touch while holding off the city that way. Silena and her siblings from Aphrodite's Cabin then went to defend the Queens-Midtown tunnel after swearing to defeat Kronos for Olympus.

After Percy held down a bridge with Apollo's Cabin, Selena gave Percy a call, crying, and told him to come quickly to the Plaza Hotel and bring a healer to help Annabeth. Silena helped Annabeth until he came with Will Solace, taking her to the hotel beforehand, wrapping her in blankets, and wiping her forehead. After the rest of the campers left, only her, Percy, and Annabeth stayed in the room. Silena said it was her fault and Annabeth asked how it was, and Silena revealed her insecurities, saying she had never been a good fighter like Percy or Annabeth were. Percy reassured Silena that she was a great camper and that she was the best Pegasus rider he’d ever met, and said anyone who could befriend Clarisse has talent. Silena then suddenly got the idea to talk to Clarisse and the Ares' Cabin and get them to help them. Percy and Annabeth were skeptical but Silena begged them to let her take a Pegasus and try to get back to camp. They reluctantly let her, and Silena hugged Percy and then awkwardly glanced at Annabeth. Silena apologized and thanked Percy, saying that she wouldn’t let him down.

Silena went back to camp and disguised herself as Clarisse, and led a dozen war chariots into battle, driven by skeletal horses with manes of fire, with the Ares cabin's warriors. Silena led 6 warriors straight to the drakon and began fighting it, thrusting celestial bronze javelins into its mouth. Silena tried to stab the drakon's eye with a spear. Percy yelled that she could kill it, and that a child of Ares was destined to kill it, but when Percy saw her eyes, he could see a look of fear that Clarisse didn’t have and saw blue eyes, and realized that Clarisse didn’t have blue eyes. Silena charged at the drakon but it spit poison directly in her face, and she screamed and fell. Annabeth ran to help her.

After the real Clarisse defeated the drakon, Clarisse and Percy went over to Silena and Percy realized that she was the trick that ended in death that Rachel Elizabeth Dare foretold, and Percy realized that it was Silena after Annabeth removed her helmet. Silena’s face was badly burned from the poison and Percy realized that no nectar or ambrosia would save her. Clarisse cradled Silena’s head in her lap and asked what she was thinking, and she said that she had disguised herself because they would only follow Clarisse. She told Clarisse to not blame her siblings for not recognizing her. Clarisse called her a stupid Aphrodite girl and asked why she charged the drakon, and Silena said everything was her fault and she endangered the camp. Clarisse said that it wasn’t true, but then Silena opened her palm to reveal a bracelet with a scythe, revealing she was the spy. She explained that she had a crush on Luke Castellan and that he was nice to her, promising she was saving lives and that he wouldn’t harm Charlie, which he lied about. Silena wanted to stop helping him but he threatened to tell. After Clarisse ordered her brothers to go, Silena begged for them to forgive her. Her last words were, "Charlie... See Charlie," revealing that he was waiting for her in Elysium.

After she died, Clarisse held her and wept, and Annabeth closed her eyes. Annabeth said that they must fight to honor her after she gave up her life for them, and Clarisse said she was a hero. During the burning of her shroud after the Battle of Manhattan, no one uttered the word "spy", and both the Ares and Aphrodite cabins honored her as a hero, and lit her shroud together, except for Drew Tanaka. Her shroud was hot pink embroidered with an electric spear.

The Heroes of Olympus

Piper McLean, her half-sister

The Lost Hero

Although deceased, Silena is mentioned by Annabeth while she gives Piper McLean a tour of Camp Half-Blood, who says that Silena was a great person. When Piper asks what happened to Silena, Annabeth stays silent for a moment but doesn't answer and instead tells Piper that they should continue the tour.

Silena is later mentioned by Drew, her replacement and the new head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin, during Piper's first night in the Aphrodite cabin after she is claimed. According to Drew, Silena didn't complete Aphrodite's Rite of Passage and deserved what she got. The situation continues to spin out of control as Drew denounces her as a traitor, angering the other cabin members. In confidence, however, Piper, the Ares cabin, all members of Aphrodite's Cabin (bar Drew), and those that knew Silena when she was still alive firmly believed that she was a hero. Drew cited two main points of contention in regard to Silena's choice of actions; Silena's former alliance with Kronos and because Silena fell in love and stayed in love.

Despite never meeting her, Piper respects Silena greatly, possibly due to her relationship with Jason Grace mirroring that of Silena's and Beckendorf's; both children of Aphrodite fell in love and refused to break the heart of the person they love.

The House of Hades

While at the River Acheron, Percy and Annabeth are plagued with thoughts about how they were not so different from the damned souls, considering the deaths they "could have prevented." Silena was mentioned as one of these. Annabeth was forced to remember how Silena and Michael Yew had died in the Battle of Manhattan.


She is noted to be kind and caring to the other campers. Percy once described her as one of the nicest girls in the Aphrodite Cabin (far less shallow and conceited than most of her cabin mates), also saying that Silena was a neat freak. She loved Charles Beckendorf and began to date him after The Demigod Files, but before Beckendorf, she liked Luke and became his spy. Later on, she stopped liking Luke, leading him to blackmail her into giving him information by saying he would not harm Beckendorf as an agreement. Being the daughter of Aphrodite, she cares strongly for the people she loves. After the death of Beckendorf in The Last Olympian, she becomes filled with guilt and sorrow, but it doesn't stop her from helping her fellow campers and coming clean before she dies.

In The Titan's Curse, she tells people not to look at her, and Zoe Nightshade replies saying, "A daughter of Aphrodite who doesn't wish to be looked at?" Silena got up from her chair, presumably to confront Zoe, but is restrained by Connor and Travis. This shows that she can speak out and stick up for herself, and does not merely stand by and do nothing


It is unknown what Silena definitely looks like, as her appearance tends to change between books. In The Demigod Files, it said that her hair was black and her eyes chocolate brown. In The Last Olympian, she had brown hair and blue eyes and in The Ultimate Guide, her eyes were blue and her hair was blonde. In all descriptions, she is described slim. It is always stated that she is a very beautiful girl who everyone stares at. Since she is a daughter of Aphrodite, she may have the ability to alter her physical appearances, or she simply gets bored of her appearance (likely due to her ADHD) and changes them. However, according to Rick Riordan in an interview, she officially has black hair and blue eyes.


  • Expert Rider: She was an expert Pegasus rider, and was the one to teach the skill to Percy.
  • Magic Knowledge: Silena possesses, at least, some knowledge about magic as shown when she knew about the Sleep Spell and the power behind it that Hecate cast in The Last Olympian.

  • Amokinesis: As the daughter of Aphrodite, she has absolute control over love and desire.
    • Appearance Alteration: She had the ability to change her physical features as Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, as she had blonde hair and blue eyes in The Ultimate Guide, but had black hair and chocolate brown eyes in The Demigod Files and brown hair and blue eyes in The Last Olympian.
    • Beauty Manipulation: She had magical control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.
    • Love Magic: She knew a minor degree of love magic.
  • French: She was fluent in French, due to it being the "language of love."
  • Charmspeak: (Implied) It was never flat out mentioned in the series that Silena could charmspeak, but in “The Bronze Dragon” she managed to control Festus by speaking, and Percy noted that her voice was very commanding and it made you pay attention to her. This is similar to the way Piper’s charmspeak is described so there’s a high possibility that Silena also had this ability.

  • Relationships

    Love Interests

    Charles Beckendorf, her boyfriend.

    In The Bronze Dragon, Charlie has had a not-so-secret crush on Silena for three years, and blushed whenever she was around. As for Silena, she liked Charlie back and flirted with him before a game of Capture-the-flag. Silena and Annabeth plotted to distract Percy and Charles so Charles could ask Silena to the fireworks. When Charlie was captured by Myrmekes, Silena freaked out and sobbed a lot, afraid he would die, and even charmspeaked the bronze dragon awake to save him. After he was saved, Silena gave him a kiss on the cheek, fussed over his injuries, and said that when he defeated the dragon, it was the bravest thing she ever saw him do. Charlie then asked her to go to the fireworks, and Silena was overjoyed and accepted. After this, the two held hands and walked in front of Percy and Annabeth before Silena captured him. Selena and Charlie began dating after this.

    In The Last Olympian, the two had been dating for over a year and were fairly serious at that point. Charlie had a picture of Silena in a locket which he kept, and that he looked at when he died. She was very worried about Charlie when he and Percy went on a mission to the Princess Andromeda, and when Percy returned, she asked where he was, with tangled hair and no makeup, which was unusual for her. After she found out Charlie died, Silena was sobbing and devastated and couldn't think about anything else. She became even worse in battle and very distracted. His death was also the reason why Silena stopped spying for Luke, because Luke promised that he wouldn’t get hurt, but he did. When Silena died, her last words were calling out Charlie’s name, and it is revealed that he was waiting for her in Elysium.

    Interestingly, their relationship parallels Aphrodite and Hephaestus, because unlike their parents, they were truly in love. Silena is also the only person who called him by his first name, while everyone else called him by his last. She also called him Charlie, which revealed how close the two were.

    Luke Castellan, Silena's former crush

    Before Silena liked Charlie, she liked and befriended Luke. Luke was nice to her and she thought he was handsome and charming. Luke took advantage of this and manipulated Silena into helping him and making her a spy, and she said yes. He even gave her a bracelet with a charm of Kronos' scythe. However, Silena wanted to stop spying after awhile, but Luke threatened to tell the camp and said she was saving lives, and no one would get hurt. He also promised that he wouldn’t hurt Charlie, but that ended up being a lie when he died. Silena was extremely guilty for spying and hated herself for it, and wanted to make up for it.


    Clarisse La Rue, her best friend.

    In The Last Olympian, Silena and Clarisse had become best friends after Silena gave Clarisse boy advice. Clarisse was very thankful and decided to become Silena’s personal bodyguard, constantly being by her side. Clarisse also spoke gently to Silena, something she barely did to people. Clarisse comforted Silena when Charlie died, and put her arm around her, saying she was going to get hot chocolate to calm her down. Later, in the war meeting, Silena sat next to Clarisse while Clarisse argued with Michael Yew about the Chariot. Clarisse said she was only at the war meeting for Silena and apologized to her for arguing about stupid things, but refused to apologize to anyone else. Silena later tried to convince her to help them, to no avail.

    During the Battle of Manhattan, Silena went on a Pegasus and flew back to Camp Half-Blood to lead her siblings into battle. Clarisse was devastated when she found out Silena pretended to be her in battle and asked why, and Silena said it was because they would only listen to her, and told her not to be angry at her siblings. Silena then confessed to Clarisse and the others that she was the spy. Silena died with her head in Clarisse's lap, and Clarisse sobbed. Clarisse said that Silena was a hero, and that Kronos would pay for what he did to her. At her funeral, Clarisse helped burn her funeral shroud.

    Interesingly, Silena's death and Clarisse's involvement parallels Achilles and Patroclus.

    Annabeth, her close friend

    Silena and Annabeth were very good friends in The Demigod Files. Annabeth and Silena plotted to get Charlie ask Silena to go to the fireworks and we’re on the same team in Capture the Flag. Annabeth also never hesitated to call out Silena, when she told her to get a grip when she kept crying, wanting to save Charlie, saying that they will save him. Annabeth also told Silena the legend of The bronze dragon, which amazed her.

    In The Last Olympian, Annabeth felt horrible for Silena when Charlie died and put her arm around her to comfort her during the war meeting. During the Battle of Manhattan, Silena cried when Annabeth was gravely injured and helped nurse her back to health before Percy and Will Solace arrived. Annabeth was devastated when Silena died and wanted to honor her, after she gave her life for them. Annabeth did not blame her for being a spy, and after learning what Luke did to her, causing her to completely turn her back on Luke.

    In The Lost Hero, Annabeth was still devastated about Silena and said she was a great person. She refused to tell Piper McLean what happened to her, because it was too hard to bear. In The House of Hades, Annabeth is very guilty about Silena’s death and is forced to relive her death in the River Acheron, knowing how she could’ve prevented it.

    Percy, her friend

    Percy and Silena befriended each other in The Sea of Monsters, where Silena gave Percy Pegasus riding lessons. Percy liked Silena and thought she was nice and not stuck up like the other Aphrodite girls. Silena was also impressed by Percy when he cleaned his cabin room nicely (It was actually Tyson), complimented him and winked at him in The Battle of the Labyrinth. In The Demigod Files, Silena and Annabeth plotted together to get Percy to go out with Annabeth. She even called Percy sweet when he complimented Annabeth.

    In The Last Olympian, Percy felt bad for Silena after Charlie died, and didn’t know how to break the news to her, looking at Chiron helplessly. Percy also felt bad for her when Clarisse La Rue and Michael Yew were arguing over such petty things when her boyfriend just died. Percy felt bad about Charlie’s death every time he looked at her and thought her face reminded her of broken glass, and swore if he found the spy that cost Charlie his life and hurt Silena, he would feed them to Mrs. O'Leary like a chew toy. Percy also reassured Silena that she was the best Pegasus rider at camp and that being friends with Clarisse took talent. Percy was by Silena's side when she died and did not blame her for being the spy, even though he was the first person to realize it.

    Though not much is known of Silena and Michael's relationship, they seem to be friends, because in The Last Olympian, the only reason Michael was at the war meeting was to support Silena.


    The Sea of Monsters

    Silena appears on Luke's Yacht, Princess Andromeda, and is mentioned by Annabeth along with Chris Rodriguez and Ethan Nakamura to be working with him.



    • Silena, a variation of Selena, is of Greek origin and means "moon."
    • Beauregard is French for "beautiful look." which is fitting for a daughter of Aphrodite.


    • Her relationship with Charles Beckendorf may be a reference to the marriage of Hephaestus and Aphrodite. Her friendship with Clarisse may also be a reference to the not-so-secret infidelity of Ares and Aphrodite, although it is not romantic. They also shared the same half-siblings, Phobos and Deimos.
    • In battle, she wears pink and red armor which Percy says makes her look like a "Guerrilla Warfare Barbie."
    • In The Titan's Curse, Silena is present at the leader's meeting meaning she must stay at Camp all year round.
    • Silena is the only known character to call Charles Beckendorf "Charlie", while others call him Beckendorf.
    • Silena and Clarisse mirror Patroclus and Achilles. Achilles refused to fight, so his lover (in most Greek mythologies about them they are lovers, in a few, they're not stated as lovers) Patroclus lead the Greeks in Achilles' armor. Hector of Troy killed Patroclus and in rage for what happened to him, Achilles joined the fight and dragged Hector's lifeless body around in his chariot. Silena disguised herself as Clarisse, was killed, and only then did Clarisse rejoin the fight, defeating and dragging the drakon around.
    • She may be related to General Beauregard, a famous soldier at the start of the American Civil War. Aphrodite mentions that he was a womanizer, as he was married to his second wife when Fort Sumter was shelled, although he had eyes for Lisbeth Cooper.
    • Silena had blonde hair and blue eyes in The Ultimate Guide but had black hair and chocolate brown eyes in The Demigod Files and brown hair and blue eyes in The Last Olympian.
      • This could be because of her shapeshifting powers, inherited from her mother, Aphrodite.
    • Silena Beauregard can be named for P.G.T Beaureguard from the Confederate Army. Both were working for the enemy in the wars.
      • This might not be true, because Silena was a spy, but P.G.T was a General.
    • Silena's name is misspelled on the Rick Riordan website as Selena.
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