After two thousand years of searching, this is what you would have us believe? Never! We must continue the search. Exile the traitor!

–Silenus, in The Battle of the Labyrinth

Silenus is a satyr and member of the Council of Cloven Elders. He is strong-willed and often believes that his cause is more important than anyone elses. In Greek Mythology, Silenus was a companion and tutor to Dionysus. King Midas also took care of him which resulted in the former getting the golden touch.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

He may have been the one whom commended Grover after coming back from his quest, saying he was "Brave to the point of indigestion. Horns-and-whiskers above anything we have seen in the past."

The Battle of the Labyrinth

During the trial of Grover Underwood, Silenus and the other satyrs of the council, Leneus and Maron, do not believe that the god Pan has spoken to Grover. Chiron persuades the council to allow Grover one week to find proof of Pan.

Later, when Grover returns with news that Pan is dead, Silenus and the council do not believe him. The council vote ends with a tie and the council decides to not believe Grover. Half of the satyrs follow Silenus while the other half decide to follow Grover.

The Last Olympian

Silenus is mentioned by Leneus when he talks to Percy and Juniper. When Percy asks Leneus where Silenus and Maron were, he nervously replies by saying that he was sure they would be back and that they were just taking time of to think. It is unknown what happens to him after the Battle of Manhattan, but the council may have been dissolved after Leneus' death. It is unknown if he died in the Battle or not.


  • In Greek mythology, Silenus also sired the Sileni, a group of satyrs with human bodies and the tails and ears of horses.
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