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Simba is a Lamassu owned by Ishtar.

City of the Plague God

Belet Amari introduces Sikander Aziz to him when he first arrives at Ishtar's House. Over two weeks later, he and three other lamassu transport Sik, Belet, and Daoud to Manhattan General Hospital when they turn the Flower of Immortality into a perfume that can end Nergal's plague. As they fly, they are ambushed by Idiptu and crash into an abandoned office building. He and Shere Khan revert back to their cat forms as the toad demon is killed by Sik, Sargon, and Bagheera. They stay behind with Belet and Daoud as the others go on without them.


Simba resembles resembles a lion with feathery wings.


  • Simba is the Swahili word for “lion”.


  • Belet named him after the protagonist of The Lion King.
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