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The following article/section is from the Storm Runner/Shadow Bruja continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Sipacna (pronounced: "see-pahk-NAH"), or Zip, is a giant tasked with guarding K'iin.


Sipacna was the son of the evil Seven Macaw, and older brother of Kab'raqan ("kahb-ran-KAHN"). One legend told is that after his father's death, Sipacna was bathing in a river, only to notice four hundred boys carrying a large tree to be used as a lintel for their hut. Sipacna decided help them, who secretly made a plan to kill him by having him dig a hole and knock him into it with another tree he got. It was really hard work for Sipacna and the boys were apparently successful in their plan and planned three days of sweet drink making. But Sipacna was still alive and he overheard them, the boys checked the ants eating up the tree the next day, the giant cut his hair to fool the boys. While the boys were drunk, Zipacna crushed their hut killing them all. It is believed that they became the Pleiades constellation, but some believe that this is merely a legend.

The Hero Twins decided to avenge the four hundred boys. Sipacna would spend every day looking for fish and crabs to eat, so they used a bromelia flower to make a crab and placed in a cave at the bottom of a mountain named Meauan. The twins informed the giant of the crab below the canyon, he tried to ask them to guide him but they refused. When he arrived, the twins dropped a mountain on him supposedly killing him.[1]

In the series

The truth is Kab'raqan "accidentally" killed the four hundred boys by opening the Earth. Sipacna took the fall and became the target of vengeance by the gods. When Jordan and Bird attempted to kill him after they killed his father, he was saved by Pacific and tasked with guarding K'iin calendar.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Jazz mentions him when talking about the reputation he gave giants.

The Shadow Crosser

When Ren Santiago enters his domain, he tries to take the thread from her but hurts himself and nearly dies. The daughter of Pacific saves him and, after learning who she is, tells him the real story. When Zane Obispo arrives Ren stops the two from fighting. When they ask about the calendar, he says he can't tell them where it is, but will not stop them from looking. He catches the daughter of Pacific as the thread snaps and creates a portal. As the godborns enter he stays behind and wishes them luck. After Ixkik' and her forces are defeated, he is given the task of warden for Bird and Camazotz, much to his enjoyment.


Sipacna is a teenage giant with loony, greasy, dark hair, and a muscular build.

Zane Obispo's book depicted him as an old alligator with fangs.


Sipacna takes his job rather seriously, not even divulging the calendar's location to Pacific's daughter, but he is willing to stand aside as they search.


  • His name can also be spelt as "Zipacna" or "Sipakna", it was spelt the latter in The Storm Runner. It apparently derives from Cipactli, a primeval Aztec sea monster.[2]


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