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Skírnir is a Norse god and a messenger serving Frey. A thousand years ago his demigod son, Leif Erikson, was the captain of Viking explorers landed in North America before Christopher Columbus.


Skínir proposing to Gerd for Frey.

Skírnir was given the sword Sumarbrander by his master so that the lord of Alfheim may see the giantess Gerd. Skírnir went to Jotunheim by horse to meet Gerd. At some point, the messenger eventually will be attacked by giant wolfs, but the magical Sumarbrander will protect him alone. Skírnir met Gerd in her castle and persuaded her to accepts Frey's marriage proposal. Sometime later, Skírnir pass the sword on to his demigod son Leif Erikson, who would lose it after landing in what would eventually become the city of Boston in Eastern Massachusetts.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Skírnir's story with the sword of summer and who it came with to the new world is told to Magnus Chase by his uncle when taking him to find the sword at Longfellow Bridge.


Demigod Children


Thjodhild  Leif Erikson


  • He was the second wielder of Sumarbrander after Frey before giving it to his son.
  • His Greco-Roman equivalents Hermes/Mercury in terms of correspondence and pathfinder.
  • His name Skírnir means Bright One.
  • He was Frey's servant and best friend.
  • At some versions of the myth, Skírnir used a mistic item to threaten Gerd to accepts Frey's marriage request. It was called Gambanteinn, which means Magical Wand. It had the power to curse someone's life forever. 
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