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Skadi (traditionally spelled Skaði) is the Norse goddess of hunting, the wilderness, mountains, winter, and skiing. She was born a jötunn, daughter of the late Thjazi, and is the ex-wife of Njörðr, whom she married as part of the compensation provided to her by the Æsir for killing her father.


Kidnapping of Iðunn

Skaði's father, Thjazi, committed a grave mistake when he kidnapped the goddess Iðunn, who was responsible for the keeping the apples which granted the gods their phenomenal eternal youth. Loki, the trickster god, had schemed with Thjazi to lure the goddess outside in order to seize her and stir up mischief among the gods. Loki soon made his way to Iðunn and told her that he had found fruits even more marvelous than her own, telling her that she should follow him there and bring her own apples for comparison. Iðunn followed the trickster, and when she reached the barrier, Thjazi, who had taken the form of an eagle, swooped down and carried her off to his home, called Thrymheimr, situated atop the highest peaks in Jötunheimr. Without Iðunn and her apples, the gods began to age, as their skin became wrinkled, and their hair greyed. In the midst of this crisis, the gods assembled and asked each other about Iðunn's whereabouts, whereupon it was revealed that she was last seen with Loki leaving Asgard together. The gods then seized Loki and threatened to kill him if Iðunn was not returned to them. Loki then set off to Jötunheimr, and he made his way to Thjazi's home. Upon entering, Loki found that Thjazi had gone out fishing, leaving Iðunn home alone. Loki then turned the goddess into a nut as he took the form of a falcon and sped away with her in his talons.

When Thjazi returned home to find Iðunn missing, he assumed his eagle form and set out for Asgard in pursuit of Loki. By the time the god reached Asgard, Thjazi was close behind him. When the gods caught sight of the chase, they built a pile of kindling and prepared to light it. Loki, still clutching Iðunn, made it across the barrier. The gods then lit the fire, and it exploded so rapidly that Thjazi had little time to turn around before he was caught by the flames. Thjazi fell to the ground, writhing in pain, whereupon he was promptly killed.

Marriage to Njörðr

As the gods were celebrating Iðunn's return, Thjazi's daughter, Skaði, had received word of her father's death, and set out to avenge him. She arrived in Asgard dressed in full armor and armed with a vast assortment of weapons, ready to wreak havoc. The Æsir, undoubtedly frightened at the sight of the giantess, convinced Skaði to accept compensation instead of taking vengeance. First, Odin took Thjazi's eyes and placed them into the night sky, where they became stars. Second, the gods had to make Skaði laugh. Though many of the gods tried, none were successful. Finally, Loki tied one end of a rope to a goat and the other around his testicles as he began a game of tug of war with the creature. Both of them screeched and howled, until at last Loki fell over into Skaði's lap, making the giantess chuckle. Third, Skaði was to be given a god of her choosing in marriage, but she was to select him by the sight of his feet alone. She picked the fairest pair of feet she could see, thinking them to be those of Baldr, who was the most handsome of the gods. However, as it turned out, they were actually those of the sea god, Njörðr. While she felt cheated, Skaði accepted the gods' terms and she and Njörðr were soon wed. However, their marriage was short-lived as Njörðr could not stand the cold and dreariness of Skaði's mountain home, nor was Skaði able to tolerate Nóatún (Njörðr's home), as she found the cries of seagulls and the warmth of the beach to be unbearable. The two parted ways soon afterwards.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

Njörðr, Skaði's ex-husband, tells Magnus Chase and the crew of the Big Banana to head to her port to reach Naglfar, as it is the safest passage.

When they arrive, Skaði allows them to stay the night and gives them skiis to ski to the border of Niflheimr and Jötunheimr to prevent Ragnarök


  • Seasons Alteration (limited to winter): As the jotunn associated with winter, Skadi has control over the season.
    • Cryokinesis: As the jotunn associated with winter, Skadi has control over the cold.
  • Marksmenship: As the jotunn associated with hunting, Skadi has extent marksmanship.


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