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The following article/section is from the Thousand Worlds continuity under Rick Riordan Presents and not the Riordanverse canon.

Special Investigator Yi is an agent of the Thousand Worlds Domestic Security Ministry.

Thousand Worlds series

Tiger Honor

They head to Starbase Borasekbam with Kim Min to get help in defending the mining colony of Norandol in the Fortress Sector from attacks from the neighboring Phoenix Empire and Sun Clans after Gate Crystals were discovered there. Yi recruits Ensign Hak and new recruits Baik Jee and Juhwang Sebin. Min briefs them on the mission as their ship, the Haetae, is being resupplied. They head to the ship after it is fully stocked. After the cadets get their credentials and board, they and Min are escorted to their quarters by a lieutenant.

When an explosion sounds, they run off to inspect the problem and run into Min and the cadets shortly after and confirm that it is sabotage and they pass unconscious crew members as they reach an elevator. Jee gets it operational and they head to the bridge. Before the doors open, Sebin tells Min and Euna to cover them. They and the others watch as Sebin transforms into a tiger and the group sees a larger white tiger among the unconscious crew. They relealize Sebin knows the saboteur by the way they were talking to the tiger as Euna fires a flashgun. The saboteur leaves and he and the others interrogate Sebin on their relationship to the tiger. Sebin says he is their uncle Hwan as Namkyu confirms that the crew is all alive. Min blames it on her luck as Yi orders her to escort Sabin to the holding cells for interrogation.

As they and Min are walking down a corridor, they see a dog and are soon ambushed by Hwan and a shaman. Min tells Yi to run as she fends them off. They set a trap outside the bridge and play a looped recording of them rummaging through a locker for supplies. They take Sebin to their office after the tiger spirit falls for a trap and straps them to a cot. Sebin tries to convince the special investigator they are on their side when they wake up. Yi believes them and says they know about Min being a fox and being accompanied by her brother’s ghost when Sebin says a shaman is being used to threaten Min into working with Hwan. Yi also reveals that the entire mission to Norandol was a set up to use them and Min to lure their uncle onto the Haetae, as well as telling Sebin of the dark dealings his family has done. Sebin becomes enraged that they were used as bait until the door opens and Rokuro shoots Yi with Euna and Jee close behind. Sebin breaks free as Yi is trapped in their office.

A few days after Hwan and the mercenaries are dealt with, they apologize to Sebin for being suspicious of the young tiger spirit.


Yi is tall and wears a gray hanbok and yellow rubber boots they feel are lucky after their first assignment in the Domestic Security Ministry.


Yi is a fast talker who is straight to the point.

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