Spoils of war are a part or parts of a monster's body or an object used by a monster that does not disintegrate when killed. Many spoils of war are seen in the Big House Attic. A spoil of war can also be the result of defeated demigods, such as armor or weapons. Some spoils of war are so disgusting and/or useless the receivers do not accept them. If it's a body part, it's likely the monster eventually regrows them as Medusa had her head cut off and used in ancient times yet was still resurrected with it to get it cut off again by Percy Jackson.

Known Spoils of War

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus

Monster Item Owner/Receiver
The Minotaur Horn Percy Jackson
Ladon Claw Luke Castellan (Now at Camp Half-Blood)
Centaur Hoof (or horn if evil variety) A Laistrygonian Giant
Hydra Head(s) Camp Half-Blood
Medusa Head Percy Jackson (Discarded)
Kampê Kampê's Scimitars Unknown (Now in the Big House Attic)
Nemean Lion Pelt Percy Jackson (Now belonging to Poseidon)
Geryon Geryon's Cowboy Boots Eurytion and Orthrus
Stheno Vial of toxic Gorgon blood from the left-side of Stheno's body Formerly in the possession of Frank Zhang; drank by Phineas
Euryale Vial of healing Gorgon blood from the right-side of Euryale's body Formerly in the possession of Frank Zhang; drank by Percy Jackson
Phineas Bathrobe covered in ketchup and slippers Percy Jackson (Discarded)
Lydian Drakon Outer skin Clarisse
Gegeines Dirt bits and Loincloth Many (Discarded)
Stymphalian Birds Dead body Camp Half Blood (Eaten)
Cancer Outer Shell Percy Jackson (Discarded)
Hyperborean Giant Frozen body Many (Discarded)
Hellhound Fur (Occasionally just melts away) Many (Discarded)
Antaeus Loincloth Percy Jackson (Discarded)
Karpoi Grain or cereal they symbolize Many (Discarded)
Chrysaor Helmet and Loot Crew of the Argo II (Sacrificed to Bacchus)
Achelous Cornucopia Piper McLean (Later sacrificed to Phobos and Deimos)
Orion Mechanical eyes and bow Reyna (Discarded)

In Ancient Times

Monster Part Owner/Receiver
Medusa Head Perseus
Ladon A Golden Apple he guarded Hercules
Nemean Lion Pelt Hercules
Hydra Hydra Blood Hercules
 Achelous  Cornucopia Hercules
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