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Strong is a song sung by Percy and Sally Jackson in The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.


Sally: I can’t tell you all my secrets.

Percy: Maybe you should start with one.

Sally: [spoken] You’re right.
[sung] I’ll show you where I met your dad.
He’d be proud of his son.

Percy: [spoken] Who cares.
[sung] We’re better off without him.

Sally: No, it’s time you found out more about him.


Percy: WOW, look at the size of those waves.

Sally: Fire’s going. Somebody needs a marshmallow, and they’re blue. Don’t tell me you’re too old for blue food.

Percy: You met dad on this beach?


Sally: I first saw him in the water, coming out of the morning mist.
He was handsome, strong and before to long you came to exist.

Percy: [spoken] And then he ditched us.
[sung] No coming home for dinner.
Yeah, sounds like a real winner.


Sally: Percy, he didn’t have a choice. He wanted to meet, and he warned me that things might be hard if you were... like him.

Percy: So he was a screwup too?
Sorry, mom. If only I was more... normal-


Sally: Hey. Blue food isn’t normal, blue food is strange.
And that’s why it’s my favorite, I never want it to change.

To make it boring orange or green,
Why be blah? When there‘s aquamarine.

Normal is a myth, everyone has issues they’re dealing with.

Percy: [spoken] Mom, if you’re weird, you’re weak.


Sally: That’s where your wrong.
The things that make you different, are the very things that make you strong.
So be strong.


You’ll see, your destined for great things.

Percy: The one thing I seem destined for is detention.


I can’t focus, I stink at school.
My A.D.D. gets the best of me. Dyslexia: not cool.

Sally: Just hang on son, one day you’ll find.
You’ll leave that boring little life behind.

Both: Normal is a myth, everyone has issues they’re dealing with.

Sally: And there‘s a place you need to go, where you belong.

Where the things that make you different, are the things that make you special.
Special like your father, yes Percy you’re special.

Like food the color blue, all the things that make you, you.
Are the things that will make you, strong.

Both: So be strong.