“    They'll strip everyone to bones if we don't drive them away!    ”
–- Annabeth, talking about Stymphalian Birds.

Stymphalian Birds are a species of monstrous pigeon-like birds.
Stymphalian GN

Stymphalian Birds in graphic novel.



Hercules and the Stymphalian Birds.

In Greek mythology, Hercules' sixth labor was to beat the Stymphalian birds. He did it by using brass bells given to him by Athena to scare them into the air, and when the birds took off from the swamp that they rested in, Hercules shot many of them down with his bow and arrows. Although some escaped, they never returned to the area that they were terrorizing.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

Stymphalian birds attack Camp Half-Blood during a chariot race, and are able to enter the camp's borders due to the fact that Thalia's tree is dying. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase used Chiron's music from a portable stereo to confuse the birds, so Apollo's cabin could shoot them down. Tantalus apparently then cooked and served them for the winning camper's prize-dinner.

The Demigod Files

The Stolen Chariot

Phobos and Deimos send Stymphalian birds after Clarisse La Rue.

The Heroes of Olympus

HOse 02

Attacking the Argo II

The Mark of Athena

Stymphalian birds attack the Argo II, but Festus torches them.

The Blood of Olympus

Stymphailian birds are stated to have attacked Frank Zhang and Piper McLean in Pylos, but are easily defeated with vegetables from Piper's cornucopia.


Stymphalian birds have sharp Celestial Bronze beaks that can tear through flesh. They also have the ability to use their feathers like arrows, being able to shoot them down at their prey from above.

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