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Because some things are right and some things are wrong. We had to do what was right.

–Dragon Pearl

Sujin (pronounced "soo-jeen") is a non-binary Dokkaebi (Goblin) cadet in the Space Forces.[1]


When Sujin was old enough, they enlisted in the Space Forces and was stationed on the Pale Lightning for their training. They befriended Haneul, a dragon spirit, and Bae Jang, a human. They would also be familiar with Kim Jun.

Dragon Pearl

Sujin runs into Min, disguised as the recently deceased Bae Jang, and shows their relief that their friend "survived". The two are soon joined by Haneul and the two take Jang to see Lieutenant Ju-Won. After meeting with the lieutenant they give Jang snacks. The following day they and Hanuel meet up with Jang at the mess and they have breakfast together. The three then go to Lieutenant Hyosu's class and have a simulated dog fight. They are paired with Haneul.

During leisure time, they and Hanuel toy with Jang about trying one of their spinach snacks. The next day they and Jang are on latrine cleaning. When they are asked about Jun, Captain Hwan arrives and the two stand at ease. The two finish up and go to Hyosu's lesson on the ship's meridian and sit next to Haneul.

Later that day, they and Hanuel take Jang to play budak in the game are, while Jang and Hanuel play while they read about chemistry. When Jang asks about Jun, they and Hanuel say they were surprised by his desertion and question why the Pale Lightning has not found them yet.

The next day they and Haneul tell Jang that none of the pirates survived the rescue mission and that they attacked the Red Azalea thinking it was another ship that had the dragon pearl. They and their friends then go to Hyosu's class on the ship's engines.

The next day they have a hydroponic duty with Jang and Haneul. They balance the chemical levels in the tanks.

They and Jang are assigned to the bridge, the two are assigned to an ensign who quizzes them both on what not to do when in a gate.

Soon the Pale Lightning is under attack by ten ships after exiting a gate. They and Jang go to the engine room where they oversee a panel on the ship’s meridians, however, they are burned in the process and Jang takes their place. After the seventeen-hour battle they are said to be recovered nicely. They have dinner with Jang and Hanuel and the three split a box of chocolates.

A few days later, they and Haneul board the mercenary's ship. Captain Hwan threatens to execute the two for treason if they mercenaries don't surrender, the four surrender. They and Haneul are questioned after Min is in solitary confinement. They sneak in while Hwan is telling Min about his deal to save her brother and, after telling Haneul, they and Haneul choose to help Min escape. The dokkaebi frees Min and they two meet up with Haneul in the escape pods. The pod's systems malfunction but Min fixes it. Min tells the two Jang is dead and he gave her permission to impersonate him. The two are upset at this but accept it and the three head to the Fourth Colony. The three crash in a forest, after confirming the air is breathable, climb out. They are attacked by ghosts and the way down and the three head where they ghosts do not want them.

The three march on and get caught in a rainstorm. They and Haneul snap Min out of a trance before encountering a familiar figure. They realize it is the ghost of Jun. He leads the three to his ship for shelter and they meet the other ghosts. After the three realize they are being used as bait to lure Hwan to the crash, Sujin alerts Hwan to stay away from the sight. They are the last to catch on to Min's escape "bathroom break" and sneak out of the wreck wearing their invisibility hat. When the three set up camp by a bolder and dead saplings. While Haneul takes first watch, they tell Min they lied about contacting Hwan, but knows the tiger will come to the Fourth Colony's surface regardless. When Jun says he knows the Dragon Pearl's exact location the three living pack up camp and head out.

As the four reach the Dragon Pearl's hiding place, they are surrounded by the ghost of colonists and Space Forces personnel. The ghosts point out Hwan landing and Min turns into a hawk to get the dragon pearl. They stop Haneul from warning her. Hwan's troops surround them and Hanuel, who reveals to have truly been working with Hwan. They express their anger at Min for impersonating Jang. She says he gave her permission to and she swore on her ancestor's bones. They do not believe her until Jang's ghost confirms it. They and the other living use the Dragon Pearl to put the ghosts of the Fourth Colony to rest and promises to give Jang a military funeral. They watch in horror as Hwan is dragged into a nearby forest by the ghosts of his former subordinates.

When the three get back to the Pale Lightning they are disinfected and they and Haneul are taken to the medical bay while Min is briefed by Lieutenant Commander Ju-Eun. Later they and Haneul bring Min a meal and conjure up green tea cookies for her. They and Jun give her bad advice when Min plays baduk against Haneul and say goodbye when they have to leave.


Sujin is a Dokkaebi, goblin. In human form, they have short hair and a horn in the middle of their forehead.


Sujin is a fun-loving yet brave Space Forces cadet whose pronouns are "they/them." They are willing to break regulation to help a friend.


Their magic spork

  • Superhuman Strength: As a dokkaebi, or goblin, Sujin possesses exceptional strength.
  • Mystiokinesis: As a dokkaebi, Sujin can do some magic, including a spork that they use to conjure up snacks like chocolate-dipped cookies and shrimp crackers.[2]


  • Yoon Ha Lee made Sujin non-binary because he wanted to give a non-binary character a larger role after writing adult science fiction books.[3]
  • In the novel, Sujin has an invisibility cap similar to Annabeth's in the Percy Jackson series.


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