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Suttung (also known as Suttungr) is the father of the Jotunn, Gunlod.


Suttung searched for his parents and threatened the Dwarf brothers Fjalar and Gjalar, tying them and some other dwarves who killed his father to a rock that would be submerged by the rising tide. The dwarves begged for Suttung to spare their lives and offered him the magical mead of poetry they stole from Kvasir. Suttung took it and hid it in the center of the mountain Hnitbjorg, with his daughter Gunlod standing guard, whom he turned into a witch in order to guard it..

Odin eventually decided to obtain the mead. He worked for Baugi, Suttung's brother, a farmer, for an entire summer, then asked for a small sip of the mead. Which Suttung refused, Baugi drilled into the mountain and Odin changed into a snake to slither inside. Inside, Gunlod was on guard but he persuaded her to give him three sips in exchange for three nights of making love. Odin proceeded to drink all the mead in the three containers, changed into an eagle and escaped. Suttung chased him in the shape of an eagle, but Odin was able to escape him and returned to Asgard. Gunlod later bore a son from Odin, Bragi.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Ship of the Dead

Prior to the series, Suttung imprisoned his daughter with Kvasir´s mead. When Magnus Chase, Mallory Keen, and Samirah al-Abbas get the mead, he comes flying back with his brother in the form of an eagle. While his brother Baugi follows Sam, he jumps in front of Magnus and attempts to kill him. He is swarmed by crows, then Jack slams into his foot, and then he faceplants on his own axe.


Suttung was thirty feet tall and had skiin chipped like obsidian. He had blond hair like his daughter and pale blue eyes, they looked really weird with his rocky volcanic skin. Ice and snow flecked his whiskers like he'd just been face-diving into a box of Frosted Flakes. He wore armor that was stitched from various hides, they included zebras, elephants and einherji.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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