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Percy Jackson, holding his sword Riptide.

A sword is a common weapon used by many Greek and Roman demigods. They are often made with Celestial Bronze. In the case of Roman demigods and legacies the swords are made of Imperial Gold. Children of Hades/Pluto can use Stygian Iron. Swords consist of two parts: the hilt and the blade.


The hilt of Riptide in the movie adaptation.


The hilt of a sword is the part that is held. It commonly consists of a guard, grip, and pommel.

  • The guard protects the hand from opponents' blades, and also protects the user's hand from sliding up onto the blade;
  • The grip is the handle of the sword normally made of leather because it molds to your hand;
  • The pommel is a counterweight at the top of the grip. It provides balance to the blade and it makes easier to swing the sword or hit something.


The blade is the cutting/hacking/slashing/stabbing part of a sword. It is flat and can be sharp on either one or both sides.

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