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This article is about the prototype. For the real Talos, see Talos.

This Talos is a smaller and defective prototype of the original Talos that the Argonauts encountered. He is a giant bronze automaton made by Hephaestus. He was thrown into the Junkyard of the Gods after he didn't work as attended.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Grover Underwood, Zoë Nightshade, and Bianca di Angelo encounter the prototype of Talos on a quest to save Artemis and Annabeth Chase. Bianca accidentally activates Talos by taking a Mythomagic figurine of Hades, the only one her brother didn't have, resulting in them battling the giant automaton. However, they are clearly outmatched, and have no way of defeating the automaton. Luckily, Percy sees a panel in the giant's foot and tells Bianca to distract it. She tells Percy it's her responsibility, and she gets in to control the giant. Unfortunately, Talos trips over an electric power line releasing electricity and ultimately kills Bianca inside. Her body was never found in the wreckage and the second line of the Oracle of Delphi's prophecy, "One shall be lost in the land without rain", was fulfilled.


The Talos prototype is a bronze giant in full Greek battle armor. He was impossibly tall like a skyscraper with legs and arms gleaming wickedly in the moonlight. It's toes looked like metal mesas, the length of a football field and as tall as goalposts. His face was deformed, the left side was partially melted off. His joints creaked with rust, and across his armored chest, written in thick dust by some giant finger, were the words "WASH ME".


  • It does not like to be called defective, as it attacked the group when Thalia said that he must be a defective prototype, though this may be a coincidence.
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