At Camp Jupiter, the campers get permanent tattoos for every year they've been at camp or for quests they've completed, similar to the Camp Necklace beads at Camp Half-Blood. The tattoos have lines on them that are similar to a bar code which symbolizes the marks of honor given to Roman soldiers after every battle. The tattoos do not wear off because they are burned on the legion member's skin on the fore arm. Along with the lines, the god from which the family had descended from is included with the god's symbol.

SPQR tattoo

SPQR, as seen on Reyna's arm

SPQR stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus, meaning "The Senate and People of Rome." It was used as an official signature of the government, such as on coins, documents, statues, or dedications and also the standards.

Known Godly Symbols

  • Children and legacies of Jupiter are marked with an eagle.
  • Children and legacies of Neptune are marked with a trident.
  • Children and legacies of Apollo are marked with a lyre.
  • Children and legacies of Mars are marked with two crossed spears.
  • Children and legacies of Bellona are marked with a crossed sword and torch.
  • Children and legacies of Pluto are marked with a black glyph like a cross with curved arms and a "head", resembling the astrological sign for the planet Pluto. 
  • Children and legacies of Janus are marked with both of his faces.
  • Children and legacies of Venus are marked with a dove.
  • Children and legacies of Vulcan are marked with a flaming hammer.
  • Children and legacies of Ceres are marked with a sickle and grain.
  • Children and legacies of Mercury are marked with a caduceus.
  • Children and legacies of Cardea are marked with a hinge.


When a camper at Camp Jupiter is no longer on probatio and is accepted into the legion, they are branded with the initials SPQR, the symbol of their godly parent, or ancestor (if they are a legacy, like Octavian) and lines underneath, showing their years of service to the Legion.


Reyna's SPQR tattoo GN

A tattoo in the graphic novels.

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