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Tawaret is the Egyptian Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility. The name "Tawaret", translates to "she who is great".


Tawaret rescued Bes from the dwarf wedding that Vladimir Menshikov's ancestor set up to entertain Peter the Great. This led to a rift between them as Bes was embarrassed that she'd seen him like that. One time, thousands of years ago, Bes and Tawaret spent a night in the temple of Sais where Bes showed Tawaret his shadow to her shock as the gods don't keep their shadows close to them and said he was so happy that night that he was going to leave his shadow there so it could be happy even when he wasn't.


She guards mothers and their newborn children fiercely. Despite being implied not to be pregnant in the books, in mythology she is, indeed, pregnant. She is actually usually portrayed as being part hippo (head), part crocodile (back) and part lion (paws). She, like many ancient Egyptian Gods, is also considered a demon of sorts.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Throughout the Throne of Fire, Tawaret helps Bes, Carter, and Sadie find the sun god, Ra, while they are in Sunny Acres retirement home for gods. She appears later in the book acting as Bes' nurse. She is rather hostile towards Bast, blaming her for Bes' condition.

The Serpent's Shadow

Sadie visits the House of Rest to see Tawaret in hopes that she knows where his shadow is, planning to use it to restore Bes and figuring that as the closest person to him, Tawaret may know. Tawaret tells Sadie of a night in Sais when Bes showed her his shadow and said he was going to leave it there as it was such a happy moment, but she doesn't know if its still there as that was thousands of years ago. While she is delighted at the idea of restoring Bes, she refuses to get her hopes up.

When Walt Stone/Anubis calls for reinforcements for the Kanes and Zia, Tawaret and a restored Bes rally the old gods from the House of Rest, with many who had disappeared reappearing that they are now needed into battle to save them. Tawaret is seen battling demons by using giant needles to sedate them while Bes takes the Kanes and Zia to safety. Tawaret survives the battle and returns to the House of Rest with her retired gods.

After the death of Apophis, Tawaret and Bes finally get together. Tawaret's job is made easier as many of the gods she looked after return to their temples, the heavens or in the case of the judgment gods, the Hall of Judgment. She says goodbye to Sadie and Carter and seems to have made peace with Bast.


According to Bes, Tawaret is "too kind". Tawaret is generally good-natured, however, she can be "very scary" when she wants to be, even frightening Bes (though this may be because he simply did not want to see her.)


Tawaret has the appearance of a humanoid greyish-purplish hippo with the build of a 9 month pregnant woman. She wears a nurse coat and hat.

Powers and Abilities

Tawaret's powers have yet to be seen but they are likely to be based around caring for the vulnerable and control over fertility. However, Tawaret is very skilled in fighting (enough to scare Bast) as seen in The Serpent's Shadow.


Bes: Tawaret seems to be attracted to Bes, though Bes does not seem to return her affections at first. She cares for him greatly, as seen in the end of the second book when she is caring for him after Khonsu ate his ren.

Tawaret once saved him in Russia and Bes is embarrassed because of this, though Tawaret doesn't seem to care. At the end of the third book, Bes finally returns her feelings, and he even considers raising "dwarf-hippo children" together.

Bast: Tawaret is shown to be rather hostile to Bast, though this may be because she is jealous of the fact that Bes is in love with Bast. At the end of The Serpent's Shadow, they make up.



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