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After we made so many of the gods' finest weapons. The trident of Poseidon, for one. And of course - we made the greatest weapon of the Titans! Nevertheless, Zeus cast us away and relied on those fumbling Cyclopes. That is why we are taking over the forges of the usurper Hephaestus. And soon we will control the undersea furnaces, our ancestral home!

–The Telekhines' plan, during the Second Titan War

Telekhines (also spelled as Telchines or Telkhines) are mysterious smiths and sea demons native to the islands of Keos and Rhodes. Their parents were either Pontos and Gaea, or Tartarus and Nemesis, or else they were born from the blood of castrated Ouranos along with the Furies.


Telekhines invented the art of metal-working and were said to have crafted the scythe that Kronos used to castrate his father Ouranos. They later made a Magical Trident for Poseidon which the god used to level mountains into the sea and form the islands. Their malignant use of dark magic, particularly, their production of a mixture of River Styx water and sulfur—which killed plants and animals—angered Zeus, who cast them beneath the sea or into the very depths of Tartarus. Telekhines were sometimes described as having the head of a dog and fish-flippers for hands. They're also known as "fish children".

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

They made weapons for the Titans and used Hephaestus' forge, under Mount Saint Helens. Percy Jackson spied on them and burst out while the younger Telekhines were watching a documentary. It is learned that they are on the side of Kronos, holding a grudge against Zeus and the other Olympian gods due to them being badly treated even after making many of the Olympians' best weapons. They had to leave the forge when Percy caused the volcano to blow and he almost dies. But he goes to Calypso's island - Ogygia. Later some Telekhines were seen with Ethan Nakamura, carrying Kronos' Scythe, helping to resurrect the Titan on Mount Tamalpais.

The Last Olympian

When Percy was aboard the Princess Andromeda with Beckendorf, he spared a Telekhine, partly because his "Li'l Demon's Lunch box" was cool and partly because he needed it to sound the alarm. The East River Spirit reminded Percy of a Telekhine. They were also seen fighting among Kronos' troops in the Battle of Manhattan.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena

Telekhines are seen in a tank at the Georgia Aquarium building things out of LEGO. Phorcys gives them a cue to leap in their tank, do a synchronized double flip and land in pyramid formation but is ignored by the sea demons.


Telekhines have faces like dogs, with black snouts, brown eyes, and pointy ears. Their bodies are sleek and black like seals. They have stubby legs that are half flipper and half foot, and human-like hands with sharp claws. Percy described that if you blended together a Doberman Pinscher, a human child and a sea lion, they'll look like a Telekhine. Fully grown adult Telekhines can be at least seven feet tall. Telekhines bark and growl, and they waddle instead of walking.


  • Mystiokinesis: Telekhines can cast and manipulate magic. Telekhines practice dark magic.
  • Hydrokinesis (possibly): As they are sea demons, they may have some level of control over water.
  • Atmokinesis: In the old Greek myths, they had the power to summon hail, rain, and snow
  • Shapeshifting: In the old Greek myths, they had the power to change their form
  • Toxikinesis: In the old Greek myths, they had the power to generate a poison
  • Heat Immunity: They have a strong resistance to heat as the threw lava at Percy with there bare hands with no discomfort


  • The Telekhines claim to be the creators of both Kronos' Scythe and Poseidon's trident, yet this is contradicted in Percy Jackson's Greek Gods where the creators of both weapons are stated to be Gaea and the Elder Cyclopes respectively.
    • However, Percy does mention that Gaea may have had the Telekhines forge Kronos' Scythe under her orders. Similarly, Percy does mention that he himself may not be entirely correct, as this happened way before anyone wrote it down.
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