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{{Infobox Book
|image= [[File:The Lightning Thief-1.jpg|250px]]
|name= The Lightning Thief
|author = [[Rick Riordan]]
|cover artist = [[John Rocco]]
|publisher = Hyperion Books & Puffin Books
|release date = June 28, 2005
|pages = 377
|preceded by = ''None''
|followed by = [[The Sea of Monsters]]


{{Infobox Book
    |-|Original cover=[[File:Tltoriginal.jpg|250px]]
    |-|Second cover=[[File:The Lightning Thief-1.jpg|250px]]
    |-|Newest cover=[[File:LightningThief2014.jpg|250px]]
|name=The Lightning Thief
|author= [[Rick Riordan]]
|cover artist= [[John Rocco]]
|publisher= [[Hyperion Books]]
|release date= June 28, 2005
|pages= 375 (Paperback)
|preceded by= None
|followed by= ''[[The Sea of Monsters]]''}}

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