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The Empty is a beautiful in-between world Hurakan created away from wandering eyes and wicked ears. Those who are in here take the form of animals as a body for a soul.

Storm Runner Trilogy

The Storm Runner

Hurakan, the creator.

The Jaguar Jade causes Zane Obispo's soul first ends up in the Empty on top of one of the pyramids, after passing out after meeting Jazz. He takes the form of a jaguar and meets his father, Hurakan, who emerges from a darkened doorway and is larger and black so it would be easier to talk him. He reveals to Zane that the jade brought him here after he said I’m searching for my dad, he imprisoned Ah-Puch in the volcano he built, the Beast, and that he was shielding him by sending storms whenever he experienced fear of sadness and that was not him. There is also a blank space that Hurakan hasn't filled yet, right now it was an abyss that went on forever. Zane asks why Pacific called him the Storm Runner when he realized he cannot run from Ah-Puch, that he must face the death god one on one. The Bakabs have warned him that the god of death will be recruiting the Yant'o Triad. Hurakan tells Zane to forget about the hero twins and instead head to the Old World and look for Saqik'oxol, also known as the White Sparkstriker. Before he leaves the Empty, Zane says he has his own plans before angrily running off, but Hurakan catches up with Zane and tells him he has his snake leg, which makes him strong.

After the Sparkstriker pounds a lightning bolt into Zane's leg, he goes back to the Empty and meets up with his father again. Hurakan explains that the bolt will unlock whatever power Zane inherited from him. It turns out to be fire, Hurakan tells his son to be careful with his gift as fire is difficult to control. He tells Zane to focus and he takes in energy from the sun, he starts to burn up but Hurakan tells him not to quit. Zane managed to claw at a tree and set in on fire, seconds later a wave crashes down on them and the storm god advises him to have a little more focus next time. Zane soon gets called back to his body and informs Saqik'oxol of his dominate power.

In a last ditch effort to defeat Ah-Puch, Zane Obispo takes him to the Empty. But the death god takes the form of a snake with maggots between his scales and taunts Zane by saying the gods will kill him even if he kills him. Nevertheless, Zane manages to defeat Ah-Puch by throwing him into the abyss and releasing a wave of fire on him.

The Fire Keeper

Seven months after defeating Ah-Puch, Zane returns to The Empty to speak with his father and finds it in ruins.


The Empty's night smelled of salt and ruin, the glimmering sea was as black as the Beast's walls. There was a replica of the great pyramids of Tulum, Mexico with narrow dirt paths that gave way to a green jungle. Hurakan can make winds that affect the trees and water here but not near the pyramids. The sand on the shore was white, soft, and warm, the sun was the same ball of fire. There is an empty hole that goes on forever at the far edge of the jungle, Hurakan plans to finish this abyss.


  • The fact that souls have the body of animals in the Empty may be similar to Mayan spirit animals.[1]
    • The jaguar is greatest enigma of all the spirit animals, they are full of contradictions.[2]
    • The snake is viewed by the ancients as a sign of luck and hope for the future.


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