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The Fire Keeper is the second book in the Storm Runner Trilogy by Jennifer Cervantes under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint.


In this fiery, fast-paced sequel to The Storm Runner, Zane Obispo has an impossible choice to make: save other godborns like him from the angry gods, or rescue his godly father from his eternal prison. Featuring gods from both Maya and Aztec myth![2]

Zane Obispo's new life on a beautiful secluded tropical island, complete with his family and closest friends, should be perfect. But he can't control his newfound fire skills yet (inherited from his father, the Maya god Hurakan); there's a painful rift between him and his dog ever since she became a hell hound; and he doesn't know what to do with his feelings for Brooks. One day he discovers that by writing the book about his misadventures with the Maya gods, he unintentionally put other godborn children at risk. Unless Zane can find the godborns before the gods do, they will be killed. To make matters worse, Zane learns that Hurakan is scheduled to be executed. Zane knows he must rescue him, no matter the cost. Can he accomplish both tasks without the gods detecting him, or will he end up a permanent resident of the underworld? In this cleverly plotted sequel to The Storm Runner, the gang is back together again with spirited new characters, sneaky gods, Aztec royalty, unlikely alliances, and secrets darker than Zane could ever have imagined. Secrets that will change him forever.[3]


According to Jennifer Cervantes, most of the book takes place in different locations in Mexico[4] and one scene will involve a snowy mountain.[5] ReadRiordan first revealed Aztec royalty taking place in this book.[6]

On January 16th, Cervantes released part of the cover[7] and a quote from when the mud person released beetles.[8] On January 22nd, Cervantes revealed on Instagram that the opening of the book would be "The Prophecy of Fire was only the beginning. But fire spreads. Until it burns everything in its path." It was line originally said in the previous book.[9]

On February 4th, Rick Riordan revealed the book's full cover as well as its official release date.[10] A week after that, a trailer for the book was released.[11] On Valentine's day, Jennifer Cervantes recited a poem that first revealed the bat god appearing in the book. On February 28th, Cervantes said the book will also include a shadow bruja, a death magician, a house named El Grito (Spanish for The Scream), and a Red Queen.[12] On March 15th, she clarified that the El Grito is in San Miguel de Allende, it inspired a scene with the Red Queen, death magician, and a tree of masks.[13]

Five months before the release of the book, Cervantes revealed a quote from five pages.[14] She did it again ten weeks before the book's release and revealed that the name of the bat god she talked about is Camazotz.[15]


Opening Letter

Zane Obispo writes another letter to see if any godborns like are out there, he is about to go on a quest. A few months ago, he wrote a story to convince the Mayan Gods that he died so no one defies them. He admits that he likes Brooks whose helping him rescue his father, Hurakan, who didn't deserve to be in prison breaking the Sacred Oath having Zane. He wrote this letter before the current story, and someone prevented him from burning this note.

Searching for the Location

Rosie, now a hellhound

It was Lent, Zane Obispo was on a quest with in a double kayak, they were paddling through a mangrove on Isla Holbox to get to the west inlet. They were going to get the location of Zane's imprisoned father, the gods moved his prison every month or two. Zane named the cane that the sparkstriker gave him "Fuego", but his fire powers died down after defeating Ah-Puch. Jazz had been sending them slow information due to the shadow magic of Ixtab, they also met a man named Old Man Pedro who was coordinating the "messages," he spent most of his days painting wall murals or drinking cerveza. Brooks had become stronger as a Nawal, she could now turn into a bigger hawk, but it currently was raining hard which is bad for flying. Nevertheless, she transformed into a giant hawk and carried Zane because see he didn't how a boat was any better. When they got to the inlet shore, Rosie appeared and a terrified bird flew away, she had a coconut containing a message from Jazz. Brooks and Zane were forced to chase it and prevent Rosie from hunting. Unfortunately, the bird escaped through a tear in space, Zane fell into the sea with the coconut after Brooks hit an invisible wall.[16] It seemed that the shadow magic was a barrier keeping them in as well as keeping the Mayan Gods from finding them. Brooks thinks Ixtab is trying to cover her own butt as the gods would likely be furious for her about telling them that Zane, a forbidden godborn, had died.

When they got back home, Zane used Fuego to open the coconut that revealed a black obsidian disk. It contained paper that revealed Hurakan's current location: WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in Rapid City, South Dakota. In four days, three demons would appear there. Brooks checked out the rip in the sky while Zane practiced his fire with Rosie, she rip through it with her talons but it will close instantly. They thought about using the gateway map that Ms. Caballero gave them to look for portals, if that doesn't work then they go through Xib'alb'a through the Beast, but first they went in for dinner.

A Mysterious New Guest

That night, Zane only found one portal on the map in Cancún, beyond the barrier. He wore the Jaguar Jade that Pacific gave him around his neck, but he hasn't been to the Empty lately. He heard a man say Time for the story to escalate and She's here then went outside to the beach, he tried to practice his powers with matches but he could still only create fires as big as lemons.

Suddenly, he saw a hooded girl in a boat onto the beach, Rosie then came out of nowhere but didn't attack her. The girl collapsed and bled but Rosie healed her with her saliva. The girl actually recognized both the hellhound and Zane, in her boat was the story he wrote for the gods! The godborn introduced herself as Renata Santiago, she was called by the magic of the book. Ren claimed to hear the music of her father's viola after she finished the book, she heard scratching on her roof and then the sky cracked some flying things open which chased her. Her abuelo realized what was happening and took her to Sievers Cove in Galveston where Ren got into the boat and received a blessing from her abuelo. The boat moved all by itself, she was also have absence seizures which Zane realizes was her godborn's power like his shorter leg. Her deceased father was a brujo who didn't like to talk about it, Rosie lighted a fire on wood. Ren's mother broke the Sacred Oath after Hurakan, the shadows, or sombras, around Ren were moving, it was her magic. Zane decided to let Ren stay on the island for now, but then he and Rosie heard a noise. Three shadow monster appeared, Rosie and Zane couldn't fight them off and Ren was fast asleep. Brooks arrived only to fail as well, Ren suddenly woke up and the shadows disappeared, she knew about Brooks as well who found out about Ren. The shadows come out of Ren's dreams but not all of them can be monsters. When Ren left with Rosie, Brooks announced that their plans will continue and Ren can call her abuelo tomorrow.

Zane's uncle, Hondo, who started working out and doing yoga, woke him up after nine. He decided not to tell his uncle anything but he already saw Ren's boat and book. Zane doesn't want Brooks to read it, Hondo also met Ren who was with his mother in town. She came over to her brother saying he didn't replace the tram's tire for their tour, Ms. Cab also called, Ren was currently there. But Zane's mom is happy that he put out the message to the godborns, Ren's abuelo is on his way to the island. Zane woke Brooks up who told him to go check on Ren.

Something's Muddy

Hondo Obispo, Zane's uncle

When Zane arrived at Ms. Cab's casita, the nik'wachinel offered him a seat and some chocolate. She knew about his plan of leaving and Zane felt funny after eating. When he tried to leave, Ms. Cab showed him a piece of paper that said Ixtab only wanted to hide him to keep him from realizing his true power. Zane suspected this Ms. Cab as a fake and felt funny, she opened up a stuffed bird and out came beetles that covered and "mapped" him. During this, Zane saw images of places in New Mexico. Before the impostor could finish, Rosie and Brooks arrived and the beetles retreated. The fake Ms. Cab tried to plead ignorance of this but was burned up by Rosie just as Mr. Ortiz arrived.

The real Ms. Cab, along with Ren, was tied up inside, the fake was a mud person from the beginning of the world. But this freshly made one was too sloppy to have been the gods' creation, it was actually from an amateur supernatural due its magic coat. Ren used telepathy on Ms. Cab earlier who heard about what happened the previous night. They all wondered what was in the chocolate Zane ate and if someone wanted his powers stolen. Ms. Cab suddenly heard a message from the ancestral seers that said "In the dark, you shall choose the path, but beware. All roads lead to the gods' angry wrath." Not only that, but there was also something Zane heard before: "The Prophecy of Fire was only the beginning. Fire spreads. Until it burns everything in its path."

Zane planned on going through Xib'alb'a to get to South Dakota once he got the gateway map. On the way, Ren mentioned her connection theory between the gods and aliens, she mentioned the sarcophagus of King Pakal depicted him on a spaceship. She said that the need to stay together like what happened with the Prophecy of Fire, any fighting would make them weaker, she suspected Ixtab as her mother. They ran into Hondo who followed Rosie's smoke trail and put together that Ren was another godborn. He insisted on coming along and Ren agreed. Zane wrote a note for Ms. Cab to tell his mother what they were doing.

In Xib'alb'a

When the got to the Beast, which was hidden by shadow magic, they crawled through a small entrance. Rosie lead the way and eventually sniffed at a wall. Zane used Fuego to open it into a snowy landscape. Zane, Brooks, and Hondo accidentally stepped on a thinly frozen lake and fall in. They landed in an icy chamber full of eyeballs, Ren and Rosie joined them from an elevator. Brooks realized that this was the Rattle House, the second of the six fatal houses. Ms. Cab's map didn't seem to be working, a panel of ice opened and out came Quinn, Brooks' sister! Things have changed for her being undercover, they bargain the map for Quinn to get them out of there.

An escalator led to the Pus River where the portal to South Dakota was, but first the group passed some statues depicting Ixtab when she first ruled Xib'alb'a. They arrived at Junkyard Row, where things no one in Xib'alb'a needs goes. Clementino was the warden, she was called by Quinn who talked to him. He said they needed to get sanitized and change their clothes, he mentioned an apprentice of Ixchel, the Maya goddess of many things, on level nine at the spa. Rosie ran off, but the other will be flying on Brooks and Quinn the rest of the way during which Zane's Jaguar Jade vibrated. Suddenly, three demon runners with wings flew after them, as they tried to escape, Rosie appeared with wings as well! Quinn opened up a passageway that led to a place that looked like a cleaner Old World, she had a change of plan. Down below, demons were training, Ixtab was on a terrace when she met the group. Hondo blurted out that Ren was a godborn but Ixtab already suspected it when she saw her. She took them to a temple and has a woman named Itzel get them different clothes. When she heard about what happened to them she wondered how the Mud Person got through her magic, but she knew it wasn't there to steal Zane's powers. When she grabbed Ren's hand she suddenly got very angry saying that Zane's call to the godborns made them visible to the gods! She mentioned SIHOM, the Shaman Institute of Higher-Order Magic, if the godborns were found by the gods they'd die.

Quinn took the others downstairs and Ixtab took Zane to a scrying pool where souls inside help her see things. They told her that kids with magic around them were being abducted in their sleep, Zane saw the same creature image on the gold bracelet of every kidnapper. It was Tlaltecuhtli, the Mexica earth goddess. The Mexcia were what the Aztec, meaning someone from Aztlán (their homeland), actually called themselves. Ixtab explained that after the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés caused the fall of the Mexica Empire, the gods died off with their people due to a lack of sacrifices. The only remaining Mexica are few ghost royals in limbo, since they couldn't go to their own underworld, Mictlan, the Maya council meet with them to take pity. Quinn came and told that the sobrenaturales powers of her and Brooks are changing, but no god could be responsible for this. Before Quinn left, Ixtab told her "It has begun," but she refused to clarify to Zane.

She took him to the Blood River so they could talk. Ixtab told him that his story linked him to the other godborns, that may explain the voices he's been hearing. Upon hearing about the New Mexico images, Ixtab revealed that she ordered the magic book he wrote to be destroyed, it sever his connection between the godborns. Xib'alb'a contains powers where the dead know more than the living, that was why Ah-Puch wanted the throne back. Ixtab couldn't help bust Hurakan out of his prison, but she tore out certain pages to keep Kukuulkan safe. Zane chucked into the river after Ixtab turned it into Caribbean water.

When they were back at Ixtab's patio, she saw into Zane's heart and see if he is the one to save the godborns. There are in southern New Mexico and Ren has protective magic against her. For Zane, Ixtab will kill him temporarily so gods wouldn't detect him, but within forty-eight hours he'll end up in Xib'alb'a. When Zane went back to his friends, Itzel gave them fashionable clothes to help survive in the human world. Brooks explained that people born as sobrenaturales including seers and magicians are having their powers faded at the same time by some evil. Zane saw that everything is connected, he was going to the Empty to see if his dad was calling him.

Hurakan, the Maya god of wind, storms and fire, and Zane's father

When he arrived, he found that the world was dying, he heard Hurakan's voice. He said dying doesn't mean the end for him, he appeared in his human form and Zane did the same because they had some familiarity, an emotional connection. Although he was hoping for Zane to show up, he didn't have a connection to the Jaguar Jade anymore, someone else called him! At the top of the pyramid, Zane found a note Hurakan wrote before Ah-Puch was defeated. It said he didn't want to be rescued, for it was a waste of time. When Hurakan reappeared, Zane told of the sobrenaturales' powers fading. He mentioned the Fire Keeper as the key, he tends the eternal flame, the source of tremendous power, sees what no one else can see, and can even manipulate the future. Zane got the idea of going to the Fire Keeper, before leaving Hurakan told Zane to run far away.

When Zane came back to Brooks, she agreed with his plan to find this Fire Keeper. She got the idea of saving Hurakan herself while Zane went after the godborns. Returning to the underworld jungle, Zane made a flaming arrow change course towards him by accident. Ixtab reappeared and gave him a blue maize kernel to return to Xib'alb'a, she is not the mother of Ren.

A Death Mask and Red Queen

After jumping through a waterfall, the group ended up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Quinn said more time should have passed in the upper realm, but only a few hours passed since they entered Xib'alb'a. Zane entered a church with an altar and heard prayers, then they went to a building called El Grito where a death magician named Fausto lived. Inside were trees with masks on them, Fausto arrived and told Zane to put on a mask worn by a corpse to die, but it will be like anesthesia. Zane eyed a jade mask which Fausto revealed belonged to the Red Queen, a noble woman from 600 AD. A voice told Zane that it was an excellent choice, so he put it on.

Zane Obispo found himself in a vaulted chamber, the deceased Red Queen appeared before him offering one minute and thirty seconds of questions. The fire near Zane whispered to him to tell him something, but the Red Queen was not good at voices. But fire keepers like her can in fact change the future, she is the great ancestor of the current Fire Keeper who is currently at Land's End, where two worlds meet. As the son of fire, Zane is connected in ways only the Fire Keeper can divulge to him, and a better future will come if they meet. Before leaving, the Red Queen briefly talked to a flame before telling Zane that he must meet the Fire Keeper alone lest great misfortune and curses will come.

When Zane returned to El Grito, Fausto suggested that they stay there for the night. But at 4:03 a.m., Zane did some research and found the Arch of Cabo San Lucas where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean met. He snuck out of the building after writing a note, only to be caught by Quinn as a cat, she revealed that his father is going to be executed on March twenty-fourth! Apparently, the other gods changed their minds and are making this execution public sending invitations due to Pacific. Quinn told him to take care of Brooks and left, Rosie then appeared out of smoke and Ren was sleeping on a bench. Her shadows formed a man with a top hat, Rosie fought it while Zane went for a sneak attack, but it didn't work. Fortunately, Ren managed to wake up and make Top Hat disappear, she couldn't sleep in El Grito.

A Very Surprising Return

Ren Santiago, another Maya godborn

Zane claimed he wanted to light a candle for a prayer, Ren wanted to come with him. She revealed that her dad's side comes from a bloodline of brujos. Ixtab told her that the Maya gods wanted them dead just like the godborns. Suddenly, a hunched and cloaked man appeared, he looked pale and sick. Zane was horrified, he felt it in his bones that this man was Ah-Puch! They all hid with their own invisibility gear, but Ah-Puch, who appeared to be searching for blood, was able to find him. This form is only a part of the god of death he was free from the weak Empty, he actually wanted to help Zane. He heard his conversation with Hurakan and was surprised at other godborns existing, Zane accidentally revealed his father's execution to him. It turns Ah-Puch was the one who called him to the Empty in Xib'alb'a as he got a connection when he was dragged in there, he was also spying on Zane. If he were to help the god, he'd take him to the Fire Keeper. Ren and Rosie agreed that Zane should do it, so he gave Ah-Puch tiny bits of the blue maize Ixtab gave them as soon as the god agreed to his terms.

When the sun began to rise, Ah-Puch had some more and manged to open a gate to the Arch. They were at some docks at Cabo San Lucas, Zane saw a blue monkey in a tree but Ren did not. As soon as they got into a powerboat, they were ambushed by bat like creatures. They fought them off but Zane was growing weaker, Ah-Puch ate that whole corn seed, sucked up the supernatural bats' blood and regained his "handsome form." Ren suggested they toss them overboard as a burial, she said that they were same creatures that attacked her at Sievers Cove in Texas. When they returned to the docks, they grabbed a taxi and went to an amazing hotel which they were able to afford with K'ukumatz's credit. Ah-Puch told the godborns that a god named Camazotz used live in the House of Bats in Xib'alb'a until he was exiled. Those bats were likely his cronies attacking Ren because of her magic, but it wasn't the Maya. Ah-Puch refused to tell anything about Ren but told Zane that he must "surrender" to his fire powers. After he left, Zane called him mother and left a message. When he tried to listen to a fire pit, it created a binder containing an advertisement for El Arco, Zane told Rosie to stay behind, he thought she was his old Rosie again.

Meeting the Fire Keeper

When Zane went to the beach, the blue monkey reappeared a led him to a dinghy. When the two got past the breakers, the monkey transformed into a human and said he was the god, Itzamna. He was watching Zane for some time and he's a fan of his book, he didn't want a talent like him killed by the other gods. He offered Zane his services which were turned down, Itzamna will let him see the Fire Keeper if he simply continues to write his stories. He told him he'd likely die, but that makes a good story, Zane saw a dragon with a hand carrying a pencil in his mouth. That was a metaphor and Itzamna's faithful companion, he turned to dust and blew away.

When Zane Obispo got to the arch, it turned into a rock monster that looked like a dinosaur! The creature attacked Zane who tried to fight back with fire and Fuego, it seemed to be afraid of him. Then he heard a familiar voice singing, it was Santiago from Venice Beach, his real name was Antonio Marcel De la Vega, he was the Fire Keeper! The rock monster was his pet named Chiquita, he didn't like Zane attacking her. After Zane apologized, Antonio took him to his jam pad where he feeds the eternal flame that Hurakan gave people to protect the sobrenatural magic. He saw a potential war that will be made in four months on Wayeb, the five days of doom on the Haab' Mayan calendar. Zane suspected that Antonio was the one stealing sobrenaturals' powers but he denied it, although whoever is responsible is masterminding the stolen godborns and Hurakan's execution. Zane suggested that he could feed the flame, but Hurakan told him that he need the blood of only him. Remembering that the Sparkstriker infused Fuego with Hurakan's blood, Zane reluctantly burned it with his fire. Antonio Marcel De la Vega confirmed that the fire only expanded some, but at least some time bought, before Zane left he told him that there is a traitor among him and gave him the location of the godborns.

Finding the Godborns

When Zane was back with Ren and Ah-Puch, he told them they had to go to New Mexico. Zane told them about the traitor thing, so Ren revealed that she is part Mexica from her dad, her family was the bruja bloodline of her kind but it didn't have anything to do with the mess. Ah-Puch mentioned that they couldn't have freed him, Camazotz is not that smart so he must be working for someone. Suddenly, some security guards came in to arrest them, they decided to charge away on Rosie until they were teleported to Zane's old home using their bound magic.

They arrived at his old home town which was destroyed by Ixtab's flood. Ren saw paw prints that Ah-Puch revealed belonged to an Ahuizotl, a Mexica water monster that were thought to be dead. Rosie detected blood a found on Brooks' hawk feathers which made Zane worry about her and Hondo. When he picked the feather up, a cow skull opened and a torrent of wind knocked him out.

A Mexica (Aztec) sun stone

When he came to, Zane found himself tied to a pole. A woman named Gee introduced him to some fellow godborns who showed off their powers. Serena created a snake that was scared of Zane, Louie made a thunderstorm appear, and Marco appeared as Brook then changed to his true form, they called him a thief, traitor and liar respectively. Out of the forest came the true masterminds, Jordan and Bird, the evil hero twins and real traitors among the godborns! After what happened last time they saw each other, they were imprisoned in cages of bone and blood for months. But they escaped and traced Zane from Jazz's message, Brooks and Hondo got caught near the fake Beast.

The Gila Forest looked more like an illusion, then it changed into a stone wall with cells on it, Hondo and Brooks were imprisoned too and attacking Maya powers other than the twins would hurt the other prisoners. They have a plan to make a new empire and leave for Hurakan's execution, which is that day due to being in their world. Zane decided to surrender to the fire creating blue flames, he burned the back of the wall and but was still behind bars. On a nearby crane were Camazotz and his bats, but the other godborns didn't seem to be on the twins side nor were they in that forest. Just then, Ren, Rosie and Ah-Puch arrived, Ren used her Mexica shadow magic to create a key and unlock the cages. Ah-Puch revealed that everything was created by the twins, inherited from Ixkik', except Camazotz who was woken up by Marco. He revealed that the bats at Cabo were to fortify Ah-Puch and kidnap Ren, the god of death wanted to be done with them when that happened as he didn't think they could save the godborns and Hurakan. Zane was betrayed, he wouldn't give his power back but Ah-Puch said that he'll rise again after the blood sacrifices. Camazotz revealed that they weren't going to end the world, they were going to use them to awaken the Mexica monsters and gods, starting with Tlaltecuhtli using Hurakan! Once that goddess awakens, Zane's blood will used to power her and a ritual will begin for the others. Camazotz released some bats and Zane made Rosie go into hellhound mode, a fight between everyone broke out. The bat god got Brooks but Ah-Puch opened a gateway, before Camazotz could kill Ren Zane reluctantly gave the death god his Jaguar Jade. Ah-Puch reopened the gateway while staying behind to fight Camazotz.

Rescuing Hurakan

Chaac, the god of rain

In a dense jungle, Zane and all the godborns went to a pyramid. Around it was plaza with many creatures, everything was like a state fair. On the top, out came K'ukumatz, Ixtab, Ixkakaw, Nakon, Alom, and even Itzamna. There was also one more, the god of rain named Chaac who gave a speech about Hurakan and Zane. The twins appeared in disguise to sacrifice Hurakan before Chaac. Ren created some shadows for Zane and Rosie to get to the top, but Rosie blew their cover when Chaac said "dead". As Ixkiks voice laughed, the ax came down on Hurakan! Brooks arrived and the twins grew bat wings received from Camazotz, Zane and Rosie used their fire powers to fight the two off. After the twins fled, the angry gods confronted Zane and Brooks. Ixtab and K'ukumatz revealed what they have done, then all the godborns arrived with Jazz, Hondo and Rosie. The only god without a child was Itzamna, Ah-Puch arrived with Hurakan revealing that he saved him.

Everyone but Jazz went to a conference room in Xib'alb'a. Camazotz, Ixkik' and the twins won't give up on awakening the Mexica gods, with this greater enemy the gods must unite. But the godborns couldn't spend their life in hiding, that was when Pacific, the erased goddess of time, arrived. After hearing what she had to say, the gods considered her of vital importance, Itzamna had a new treaty signed where all the godborns will be claimed. The godborns went out during the vote, later Hurakan took Zane to a bone garden to talk. Ixchel would oversee SHINOM near Itzamna's (or Itzam-yées) tree and all the godborns would be claimed and trained, Pacific wanted to get revenge so she had Ren! Ixtab would continue as goddess of the underworld but Ah-Puch will get his own layer of hell.


Hurakan reunited with Mrs. Obispo, same for Pacific and Ren. Marco was Nakon's son, Serena was Ixchel's daughter, and Louie was Chaac's son. Isla Holbox was now protected by godly magic while the other godborns had gotten a jaguar charm to protect themselves. Zane Obispo received a new Fuego that can change into a jaguar tattoo instead of a letter-opener, its box also contained Itzamna's paper with him requesting Zane to write his story. Quinn saw Brooks again and said the Sparkstriker saw something evil and scary in the lightning pool, Pacific revealed that she helped Ren get to the island and Zane along his whole quest. Ixtab told Zane about the godborns hoping he would find them, including her own daughter. A postscript revealed another ending to the book Zane wrote due to the paper.

That night, Zane and Rosie were walking on the beach, they saw Brooks reading his book. Brooks realized that the gods the ancestral seers mentioned were actually the Mexica gods. She saw the images Zane looked up about New Mexico and went to the fake Beast with Hondo. But then she mentioned that her dad was sick and she had to back to where she came from with Quinn. Brooks left saying she'd be back at summer to train the godborns, Zane decided to play with Rosie and fire, he'd be counting the days until summer.



The Fire Keeper is broken up into 46 chapters in both natural numbers and mayan numericals as well as a post credit.


Covers and artwork


  • Jennifer Cervantes dedicated this book to Julie Bear, the girl who "adventured with spirit and returned with fire." It was also dedicated to all the write creating and waiting.
  • As Lent is usually in February or March, it is assumed that The Fire Keeper takes place seven or eight months after The Storm Runner.
  • In chapter 14, Hondo mentioned Midas. This makes Quinn say that the Greeks had nothing on the Maya since the latter were the first engineers, architects, and astronomers and they developed one of the most accurate calendar systems in human history. Zane awkwardly decided not to mention the Greeks anymore.

Mentions of Pop Culture

  • With all his workouts, Zane thought his uncle was secretly training for American Ninja Warrior.
  • While everyone was getting sanitized, Hondo mentioned that he used to watch Blue's Clues.
  • When talking about Quinn being flustered, Zane mentioned the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • Upon hearing about Camazotz, Ren remembered that that was the name of a planet in A Wrinkle in Time.
  • Upon seeing the god of bats, Zane constantly referred to Camazotz as Batman, which included the god trying to talk like Christian Bale from The Dark Knight and quoting Batman. Coincidentally, a sculpture of Camazotz that was discovered resembles Batman.


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