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The Kane Chronicles: Survival Guide is a companion book to The Kane Chronicles series.


The Story So far: A brief recap of the first book on the series

Introducing The Kanes: Facts about the Kane family. Includes Sadie, Carter, Ruby, Julius and Amos Kane, Gran and Gramps Faust, Muffin, and an interview with Sadie.

Gods and Goddesses: The stories of Ra, a family tree of Egyptian gods, ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, and the story of the Demon Days.

Dark Deities and Beastly Beings: The Book of Overcoming Apophis, Apophis, Serqet, Sobek, Serpopards, the Set animal, etc.

Hieroglyphics, Symbols and Commands: Symbols and spells, spoken and drawn spells, etc.

Exploring the House of Life: The House of Life, Journey through the House of Life, the Hall of Ages, Chief Lector Iskandar, Michel Desjardins, Zia Rashid and Vlad Menshikov.

Ancient Egypt (A brief history): A summarized history of Ancient Egypt, a timeline of the events and milestones of Ancient Egypt, from the settling of humans till the present.

Welcome to The Twenty-First Nome: a narrated tour of the Nome, Khufu and Philip of Macedonia.

Carter and Sadie's Trainee Magicians: Information about the trainees such as Walt and the others, Paths of Magic, the Kane's mission, etc.

Guide to Magical places: Basically tourist hot spots with Egyptian objects in them.

Artifacts of Power: Information on Egyptian Artifacts (such as magical books, magician tools, etc)

Traveling with the Kanes: Information on portals and what stops them from opening

Bonus Content:

Cards with pictures of the characters that can be arranged into a pyramid.

Pictures of events in the Kane Chronicles.

Photos of Iskandar, Michel Desjardins, Vladimir Menshikov, Amos, Philip of Macedonia and even Khufu!

Cover: Features Sadie, Carter, Walt, Bast and Horus, Isis, Anubis and Zia. Like the Percy and the Olympians guide, it's a picture that must be tilted in a certain way to see some characters.


  • It can be hinted that by the way the magicians (Carter, Sadie, Walt and Zia) corresponds to the Egyptian gods (Horus, Isis, Anubis, and Bast) signals or signifies the relationship of each of them and their destinies as concluded in The Serpent's Shadow. For example, Carter and Sadie are known to be the Eyes of Horus and Isis. Also in The Serpent's Shadow, Walt becomes the first human host of Anubis, and Zia Rashid becomes the Eye of Ra.
  • It includes the first ever official portraits of Iskandar, Michel Desjardins, and Vladimir Menshikov.
  • It comes with trading cards that can fold into a pyramid.
  • The Survival Guide is similar to the Ultimate Guide of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.


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