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The Last Fallen Star is the first book in The Gifted Clans series under Rick Riordan Presents by Graci Kim, focusing on Korean mythology.

The book follows Riley Oh, an adopted twelve year old who wants healing power like the rest of her witch family. With the help of her sister, Riley tries to summon Mago Halmi, the mother of all goddesses. However her sister is banished to the spirit realm and Riley is given an ultimatum: if she wants to have magic and save her sister's life, Riley must find the godrealm's last fallen star.


"Riley Oh can't wait to see her sister get initiated into the Gom clan—a powerful lineage of Korean healing witches their family has belonged to for generations. Her sister, Hattie, will earn her Gi bracelet and finally be able to cast spells without adult supervision. Although Riley is desperate to follow in her sister's footsteps when she herself turns thirteen, she's a saram— a person without magic. Riley was adopted, and despite having memorized every healing spell she's ever heard, she often feels like the odd one out in her family and the gifted community.

Then Hattie gets an idea: what if the two of them could cast a spell that would allow Riley to share Hattie's magic? Their sleuthing reveals a promising incantation in the family's old spellbook, and the sisters decide to perform it at Hattie's initiation ceremony. If it works, no one will ever treat Riley as an outsider again. It's a perfect plan!

Until it isn't. When the sisters attempt to violate the laws of the Godrealm, Hattie's life ends up hanging in the balance, and to save her Riley has to fulfill an impossible task: find the last fallen star. But what even is the star, and how can she find it?

As Riley embarks on her search, she finds herself meeting fantastic creatures, and collaborating with her worst enemies. And when she uncovers secrets that challenge everything she has been taught to believe, Riley must decide what it means to be a witch, what it means to be family, and what it really means to belong."


Learning of the Magic Sharing Spell, Going to Temple, and Plotting a Theft of Tears

Riley Oh

As Riley Oh is working the reception desk at her family's clinic, a new patient from New York, Robert Choi, enters and asks for help with his injured ankle. When Riley mentions she is a daughter of the healers in charge, he is stunned as he thought the Ohs only had one daughter. Riley, who is adopted, becomes depressed when her father shows up and reaffirms her that she is his daughter. Just then her sister Hattie arrives and begs Riley for help with the incantation. She agrees to help her sister and they meet up with their mother. As Hattie struggles to remember the incantations, Riley recites them easily and Hattie asks why Riley can't have a chance to earn a Gi bracelet. When their mother explains that she cannot due to being a saram, someone who can't use magic, and explains that their clan's elder, their aunt Okja, pleaded with the council to give Riley a chance to prove herself was overruled. As Hattie rants about it being unfair, Riley holds back tears and pets a piece of onyx in her pocket, the only thing her biological parents gave to her. When Hattie wishes there were a spell to share her magic with Riley, their mother inadvertently reveals their is after glancing at their family's spellbook, which they are forbidden to read, and she say it is too dangerous and tells them it is time for temple.

They arrive at the H-Mart that masks the temple entrance, something she can't see, and arrive late for serves, being embarrassed and reprimanded by Mr. Pyo, one of the elders. He continues by say his granddaughter Mira with have her elements revealed. As she is placed in a Gi cauldron, an artifact that reveals one's affiliation to the majority of elements, her dominant is revealed to be water, her supplementary element is wood, followed by metal and fire with her missing earth element being put in her Gi bracelet. Riley thinks back to what she was told happened when her parents persuaded the elders to put her in the cauldron, after a delayed reaction she was revealed to have four fire elements, astonishing as it was unheard of for some to have all the same element as it only repeated twice, before catching fire itself. Before service ends and the children go to Saturday school, Mr. Pyo tells the congregation that the library will reopen for the first time in decades and the carnival will be soon. He also warns them that the Horongi clan, a clan of scholarly witches stripped of their power and banished for trying too gain to much power and attacking the elders, has made contact with the council and they warn the congregation to be careful as they believe they are planning another attack on the council. As Riley and Hattie head to Sunday school, Riley questions if they should use the spell of not when their aunt Okja comes up to apologize for failing to get her an initiation and leaving to talk to another elder. Hattie comes over to Riley and tells her to keep the spell to themselves.

Emmett Harrison

Riley and the others follow Professor Ryu to the karaoke studio next door as a member of the Samjogo Clan, Jennie Byun, brags about a vision her mother had that hint the library reopening is a lie and the former Horangi elder tried to break into the temple. When they are given a room, the kids sing "Fake Love" by BTS, replacing fake love with secret life to get rid of the enchantments and a classroom filled with beanbags and portals to locations in different parts of the world appears. When Professor Ryu asks about a topic, Riley mentions magic locks and Ryu tells the class the can be opened by saying the password three times and burning a lock of hair, which they can get, but some locks also require a tear to be put on the hair prior to burning, something harder to get. After class ends, the Oh sisters call their friend, Emmett Harrison, and they enter the house with Emmett being hit by the front door for not properly addressing the House Sin, a magical essence that is created when a witch lives in a location for long enough. They go to the sister's room and their dog Mong greets Emmett. They tell him the plan and he is against it, saying magic is the reason his mother is dead. They convince him and they make a plan to take their mother's tears as she watches a K-Drama. They watch the final season of her favorite K-Drama, Stairway to Heaven, and get a tear by handkerchief as their mother wipes her eyes.

Learning the Spell and Riley's true Heritage

The Oh sisters wake up before dawn the next day and go to the clinic until guises of walking Mong. Emmett meets up with them and stands guard with Mong as the girls open the safe, they use up every password they thought off until they use the clan motto and the safe opens. Riley opens the book to find it blank, only for the words to appear for Hattie, a Gom by blood. They first the spell and learn they need to make two potions, one of the witch to drink half off and one for the saram to drink half off. They have all the ingredients to make the potion, but Riley becomes disheartened upon learning they must do the spell in the presence of an elder and the other half of the potion must be used in the Gi cauldron. Hattie then suggests they do the spell during her initiation. Just then Emmett comes in and expresses concern over the dangers of using the spell between two witches, but the sisters brush him off.

The following morning, Riley wakes up to find Mong dressed as a haetae, a Korean spirit that accompanies Mago Halmi, curtesy of Emmett, as she wishes Hattie a happy birthday. At the temple, the clans gather and watch as Hattie passes all her tests, clothing the blood of a man with internal bleeding, reviving the flesh of a woman who lost hers, and refusing to reveal a dead man. After Hattie receives her Gi bracelet and recite the proper stanzas, the sisters put their plan into action as the congregation looks on in stock. Okja manages to halt the ritual before it can be completed by revealing that Riley is not a saram, but a member of the exiled Horangi Clan. As the entire congregation watches on in shock, Riley begs her parents to say Okja is lying, but they only confirm what she said. They reveal her true origins to Riley and the entire congregation is is disbelief. The other four elders decide to have Okja and the Ohs make a choice by the end of the week, either all five will be excommunicated and stripped of their magic or just Riley will be banished. As soon as the choice is laid out for them, Riley runs, but not before Mr. Pyo tells her her family will be monitored.

Summoning Mago Hamli

Riley runs home and, before the other arrive, start to pack her things and says goodbye to Mong when Hattie and Emmett, who was told what happened but not about Riley being a Horangi, and tell her to stay. They reveal they have a plan to summon Mago Halmi, the mother of all creation, and have her give Riley magic. Hattie says Noah Noh has one of the things needed for the summoning at his family's taekwando study and the others realize she has a crush on him. As Hattie writes a letter for their parents and takes money for their plan, Emmett agrees to go with them, causing Riley to decide on telling him about her being a Horangi in the near future.


The three head to the Noh Dojang and convince Noah to help them. He sneaks them into his dad's office and writes down the incantation. He gives them one item they need, the Joseon Chalice, but tells them they need two other ingredients to perform it, ashes of death and the elixir of life. Emmett offers his mother's ashes and Hattie offers the elixir of life, the blood of an initiated witch. Riley tries to talk them out of it, but they refuse. Noah says they have the best shot at high tide and tells them to take a Saturday school portal to Santa Monica. As Noah takes his brother's place, he opens the portal to Santa Monica and gives them his Dragon Scooter, Boris for the return trip and a Swiss Army knife for the blood part of the spell. When they arrive in Santa Monica, it is night and they see a lunar eclipse and Hattie mentions hearing about a solar eclipses in New Zealand earlier that day, something Emmett says is impossible. Emmett waits ashore as the Oh sisters walk into the Pacific Ocean to perform the spell. Hattie empties the ring as Riley cuts her sister's palm. They start the spell and almost immediately Hattie passes out and the others drag her to shore. As Emmett goes to call 911, they see a woman on the beach and Riley realizes she is the Cave Bear Goddess. Riley begs her to heal Hattie, but the goddess says she must perform a task first, find the last fallen star. Riley agrees and the goddess takes Hattie with her, but leaves the girl's heart in a vile.

Learning of the Dark Sun and Moon and Sneaking into the Temple

As they wonder what to do next, Emmett suggests telling her parents, but she says no, at least for the next two days. They think of where to find the star and Emmett mentions the Griffin Observatory. Riley mentions how Cosette Chung is at the conservatory and they get on Boris and arrive in minutes. As they fail to find an open door, Cosette appears behind a glass door, at first she doesn’t let them in, but opens the door after realizing she and Emmett are on the same Battle Galactic team. They head to the files but find nothing until Riley mentions the fallen star and Cosette shows them a video of her sister Adeline performing a ballad of the legend at the temple talent show last year. As they watch Adeline explains how the six goddesses grew jealous when Mago Halmi explained how one of the two moons and one of the two suns representatives the darkness in them, and how they had the haetae bring the dark sun and moon to the Mortalrealm, resulting in the start of the gifted clans. As it finishes, Cosette suggests she disguise them to sneak past the guards to get into the temple library, something she thinks Riley can access. Cossette disguises Riley and Emmett as herself and her sister respectively and tells them they have an hour before it wears off.

They take Boris to the temple as Riley pulls a mesmerized Emmett past a group of Tokki clan members and into an elevator, as Riley presses the elevator button, Jennie Byun and David Kim enter and head to the main room for David's initiation. Emmett wishes David luck as Riley makes up a lie about space camp being canceled. After Jennie and David exit, the fake Chung sisters make it to the basement, and are surprised to find it is a massive laundromat. As Emmett pets a small Cheollima statue, it comes to life and threatens to kill them, before revealing it was joking and says they are at the library. After Emmett offers it cookies, it allows them access if they can answer one of three riddles on which is stronger, elephant or ant, silk or steel, and wind or sun. They get the first two wrong and correctly answer the third question. The cheollima let’s them enter by putting them in a washing machine and says the right book will find them and they will have a hoot. Once inside, they find themselves in a tropical greenhouse discover the illusions have warn off. They find a pool of water and Riley's reflection smiles back at her. As she smiles back, dozens of birds appears and as she goes to touch a toucan, it nips her and turns into a book, causing them to realize the birds are books and, remembering what the chellimo told them, they look for an owl, they find one as it flies into the back of Riley's head. The book is about haetae and they find a letter written by a Horangi named Sora to someone named H about the elders finding the seventh artifact as they lose the battle and a list of artifacts five through a possible eighth. As Riley thinks about if the eighth artifact is the fallen star, gas starts to fill in the area and she and Emmett pass out.

Riley wakes up to find herself back in the laundromat in a small invisible cage with who she believes to be the Miru guard standing over her. She stays silent when he asks how she was able to enter the library and becomes panicked when he has Hattie's heart in his hand. She reveals what it is and that she needs to find her friend so they can save her sister. The guard accepts what she said and tells her how the haetae, ridden with guilt, wonders the earth to help others and tells her to go back to the beginning. He chants something and vanishes, along with the cage. She picks up the heart and finds Emmett out old. She shakes him until he wakes up and hugs and kisses him out of joy. He pushes her off and they try to push a door open as the haetae appears to her. It lets her touch it’s nuzzle and shows her footage of Emmett's mom taking an ax from a group of Horangi before she is killed, and a vision of her and Emmett drinking boba tea by a tiger exhibit. Emmett, who is unaware of the haetae, gets the door open and pulls Riley out of the temple. When they reach the streets. They notice that Hattie's heart has starting to blacken.

Looking for the Horangi and Learning to other side of the Story

As they catch their breath, Riley thinks about what she just saw and was told and realizes she must find the Horangi. Emmett rejects the idea but agrees to come as Riley said she would go alone. She mentions drinking tea by tigers and they realize they need to go to the Los Angeles Zoo. As the ride Boris to the zoo, they realize he has a stealth mode and triggers it. When they arrive they find a food truck selling tea staffed by a Tokki infusers. As Emmett decides what to order, Riley finds a red poster with a tiger in a library with fragments of the Horangi motto. They order what is on the poster, much to the shock of the barista, and head to the tiger exhibit. As they drink, the two vanish as they are teleported to a mountain forest. As they walk around, they become trapped in earthen hands.

The two pass out and come to tied to chairs with ropes of water and sacks on their heads. The sacks are taken off and they find themselves in a white room with the floor covered in water and find themselves with three Horangi witches, a woman, a man, and a boy their age. The woman identifies herself as Sora, the one who wrote the letter, and asks them what they are doing in their territory. When Riley stays silent the man, Austin, shoots miniature stars from his jacket at Emmett, stopping just before they hit him. Riley then tells them about their quest to save her sister and, forcing herself to, reveals herself as a Horangi. Everyone in the room is shocked, with Emmett refusing to look at her, Riley apologizes as the boy, Taeyo, releases Emmett's binds and he runs out of the room. Sora reveals that she knew Riley's birth parents, Mina and Yoon Seo, who died during the fighting. Sora has Taeyo release Riley and they exit the room, revealed to be in a tree as they walk to another building, Austin leaves as Sora and Riley explain how they are about to use magic by a computer chip imbedded in their wrists that allows them to utilize their primary element rather then supplying their missing element like a Gi bracelet. They also explain that they are in The Campus, a hideaway and training group for the Los Angeles Horangi and they keep in contact with the other Horangi around the world who were also excommunicated. They reach an office building and once inside, Sora explains that in addition to being keepers of the sacred texts, the Horangi also watched over artifacts. They felt that some were too dangerous and had to be destroyed, but the council wanted the artifacts for themselves and they were excommunicated. Riley finds that this makes some sense, but she refuses to believe them. After they show her pictures of her birth parents and tell her of the research they did for the clan, had uncovered a prophecy. After reading, Riley realizes the first part has come to pass just as they hear Emmett accuse someone of killing his mom.

They find Emmett cornering a group of scholars with a jar of jellybeans over his head demanding to know who killed his mother. As they get ready to defend themselves, Sora tells them to stand down and Riley takes the jar out of Emmett's hands, but he states she is just as bad as the rest of the Horangi, lying to him and using others. After he agrees to listen and she realizes he is the son of Sookhee Harrison, Sora tells him how his mother was corrupt by the Sunstone Ax towards the end and how she was to far gone to be saved. She also tells him that will her last breath, she claimed a woman who she thought was her friend forced her to go after the artifact. Emmett agrees to help them, but is still made at Riley, and Sora requests Riley became initiated as a Horangi, have a biochip imbedded in her wrist, undergo a quest, and forsake the Gom Clan in favor of her birth clan. After considering it, Riley rejects her offer and Sora accepts her response.

Helping and Getting Help from the Dead and Learning More on the Skirmish

They spend the night in a dorm with Riley having nightmares all night. In the morning Sara sees them off and when they reach the zoo, they realize Hattie's heart is almost half blackened and Boris is gone. Just then Taeyo arrives with Boris, who was enlarged by Horangi engineers and he reveals that he has an app that can allow them to communicate with gwisin, hungry ghosts with unfinished business on earth, saying he thinks they could find Emmett's mom. Riley starts to reject on Emmett's behalf, but he accepts, saying this could bring him closure. Taeyo says they need to head to a restaurant, as gwisin tent to congregate by restaurants, when they mention Seoulful Tacos. They all get on Boris as Taeyo takes a selfie of the three of them. When they reach the restaurant, the three grab a table and David Kim, who has received his Gi, gives them menus and they order. After David leaves, Taeyo opens his app, Ghostr, and has Emmett make a profile to find his mom. After Emmett finishes they get responses, but none from his mother. After Taeyo opens his own profile, they get more promising results and decide to help an old woman deliver a message to her granddaughter Jennifer. They agree to help but Riley becomes mortified upon learning the woman's granddaughter is Jennie Byun. Soon David returns with the food and agrees to take them to Jennie after they finish eating.

They reach the Byun mansion and Jennie lets them in after David mentions they have a message from her grandmother. They move to a sitting room as Taeyo reads the message to Jennie, her grandmother describing the activities they used to do and how lonely she is with her parents out. Soon her grandmother takes a physical form and thanks them for delivering the message before asking if she can repay them. As Riley prepairs to find the last fallen star, she changes her mind and asks if she can find Emmett's mom. She does, but tells them she has become a vengeful spirit due to guilt over her actions in life. She also says Sookhee told her was possessed and was forced to fight, that she wanted the axe to allow Emmett to perform magic and that she was betrayed by a friend. Riley, after spending time with Taeyo, starts to believe Okja and the other elders framed the Horangi to cover something up. After her grandmother departs, Jennie thanks them and promises not to tell anyone they were at her house. As they question their next move, Riley reveals she wants to initiate for the Horangi, shocking everyone.

Initiating into the Horangi and Realizing the True Culprit

As David decides to stay with Jennie, the others head back to the campus to find it under attack by an Inmyeonjo, a bird woman who destroys mirrors. They meet up with Sora and Austin as they talk with two scholars and Riley says she is ready to initiate and Sora says that she will have her tame the bird woman. Before getting the chip installed, Emmett pulls her aside and asks her why she changed her mind. Riley says she was afraid to forsake the clan that raised her, but then realized she would not be forsaking them, but sacrificing them as per the Gom motto. Emmett gives her his ring and goes with Sora as Taeyo and Austin take Riley to a lab. They bring her to a guy working on a chip and he inserts it into her. When he is done Taeyo and Austin tell Riley how they activate their chips and she tells them her dominant element is fire. Taeyo gives her his compass, as he saw how she used her request to help Emmett, as blades come out of it and they go to help.

They reach the inmyeonjo to find her trapped in a cage by a lake and Sora asking for volunteers to tame it, two eight year olds, Henry and Grace, step forward but Sora politely rejects their offer and instead has a man named Jo try. He takes his lighter out and tries to attack it, however the bird woman simply sends it back he catches fire, jumping into the lake before the bird woman says she will not be tamed. After Jo, a pair of identical twin sisters Yumi and Yuri, a wood and earth user respectively, try their hands together but end up helping the other escape. After them Riley is introduced to the crowd as a Horangi taken by the Gom and given Jo's lighter. As the bird woman taunted her, Riley thinks of ways to use her fire after the methods of Taeyo and Austin fail. When the bird woman taunts her about the situation not being fair, she gets angry and, realizing anger is her method. She shoots flames at the bird woman before they die down before reaching her. After she is injured by a talon and starts to cry, she notices a cut from the fight with the twins and she offers to heal it. She cautiously gets flowers with healing purposes and grinds them up before applying the ointment to the wound and says the bird woman is beautiful. After she says she does not have a name, Riley named her Areum, Korean for "beauty". Areum shrinks to the size of a dove and Sora declares that Riley has tamed the inmyeonjo. After asking if she would join the clan, she accepts and everyone congratulates her. She searches the crowd for Emmett and finds him with Okja and her adoptive parents.

The Ohs, Okja, Sora, Austin, Taeyo, and Emmett movie to a shed at Riley hugs her parents, they say they had a Samjogo seer track her down and Emmett filled them in. James and Euhna accuse the Horangi of kidnapping and brainwashing Riley as they reveal she joined of her own free will. They keep fighting until Riley reveals her speculation that Okja framed the Horangi, she denies it but says she is far from incinerator. When the Horangi call her a murderer, she explains her theory that Bongjoon Pyo, the Sanjogo elder, is actually behind everything. She reveals that the claimed to have a vision of Sora breaking into the temple, but it changed every time he told it and that he would communicate with the Godrealm alone rather than with the other elders. The group forms an uneasy alliance and heads to Los Angeles. The eight and Areum head to the Los Angeles headquarters for the Woori America Bank, where Mr. Pyo works as chairman of the board. Taeyo hacks his calendar to get them an appointment as relatives. Areum waits outside as the rest simply walk in a get to the top floor after revealing their appointment by the secretary. They find Mr. Pyo in a meeting with executives, when he sees them he runs and they give chase, jumping over objects he throws in their path and following him down the emergency exit to his car. He takes out a wooden bat, which Sora splits in two before Austin unscrews a fire hydrant and Taeyo douses him with the water. He surrenders and they ask him why he framed the Horangi. Mr. Pyo reveals that Sookhee Harrison was behind it, and he framed the Horangi to cover his own tracks. As he says it, he realizes that Sookhee was possessed by the Cave Bear Goddess, who wanted to destroy the artifacts, which were made out of the dark sun and dark moon and are evidence of their sin, so that they could walk the Mortalrealm and do what they please with humanity. The others find him hard to believe but Riley believes him. After realizing the goddesses can possess the members of the clans they represent, Riley asks if it is possible to sever the Gom's ties to their patron goddess. Okja mentions a spell does exist, but James and Euhna are not sure if they are willing, but agree to help. Just then Areum arrives and tells them the Dokkaebi, a creature who eats nightmares and can summon anything from the Godrealm for a price, know where the object is.

Speaking to the Dookaebi and Finding the Last Fallen Star

Uneasy after hearing what they have to do to find the last fallen star, and where they would even find one, Mr. Pyo says one lives in the forty-fourth room on the forty-fourth floor of the temple. The Samjogo elder is left behind as the others go to the temple. After stopping by Mrs. Lee's house to get a sleeping potion, they go to the room and argue about who will go in. In the end the Ohs and Areum go in and Eunha takes the potion to make a deal with the dokkaebi. She wakes up sobbing ten minutes later after the goblin forced her to pay for the star with the life of one of her daughters. As James comforts her, Riley asks Areum to knock her out and she reluctantly obeys. She wakes up alone and searches the room, after a few seconds the Dookaebi comes out and she asks for the last fallen star. He demands that she give him her dominant element, meaning she would lose her gifted mark and can never perform magic. After a short hesitation she quickly agrees, but he also demands that all members of the Gom and Horangi, her adoptive and birth families, forget her, something she greatly fears. After thinking it over, and finding that Hattie's heart is now mostly black, she agrees and as he summons the star, he reveals she already possesses it. He vanishes before she can ask what he means and sobs at what she sacrificed.

The Cave Bear Goddess

Riley wakes up to find the others in the room as Areum greets her. She hopes the bargain was only a dream, but her fears are confirmed when no one recognizes her. She tells them what the dokkaebi told her, and they become suspicious of how she knows their plan. She gives Emmett back his ring and shows Taeyo his compass. After seeing the compass and remembering the last two lines of the prophecy, she believes it is the fallen star. After Boris wags his tail, they believe her and they head to the Gi sanctuary. They find it abandoned, but are soon visited by the Cave Bear Goddess. She congratulates Riley on finding the last fallen star and asks her to hand it over. Riley slyly asks for Hattie back just as her heart blackens and the goddess obeys. As Hattie is returned, with skinny limbs and a gray hue to her skin, Riley and their parents run up to her and hug her, however Riley senses something is off. Hattie starts to move unnaturally as she turns to Emmett and speaks in his mother's voice. Sookhee apologizes for her actions, saying the goddess promised to give him magic if she let her use her body. After explaining how she was finally able to break free of her anger and guilt and telling Emmett he is loved, she turns into a jaguar and moves on to the afterlife. Riley berates the goddess for tricking her, which she brushes off by saying that she and her sisters are the daughters of Mago Halmi and all others are beneath them. At that Okja starts the spell to sever the Cave Bear Goddess from the Gom. Threads link them as Riley goes to cut the threads, but fails and realizes the compass is not the star. The goddess berates Riley for betraying her as Riley reminds her she is powerless in the Mortalrealm without a host. At that she starts to pull Okja towards her as everyone in the room tries to pull the elder away, they fail and the goddess possesses Okja.

The goddess sends James flying into the Gom pews as his wife heals him. Austin does what he can to stop the goddess without hurting Okja, but is thrown into Taryo. Sora tries to stop her, but struggles to contain the goddess as Riley is picked up by Noah Noh who takes her to Jennie Byun, Cosette Chung, and David Kim, who came because Jennie had a vision that they were needed. Cosette creates an illusion of Okja on herself to confuse the goddess while David and Jennie douse the goddess in an immobilization potion. As the goddess is under the affects of the potion and the others fight to contain her, Riley feelings an unnatural warmth in her as the Gi Cauldron erupts in black flames. When the goddess breaks free, Riley confronts her as the goddess slams the girl into her statue, which causes Riley to finally understand what the last two lines of the prophecy were. She reveals to the goddess that she is in fact the Last Fallen Star and destroys the Cave Bear Goddess's statue with the black fire, expelling the goddess from Okja's body and from the Mortalrealm.

Explanations and Restorations

As everyone takes in what just happened, Riley's parents go back to mourning their daughter as the others talk amongst themselves. Riley cries thinking about what she will do if her family doesn’t remember her and goes to the elevator with Areum, their she meets the Haetae again, who reveals the he was the guard who found her and Emmett in the library. He shows Riley a memory of her as the last fallen star landing in her mother's womb. The haetae warns her that the remaining five goddesses will seek vengeance on her before she is given a Winston reverse anything from her past. After wondering if she should use it to restore her magic or the her loved one's memories of her, she decides to resurrect Hattie. After asking if she is sure, he agrees and says their are other ways for her families to regain their memories of her. The haetae vanishes and, after a few seconds delay, Hattie is revived and remembers Riley. Everyone cheers and Noah hugs Hattie, before moving away. They all agree to find a way to regain their Gom and Horangi's memories of Riley as they fill Hattie in.


When the goddesses had the dark sun and dark moon removed from the Godrealm, Mago Halmi had the Haetae break the last piece into two to ensure their safety. She foretold the if the two pieces were reunited, a new age, the Age of the Final Eclipse, will begin as prophesied. The haetae obeyed, hidden one piece in the Mortalrealm and the other in the safest place he could think of, the Spiritrealm.



  1. My Family of Healing Witches
  2. Saturday is Temple Day
  3. Even Witches Go to School
  4. How to Open an Enchanted Safe
  5. Time to Get Initiated, Witches
  6. The Tiger Is Out of the Bag
  7. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way
  8. Noah Noh and the Dojang
  9. Um, Mago Halmi, Is That You?
  10. Dark Sun and Dark Moon
  11. The Cheollima and His Cookies
  12. Don’t Forget to Smile
  13. Where Does the Bearded Man Buy His Suits?
  14. The Best Boba Teas in Town
  15. Potato Sacks and Truth Bombs
  16. Of Course There’s a Prophecy
  17. Why Is There Always a Catch?
  18. It’s Time to (Rescue) Party
  19. Anyone Hungry for Seoulful Tacos?
  20. Halmeoni’s Soul Animal Is a Magpie
  21. Make Way for the Bionic Girl
  22. Taming of the Inmyeonjo
  23. Are Family Reunions Always Like This
  24. Let's Get Down to Buisness
  25. Dokkaebi Rules of Engagement
  26. The Dookaebi Takes his Bait
  27. Ticktock, Ticktock Goes to Heart
  28. Nuh-uh, She Did't!
  29. Get Your Battle Gear on, Fambam!
  30. The End Is Also the Beginning
  31. Epilogue


When the blood moon and the black sun appear in the gaze

To mark the start of the end of all days,

In the one last divine, a weapon shall rise;

Unless the gold destroyers end the souls who lie

Unraveling the Prophecy

Line 1- A lunar eclipses appeared in California the same day a solar eclipses appeared in New Zealand.

Line 2- The aforementioned line triggered the start of the end of days.

Line 3- Riley discovers that she, after giving up her magic and what the Dokkaebi told her, is the last fallen star.

Line 4- If the statue of the Cave Bear Goddess was not destroyed, the goddesses would have destroyed the last fallen star and would have been able to walk the Mortalrealm, doing what they please with humanity.


  • The Last Fallen Star was announced on September 5, 2019.
  • The Last Fallen Star is the second book under Rick Riordan Presents to focus on Korean mythology, the first being Dragon Pearl.
  • Riley's surname was originally listed as being Nam. However, the author's website lists her surname as Oh.
  • Graci Kim has stated that the Korean mudang were an inspiration for her witches. A mudang is a "priestess who employs magic to effect cures, to tell fortunes, to soothe spirits of the dead, and to repulse evil. Her male counterpart is called a paksu; both, however, are also known by numerous other names in various parts of Korea."
  • Gom means "bear" in Korean.
  • On page 41, Riley mentions “old Greek dudes who work out of the Empire State Building”. This is a reference to the connection between the mortal realm and Mount Olympus in the Percy Jackson series.
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