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The Red Pyramid is a graphic novel presentation of Rick Riordan's The Red Pyramid. It was released on October 2, 2012.[1]

Differences from the Novel

  • Some of the humor from the novel is left out, such as some of Sadie & Carter's characteristics.

Chapter One

  • The Graphic Novel begins slightly differently. Instead of describing Carter & Sadie's characters, it dives right into the scene where Julius and Ruby Kane are releasing Bast from Cleopatra's Needle.
  • Sadie is seen with Muffin waiting for her brother and father to arrive.
  • Zia Rashid wants to kill Carter and Sadie with her staff instead of a knife.
  • The visit with Sadie's grandparent's and the police is left out. The Kanes are taken out of the museum and straight to the magic boat by Amos.
  • The magic boat is not controlled by Amos's coat and hat.
  • Amos gives Muffin to Sadie, and Muffin doesn't put up a fight when Sadie goes into the mansion.
  • Amos opens the mansion doors instead of Carter.
  • Amos saved Carter's bag from the museum instead of the police.

Chapter Two

  • Sadie bribes Khufu with "Happy-Os" instead of Cheerios.
  • Sadie summons Doughboy with slightly different words.
  • The Kanes don't look at the "Blood of the Pharaohs" scroll.
  • Instead of finding a convertible to steal, Bast rips the top off a regular car and steals it.
  • Bast has short hair.
  • Set does not send carriers to chase after Bast and the Kanes.
  • The car flips over from an eruption of scorpions and Serqet battles them immediately.
  • Sadie never tries the portal in Central Park.
  • Zia trips Sadie and puts a knife to Carter's throat instead of battling Serqet with The Seven Ribbons. Also, Serqet arrives after they go through the Portal.

Chapter Three

  • The three magicians arrive in the Hall of Ages rather than the Cairo Airport. The scene where Carter battles the ba is missed.
  • Sadie does not use a magic spell to escape her room and when she goes into the vision, Anubis doesn't talk to her.
  • Carter is not seen all night during his stay at the First Nome.
  • Iskandar pulls Sadie out of the memory instead of waking her from it.
  • Sadie and Carter don't have Ma'at painted on their tongues together and they don't drink the water from Thoth's statue.
  • Muffin is seen slinking around The Temple Of Luxor.
  • The Kanes portal to Washington D.C. instead of France and miss those scenes.
  • The Sphinxes advance on the Kanes without any orders.
  • Muffin jumps in the portal after the Kanes.
  • Zia helps the Kanes escape before finding out that Iskandar is dead
  • Desjardins is the one who tells Zia that Iskander is dead instead of an initiate.

Chapter Four

  • Bast and the Kanes never eat in the Washington Monument.
  • In her ba trip, Sadie floats in front of Nut's face instead of being ushered by Anubis to her living room.
  • Carter is never stopped by a police officer nor saved by "Aunt Kitty" aka Bast in the airport.
  • They are never seen on the plane.

Chapter Five

  • Bast states that Thoth doesn't get along with all goddesses instead of just her.
  • Carter does not play basketball against the baboons.
  • Thoth is first seen at his computer instead of playing guitar.
  • There are no ibises to been seen, nor are they mentioned.
  • Carter mentions how Elvis Presley died.
  • Thoth's shabti attack them before they enter the house. Also, much of the fighting in Graceland is missed.
  • At Elvis's grave, the Kanes find The Book of Overcoming Set instead of an Ankh.
  • Shezmu never tries to stop The Egyptian Queen from entering the Land of the Dead.
  • Bast enters the Hall of Judgement before getting attacked by Anubis.
  • Anubis doesn't make a bench out of mummy wrappings.

Chapter Six

  • Carter never goes on the porch of the RV because they "borrowed" a FEMA trailer with no porch. Thus, Carter never hears from Zia to meet her at Las Cruses.
  • Sobek never sends his minions to attack Carter and Khufu.

Chapter Seven

  • When Sadie has her dream vision of Geb, he heals her instead of telling her to go to Las Cruses.
  • The House of Life meet the Kanes in the desert instead of Las Cruses.
  • Sekhmet attacks the boat with her claws instead of arrows.
  • How Carter got Sekhmet to drink salsa went differently.
  • Instead of turning into a magic coat, Doughboy controls the pedals while Carter drives.

Chapter Eight/Epilogue

  • Doughboy helps with the cleanup.
  • The talk with their parents goes slightly differently.


The front of the dust jacket features Carter, Sadie, Bast, Amos, Doughboy and The Feather of Truth. The back features Zia, Muffin, The Rosetta Stone, Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis, and Nephthys. The inside flap features Khufu and Philip of Macedonia in his wax form.

The front of the hardcover features hieroglyphics in the background and the Kanes drawn Egyptian tomb style on the front. The back of the hardcover features Geb and Nut with their children between them drawn Egyptian tomb art style with hieroglyphics in the background.

The full cover from The Red Pyramid's Graphic Novel. Art by Orpheus Collar.



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