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The Ship of the Dead is the third and final book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan.


The book title was announced at the back of The Hammer of Thor. An iTunes preview[2] containing the first three chapters of the books was released on September 16th, 2017.

To promote the book, there was a small commercial where a group of vikings argued over the correct way to pronounce "falafel", and whether or not it had any nutrition. One viking finally ends the conversation by stating that a great warrior named Magnus loved the food and ate it often, before holding up the book. [3]


Magnus Chase, a once-homeless teen, is a resident of the Hotel Valhalla and one of Odin's chosen warriors. As the son of Frey, the god of summer, fertility, and health, Magnus isn't naturally inclined to fight. But he has strong and steadfast friends, including Hearthstone the elf, Blitzen the dwarf, and Samirah the Valkyrie, and together they have achieved brave deeds, such as defeating Fenris Wolf and battling powerful giants for Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. Now Magnus and his crew must sail to the farthest borders of Jotunheim and Niflheim in pursuit of Asgard's greatest threat. Will they succeed in their perilous journey, or is are the forces of Ragnarok going to win?


Meeting Percy and traveling to the Chase Mansion

Percy Jackson gives Magnus Chase a lesson in surviving on the ocean. Magnus introduces Jack to Percy and Annabeth Chase, who are surprised the sword can talk. Jack sniffs around Percy's pocket and finds Riptide, who he reveals is female. Jack proceeds to flirt with Riptide. Annabeth, Percy, Magnus and Alex Fierro have lunch, while Alex tells them they should have already left to find Loki's ship located between Niflheim and Jotunheim. Percy gives Magnus a piece of advice that sea gods are vain and possessive when it comes to their weapons, and also tells him he has a good team.

Alex and Magnus go to Randolph's mansion, where they find a dead wolf at the entrance. Another wolf is seen looking for a book but is killed by Alex. Magnus finds some notes scribbled by Randolph, the older notes on the Sword of Summer. Alex feels that the newer notes mean that Randolph made a possible plan to stop Loki.

Leaving Valhalla

Alex receives a message from T.J. that they are leaving that day. Magnus travels back to Valhalla and meets Mallory Keen, Halfborn Gunderson and Thomas Jefferson Jr. He magnifies his handkerchief and summons the Big Banana—which is named by Alex for its yellow color—and plan to pick up Blitzen and Hearthstone on the way. Magnus mentions Bolverk to Hunding, who looks like he has seen a ghost.

Aegir's Court

Map of monsters and gods

When Magnus and his crew talk to each other, they are overheard talking about mead by the Nine Billow Maidens and brought to their court. Their father, Aegir, grants them guest rights and tells them they are safe as long as they don't have anyone named Magnus Chase among them. The crew is surprised to find Blitzen and Hearth as the main course. They manage to free them with excuses of Halaal and vegetarianism. Ran's eldest daughter figures out that the "blonde guy" is Magnus Chase and shouts this. Magnus tells Aegir that he himself will defeat Loki in a flyting contest and Aegir's revenge will be complete. Not wanting to offend his wife Ran, Aegir agrees to let them go if they win a fight against his daughters. The crew manages to escape with help from Magnus's grandfather Njord.

The Chat with Njord

While Magnus and the crew relax on board, Njord brags about his feet and how he won Skadi the ice giantess. They also talk about their upcoming quest. Njord explains that to get to the Ship of the Dead, they must pass Niflheim and Jotunheim, and have a very small chance of surviving even though they could seek help by Skadi along the way. He also explains that in order to win the flyting against Loki, Magnus must get Kvasir's Mead, the most valuable elixir protected by the giants. It was created from all of the Norse gods' spit, and out came Kvasir. But in order to kill the giants secretly guarding the mead, Blitz and Hearth are supposed to get Bolverk's whetstone. After much arguing, Magnus reluctantly lets Blitz and Hearth go on their duo quest.

Once Blitz and Hearth are whisked away onto their quest, Njord tells Magnus that his crew must travel to Jorvik and challenge the giant Hrungnir to battle. If they win, which is a slim chance, they will ask for the location of the mead, travel to the Ship of the Dead, and defeat Loki in the flyting and restore him to his bonds. On that note, Njord leaves.

Crew Members’ Background History

As the crew head to Jorvik, Mallory and Halfborn are disgruntled because of where they died: Mallory died in Ireland, and Halfborn died near Jorvik. TJ also had some bad experience: Since he was a son of Tyr, then he always could not resist one on one battles, even if it was a hopeless one, and that was why T.J. died in the first place. He told Magnus that even he had a one on one challenge to face himself and he should prepare for: the flyting with Loki.

More Tormenting Dreams

Magnus does not see how Sam could survive Ramadan. Sam argues that it actually helps her focus and feel clearer. When Magnus fell asleep from all the combined exertion when he put Jack on his chain again, he got to witness another horrid dream.

In the dream, Magnus saw how smart and respected Kvasir was treated. One day, he met the dwarf brothers Fjalar and Gjalar. They wanted help from him about paperwork that needed to be done, and Kvasir gets killed taking the bait. 

Magnus’s next dream is about Alex Fierro.  She was literally kicked out of her house by her intimidating dad. He angrily says that she should be normal. She says that she is normal, and her dad replies with having so much potential with something about craft and art. With that, he slams the door behind him, officially disowning Alex. Then Magnus wakes back up with a start, in the Big Banana at Jorvik. 

Meeting Hrungnir

When the crew arrived at Old York, sailing up the River Ouse, Halfborn and Mallory explain to watch out for the vatnavaettir, water horses. They could destroy the ship and stampede on it, drag them under, and make them drown. After arguing, Samirah, Halfborn, and Mallory decided to defend the ship while “Blond Guy”, T.J, and Alex go find the giant.

As T.J. was greeting everyone in York for not supporting the Confederacy, the three found a shop called the Jorvik Viking Centre, which they thought they should check out. When they tried to break in, Alex found out a part of a wall moved, which actually was the stone giant Hrungnir perfectly blending in to the limestone. Magnus tries to bargain with the giant, and for the location of Kvasir’s Mead, he wants to have a two-on-two duel with TJ. Alex seemed to know what he was talking about, so she accepted and led them to a pottery studio.  

Creating Pottery Barn

T.J, Alex, and Magnus all go to a pottery studio and Alex paid the owner for 24-hour exclusive use. Alex explains to Magnus that while TJ fights the stone giant, they have to create a ceramic warrior to fight Hrungnir’s warrior. She gets to work with the pottery wheel as Magnus rolls coils of clay and TJ cut the slab and used the kiln.

Magnus asks if Alex has done pottery before, and she replies saying that her family had a company called the Fierro Ceramics, and her grandfather made pottery for a very long time. Then her father started making tons and tons of pots that were bad quality, and the company went down. Magnus remembers in his dream that her father said that she had so much potential in using the craft. He wonders if this is what she was talking about. By evening, the ceramic warrior’s pieces were all laid out.   

Daily (Nightly?) Dreams

The three eat at Mr. Chippy, and they walk back to the pottery studio and Alex crashes for the night. Magnus marvels at how well T.J. could be so calm for fighting such a tall monster the next day. TJ explains that whenever he’s hooked up in a challenge, he feels closer to his dad. The bayonet TJ uses was left for him by his father, Tyr. He reveals that when he died at Fort Wagner, a Confederate lieutenant named Jeffrey Toussaint called TJ out to fight man-to-man. TJ accepted and shot Toussaint once in the chest then came closer to stab him with his bayonet, by that time he was shot thirty times and was then in Valhalla. Toussaint ended up there too, the two spent about fifty years killing each other every day. But eventually TJ stopped looking for him and Jeffrey Toussaint locked himself in his room and faded away.

When the son of Tyr crashes, Magnus worries that he will lose the flyting with Loki, which is followed with nightmares of the deceiving god’s ship of nails. Magnus sees an extremely old giant with a battle-ax and a shield. He has another dream with Odin, disguised as Bolverk. The god shows him a whetstone. All of the sudden, the dream shifts to glowing green eyes, leathery nostrils, and huge teeth to slice Magnus in half.

Magnus wakes up and TJ is wearing glasses saying that he had a dream killing Hrungnir and his amber eyes. The clay warrior is named Pottery Barn, who is revealed to be non-binary, as Alex states to have suspected. Their preferred pronouns are they and them. They head out to the streets.   

Fighting Hrungnir

Magnus, Alex, T.J. and Pottery Barn arrive at King's Square, as Hrungnir had told them to meet him in Konungsgurtha, meaning king's court. Alex suggested trying King's Square. Hrungir was spotted camouflaging into the walls of a shop. Mokkerkalfe, meaning Mist Calf, Hrungnir's clay warrior, stepped in to start fighting Pottery Barn, a disproportionate figure with arms too thin and legs too thick.  Hrungnir introduces Mokkerkalfe to the einherjar. Alex then introduces Pottery Barn, and Hrungnir admits that it is a poetic name for a warrior.

Meanwhile, T.J. starts loading his rifle, while talking and walking. Magnus is amazed at this, thinking it would've been like trying to tie his shoes and whistle "The Star-Spangled Banner" while jogging. T.J.'s first shot was to the giant's left eye. His second shot sparked off the giant's nose. Meanwhile, Pottery Barn slams their vase-fists into Mokkerkalfe's back, which, unfortunately, sank into Mokkerkalfe's gooey flesh. Mokkerkalfe tried to face P.B., but instead yanked them off their feet and dragged them around. Alex then steps in with her garrote and lassos P.B.'s legs and yanks them free. Pottery Barn went flying across the square and smashed through the window of a store. Mokkerkalfe then thinks that Alex is an enemy, and launches itself on top of Alex, drowning her in its wet clay. Magnus screams, but then his attention goes over to T.J. as he screamed in agony, stuck in Hrungnir's closed fist.

Pottery Barn saved the day. They launched themselves onto Hrungnir, who then dropped T.J. Magnus orders Jack to defend Alex without actually fighting, and heals T.J. and gets a glimpse of his memory: T.J's mother warning him of the dangers of play-shooting with a stick at a white man and how the white man can shoot you. Another memory; Teenager T.J. staring at a flyer encouraging military service. The image changed to a ship, where his friend complains how the Union put them on a ship, but T.J. was as eager as ever, holding his rifle. Magnus then saw him running across no-man's-land, charging at his nemesis, Jeffrey Toussaint.

Magnus is back to the present, and the fighting continues. T.J. shoots Hrungnir's right eye, while Pottery Barn hung broken from a tree. T.J. then screams at Magnus to help Alex. Magnus heals Alex, even though she doesn't like being healed. Alex's memory: the time when Magnus had breakfast at hotel Valhalla, from Alex's point of view. Magnus was across Alex, looking "utterly dorky." Magnus wondered why this was on top of Alex's memories. Alex opened her eyes and swatted Magnus away. Pottery Barn, out of nowhere, jumps on top of Mokkerkalfe and pulls out his heart, and both warriors collapse. Meanwhile, T.J. cuts off Hrungnir's sinews. The einherji demands the location of Kvasir's mead, and is told that it was in Flåm, Norway, and that he must take the train. Hrungnir challenges T.J. to kill him, right in the heart. Just as T.J. does so, Jack warns the guys not to pierce Hrungnir's heart, for stone giants' hearts explode. Alex warns them all to hit the deck, and the giant explodes. T.J. groaned, as a piece of shrapnel embedded itself above his right eye. He assures them all that he can walk, and all three of them head back to the ship.

When they return, they find Halfborn, Mallory, and Sam exhausted because they just finished fighting water horses. Halfborn jokingly lights T.J.'s shrapnel with a match. The Big Banana then leaves for Flām to find Kvasir's Mead. Down below, Magnus learns that the car bomb Mallory tried to disable when she died was set by herself. She was goaded by her mates in Ireland, one of them being Loki, into doing it. Then an old lady, whom Mallory says was also Loki, gave the indestructible knives she has and told her to correct her mistake. Suddenly, Blitz and Hearth, who lost his scarf, appear again. Blitz says that Hearth is going to have to face his father one last time.

Slaying Alderman

Alderman is now a hideous dragon

Magnus (wearing pink sunglasses Alex gave him), Blitz and Hearth fall into Alfheim. There they find the gates to Alderman's mansion have boarded by the police, the mansion is now in ruins. They follow the smell of dead frogs to find Hearth's father. They reach a cave in the woods to find that, due to Andvari's ring, Alderman is now a hideous dragon, the same beast that appeared in Magnus' dream.

During a picnic, the three devise a plan on how to kill him. Ring dragons can only be killed when stabbed in the stomach, that's why they always crawl. Hearthstone reveals that Nisser used to live in the woods until Alderman called the exterminator. So Magnus decides to use their tunnels and use Jack to stab the dragon. But when stabbed, his blood will come out gushing and will kill Magnus almost instantly if he touches it, he has to escape very quickly.

While Magnus is in the tunnel, Hearth uses his magic to bring back his deceased brother, Andiron, to lure out Alderman. The father is initially surprised but when he sees Hearth is doing this he immediately thinks it's fake. That's when Blitzen gets mad and berates at Alderman for being such a horrible father and only thinking about gold. Magnus manages to stab the dragon's heart and quickly escape. Alderman's calls Hearth a traitor and tell him to use his writing board instead of sign language before dying. Before vanishing Andiron reveals that he wished he was kind and good as his brother in that well, he always accepted and loved him.

Retrieving the Whetstone of Bolverk

In Alderman's cave, Magnus and Blitz find the magic bag they got from Andvari is still there, they use it suck up all the gold and find the Whetstone of Bolverk. They will need it to sharpen some blades later. Jack reveals that after someone kills a ring dragon, they must roast its heart and eat it. Magnus and Blitz return the gold to the river Andvari was in while fighting its temptation to keep it, they couldn't decide whether Magnus or Hearth should eat the heart. Suddenly it goes right into the campfire, Magnus burned his hands trying to save it from disintegrating, then he sucked on his fingers and tasted some of Alderman's blood. This gave him the ability to understand birds, Hearth doesn't ind what happened because now his father can rest, then they left.

Meeting Frigg in Flām

Back on the Big Banana, the three land right on Halfborn Gunderson. After telling the story to everyone, Alex Fierro gives Hearthstone a new pink and green scarf. Mallory Keen takes the whetstone to hold onto so no one gets hurt.

The ship arrives at Norway, Halfborn is a little uneasy with going back to his hometown of Flām. They place the ship near a bunch of other ships to make it look like a tourist attraction. The one's who will be off to fetch Kvasir's Mead are Magnus, Sam, and Mallory, the rest will guard the ship.

Frigg, mother of Mallory Keen

Mallory spots an old lady, the same one that gave her her knives right before her death. She immediately starts chasing after her, the three get on a train. They jump from cabin to cabin looking for her and eventually do. Sam makes Mallory just talk with the old lady first to make sure she really is Loki. She seemed like a nice woman, but Mallory is buying it, she's being reminded of her mortal death. After revealing that the knives were a gift so she would go to Valhalla, the woman reveals herself as Frigg, goddess of foresight and Mallory's mother.

The train has stopped, Mallory yells that her mother isn't really supposed to announce stuff like that out of nowhere. She doesn't even want Frigg to call her her daughter. Sam says the no one ever sees Frigg but Mallory only sees her as no better then her father. Frigg says Mr. Keen wasn't always how Mallory saw him and Sam says it's good that she is Mallory's mother. Frigg announces that they will encounter the thralls (slaves) of Baugi that guard the Kvasir's mead. To Frigg, Mallory not seeing her as her mother is just like losing her son, Balder. She tried to prevent his death by telling everything in the Nine worlds not to harm him, but she overlooked Mistletoe. She learned that everything has limits, it's too painful for her to visit her children and see what will befall onto them. She only appears in times when she knows they can make a difference. Mallory will need those daggers to retrieve the mead. As she learned that even the smallest thing can make a difference, Frigg gives Mallory a walnut for Loki to be imprisoned in after the flyting, Loki will then be brought back to the Aesir. They have at least one or two days left before Naglfar sets sail. After Frigg dissolves, the three einherjar leap out the window.

Upon landing, Magnus finds out that he can understand all animals from drinking Alderman's blood. Sam says they could've held hands together so she can just fly them down. Mallory landed on a blackberry bush, Magnus heals her wounds. Sam understands how Mallory is similar to Frigg, the Aesir queen controls Asgard since Odin is always traveling. She tells how his brothers, Vil and Ve, had to marry Frigg to take over for Odin, despite that everything was fine in Asgard due to the queen. Frigg is the cement that holds the Aesir together. Sam reveals that T.J. and Halfborn used to hate each other before Mallory came along, she is the Frigg of floor nineteen. No wonder Odin disguised himself as the half-troll, X, and chose to live there. It was the same with Magnus, Alex and Sam, she is honored to fight at Mallory's side. Magnus starts calling her "Mack" because her middle name is Audrey.

Fighting the Thralls of Baugi

The three spent the next hour trekking across the valley floor. Sam couldn't get a signal to tell Alex they were OK. After walking over a wooden bridge spanning white-water rapids, navigating through a pasture of goats, and moving through the shadows and sunlight of the woods. They made it to the split waterfall that was seen from the train. They stopped for a really short lunch then followed the twin rivers from the waterfall.

Suddenly, they heard rasping sounds, it was the nine thralls, slaves to the jotunn. Baugi forced them to cut a wheat field but their scythes wouldn't work and the wheat just kept growing. The three couldn't get to the waterfall because of those thralls guarding the door to Gunlod, they almost immediately notice them. One is named Red, another is named Tattoo, but they all agree to kill them as a break. The three say they are here to help them, Mallory uses the whetstone to sharpen their scythes so they can reap the entire field in minutes. Despite that, the thralls must kill the three as they have trespassed on the land. But Mallory tricks them into accidentally killing themselves by throwing up the whetstone to give to them.

Meeting Gunlod and Obtaining Kvasir's Mead

The "masterpiece" doors in the waterfall wouldn't open. Magnus, Sam, Mallory and Jack can hear Gunlod, Suttung's daughter AKA the prisoner, inside. Odin stole most of Kvasir's Mead a long time ago but she still has a little left. Although she can give them the mead, she cannot leave as her life force is bounded to the cave. She advises them to pry the doors open with two magical weapons. Mallory uses her two knives allowing Gunlod to pour the mead into Sam's canteen with a hose. After that, she reveals that the group has triggered the silent alarm and that Baugi and Suttung will be here any minute.

Fighting Suttung and Baugi

Sure enough, two eagles start flying towards the waterfall. Jack can only manage to take out one of the giants and they seemed to fast to outrun. So Sam decides to outfly Baugi while carrying Mallory in her walnut while Magnus takes on Suttung. A murder of crows nearby offers to help him but they don't have a plan. Suttung just came back from getting ready for Ragnarok, the border of Niflheim and Jotunheim isn't too far. Suttung is not happy that Magnus stole the mead. That's when Magnus accuses the giant of hypocrisy since he also stole the mead from Odin, but Suttung says his parents were killed by Fjalar and Gjalar, the dwarves. During their conversation, Magnus yells to get the crows to attack. But it takes a while for the birds to understand what he meant so Suttung attacks first. When they understand they start swarming the giant allowing Jack to deliver the finishing blow. The crows want something shiny as payment for what they did so Magnus directs them to the thralls' sharpened scythes. They tell him the last friendly place he'll find on the quest is the Fortress of Skadi.

When Magnus gets back to the Big Banana, the crew has already taken care of Baugi. T.J. is not happy about the thralls being killed, Mack is officially a nickname of Mallory. The crew says Halfborn Gunderson did all the work in the battle against Baugi. The giant dropped a building near the ship and went to giant size, Halfborn just charged wanting to protect his old hometown of Flām. Even though Alex was the one who beheaded Baugi, everyone was so surprised at how much Halfborn went berserk.

Night has fallen, the temperature drops. Halfborn admits to Magnus that he's glad to be out of his hometown again. He doesn't regret his life before he died even if he left his mother behind and never saw her again. He's just glad Mallory found out the truth and talking with Magnus made him feel better. He gave him the rudder and told him to look out for krakens. Sam comes up to him and offers a tiny taste of Kvasir's Mead but Magnus doesn't even think that's enough for his battle against Loki. Sam admits that the hardest thing is seeing someone for who they really are. Magnus knew he had to delay Ragnarok as long as possible so Sam, Amir, Percy, Annabeth, and Estelle can have a normal life.

That night, Magnus Chase dreamed of all the adventures they had in this book with Loki's laugh echoing. The next morning was freezing, the Big Banana is just leaving Jotunheim and is about to enter Niflheim.

Journey to the Fortress of Skadi

Hearthstone manages to summon the rune kenaz, it produces a burning fire to keep them warm. Blitz does well in the cold due to being a dwarf and Magnus has the power of Frey. But the crew is still freezing, and they are even in the nicest part of Niflheim. The crew sees a cliff with fire, it must be the Fortress of Skadi. The crew is forced to go on foot. Each blanket-covered person takes a partner to huddle with while Jack looks out for thin ice. The kenaz rune is going out, T.J. couldn't use his gunpowder, and Alex suddenly kisses Magnus! They manage to make it to the fortress when Blitzen tries to make a cave. Skadi initially didn't want visitors until Magnus revealed himself as the grandson of her ex-boyfriend, Njord, who sent him to find her.

Meeting Skadi

Despite the hall being much warmer than outside it was still freezing. There were constant booming sounds through the fortress like a cannon firing. The bath were really hot, after that Magnus was put in a white wool tunic and breeches like the rest of the crew. Skadi sat on her throne while the crew had dinner. She reveals the fortress' name to be Thrymheimr, meaning Thunder Home, her father built and she took it over after his death. She also tells them about her bad relationship with Njord. Magnus explains what Loki is doing and how he plans to defeat him in flyting. Skadi knew about that, she knows everything in her hall. She is no friend of Loki since that flying in Aegir's hall, she was the one who found that snake that dripped acid over him. T.J. really likes this jotunn especially since she hates slavery. Skadi says Magnus was smart not to drink Kvasir's mead yet, it's best to do it tomorrow morning before they leave. Naglfar is close by, Skadi will give them skis to get there. Skadi refuses to partake in their fight but she lets them stay the night in her fortress.

Magnus did not sleep peacefully due to the freezing temperature, booming thunder, and Alex on his mind. He decided to take a walk, that's when he found Sam praying. She's tells Magnus he'll do fine and explains that it's the twenty-seventh night of Ramadan, the Night of Power. No one really knows if it's the twenty-seventh for sure, but Sam likes not knowing stuff because it keep her on her toes. She says there is something bigger Loki, and that's God, or Allah to her. Sam tells Magnus she will be facing Alex but Skadi arrives to get them ready before she can elaborate further.

After their breakfast, the crew got on windows wearing their skis. Magnus drinks the mead but isn't feeling that poetic. Skiing was really fast for Magnus, Sam can fly, Hearth got the hang of it quickly, and Blitz kept doing crazy tricks but was horrified as he was doing them. After the skis returned to Skadi, the crew found enormous Naglfar ship. T.J. gets the idea of creating a diversion attack near the front so some of the crew members can get to the gangplank so Magnus can challenge Loki. Magnus doesn't like that plan but everyone else agrees to go with it. Hearth gives Magnus an Othala rune to protect himself when they're gone. He does so and he, Sam and Alex see the other two invisible.

They were close to the ship while holding hands and they see the army of dead soldier and giants. Suddenly, Magnus hears voices calling him. It was his uncle Randolph, his aunt Caroline, his cousin Emma, and even his mother Natalie. A hole appears in the snow with a ramp to Helheim where the zombies were coming from. Magnus' four family member were urging him to join them. Hel promised Magnus he could be with them so he starts making his way towards the hole. Alex stops him, she can hear her grandfather and a friend named Adrian too.

The Battle on the Naglfar

The three manage to make it to Naglfar. There were also some zombie animals on the ship of toenails, Magnus couldn't find Loki. The captain of the ship, Hrym, was ordering the crew to work harder or they'll be fed to Garm. The Big Banana's crew begins to attack with Hearth using the rune of Thor. Halfborn went crazy, Blitz used his expandable ducks to attack, Sam kept changing into animals then used her spear to fight, but Magnus knew that enemies always kill the healer first. Magnus punched a zombie's chest using the power of Frey then stabbed him with a sword to seal the deal, then he continued to do that to the others. During the fight they were actually winning, Magnus burst out golden light causing everything to push back, Jack went flying. Everyone stopped fighting, Magnus lost a tooth, Loki appears with his wife Sigyn behind him.

Magnus challenges him to the flyting but Loki doesn't really see any point in that since the ice is already melting. Hrym and the Naglfar crew think otherwise, the ship captain and Loki reveal that Surt technically owns the ship due to it being registered in Muspellheim. Since Surt is not here, Hrym assures Loki that a challenge must be accepted and calls Loki a coward. The two crews agree to ceasefire until the flyting is done. Loki agrees to insult Magnus to death before they set sail.

The Flyting


Everybody gathers around and makes a big circle around Magnus Chase and Loki. The flyting doesn't start off well for Magnus, every insult Loki tells him literally stings him and makes him shrink. The trickster god insults the son of Frey's lack of skills, being a member of a weak and uncaring family, and how he doesn't understand the good and evil concept of Norse. Loki dares Magnus to say something else, that's when Magnus realizes that he can't play by Loki's rules, he needs to play by his own rules. Since he was a healer, he decided to compliment people instead of insulting them. So he tells the Naglfar crew about every wonderful thing his own crew accomplished in their lives and in the book series. Mallory Keen, Halfborn Gunderson, Thomas Jefferson Jr., Blitzen, Hearthstone, Samirah al-Abbas, and Alex Fierro in that order to be precise. The crew is actually amazed by all this but Loki is very mad that these are not insults. Magnus was getting bigger and more confident, he says he's glad to have his own family like this and tells Loki that no matter how big of an army he has he will always be alone. Loki says he still has Sigyn but she has disappeared into the crowd, Alex and Sam won't listen to him any more either. Loki begins to have an angry breakdown while shrinking and spouting poison, this allows Mallory to imprison him in the walnut she got. Unfortunately, now that the flyting is over, Hrym and the Naglfar crew proceed to kill the Big Banana crew despite being impressed.

Escape from the Naglfar

They managed to hold them off while making a ring, Sam directs them to follow her and Hearth summons Stanley. An angry Jack confronts Magnus making the latter realize that he forgot to include his talking sword in his flyting speech. So he tells Jack he'll get Bragi, the god of poetry, to write an epic about him. Near the starboard rail, Sam tells everyone to jump. A vatnavaettir catches the crew, Sam has befriend one of them from Old York. They raced to the melting glacier, when the horses disappeared Magnus summoned the Big Banana again.

Party with the Gods

After sailing for three days, Sam congratulates Magnus and he thinks Randolph actually a thank you for coming up with the plan. Alex has a new glittery sweater vest, she'll need more time to think about Magnus after their kiss. Alex says she'll put it on hold, Magnus had no idea what just happened.

The ship arrives at Vigridr, the battlefield where all the einherjar will die at Ragnarok. The ship boards the dock at Raven five, there waiting are the gods Frigg, Heimdall, Thor, Sif, Tyr, Odin, Freya and even Magnus' father, Frey. The gods have assembled a feast at the Lindworm Seven tent to celebrate the heroes' success. Mallory shows the walnut containing Loki to the gods, the plan to put him back in his chains. Thor suggests they smash it but Sif and Odin disagree, Magnus' suggests a more secure place for Loki's imprisonment but Odin says they can't change his punishment. The gods say they are delaying Ragnarok because they don't want the cosmos destroyed before all the new technology can be invented. Eitri Junior is hired to make stronger bonds for Loki who will have his cave in a more secret location, much to Blitz' dismay. Sigyn will only be allowed to go by Loki's side if she wants to. Odin reveals he actually has an special reserve supply of Kvasir's Mead and he will give some to Aegir to fulfill Magnus' promise. Odin gives the heroes five copies of his new book, Motivational Heroism, the einherjar a complimentary Hotel Valhalla Turkish bathrobe each, and the non-einherjar a chance to stay alive. Magnus said there was one more favor to ask from Odin.

Returning Home

Back at Hotel Valhalla, the einherjar welcomed the Big Banana crew as heroes. Even Amir Fadlan was there, Ramadan is over for Sam. Mallory Keen and Halfborn Gunderson got back together. Blitz and Hearth were made honorary einherjar by Helgi. Magnus went back to his room to find more photos on his mantle, it's been quite a long time since he fell off the Longfellow Bridge and became an einherji. Alex arrives at his room after a chocolate-wrestling contest, he thought about his proposal about the Chase Mansion and he'll help out. Then she kissed Magnus who felt great with that. Magnus makes a call with Annabeth, telling her that Ragnarok has been averted, however, she has just received bad news as well, possibly about Jason's death.

The Chase Space, and its Becoming a Place

In two weeks, Odin's lawyers managed to negotiate with the mayor of Boston into turning Randolph Chase's mansion into a residence for homeless youths. It was now called the Chase Space. Annabeth, who was with Percy in California, expressed pride but Magnus notices that she seemed distraught about something else, but he doesn't pursue it. The guests arrived on the Fourth of July, Blitzen and Hearthstone served as cooks, tailors, and life advisors for the kids. Magnus and Alex Fierro went to help out occasionally. The four heroes and kids watch the fireworks on the rooftop at the end of the first day. Magnus Chase has learned that your inheritance never leaves you. He's accepts that his work is never done until Ragnarok and his fate in the future, but in the meantime everything was fine for him. Magnus says Loki was right about one thing: We can choose to alter the details of the big picture, that's how we take control of our destiny.

Chapter Titles

  1. Percy Jackson Does His Level Best to Kill Me
  2. Falafel Sandwiches with a Side Order of Ragnarok
  3. I Inherit a Dead Wolf and Some Underwear
  4. But wait. Act Now, and You Get a Second Wolf Free!
  5. I Bid Farewell to Erik, Erik, Erik and Also Erik
  6. I Have a Nightmare About Toenails
  7. We All Drown
  8. In the Hall of the Huffy Hipster
  9. I Become a Temporary Vegetarian
  10. Can We Talk About Mead?
  11. My Sword Takes You to (Dramatic Pause) Funkytown
  12. The Guy With the Feet
  13. Stupid Exploding Grandfathers
  14. Nothing Happens. It's a Miracle
  15. Monkey!
  16. Spit Man Versus Chain Saw. Guess Who Wins
  17. We Are Ambushed by a Pile of Rocks
  18. I Roll Play-Doh to the Death
  19. I Attend a Zombie Pep Rally
  20. Tveirvigi = Worst Vigi
  21. Fun with Open-Heart Surgery
  22. I Have Bad News and - No, Actually I Just Have Bad News
  23. Follow the Smell of Dead Frogs (to the Tune of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road")
  24. I Liked Hearthstone's Dad Better as a Cow-Abducting Alien
  25. We Devise a Fabulously Horrible Plan
  26. Things Get Wyrd
  27. We Win a Small Rock
  28. Don't Ever Ask Me to Cook My Enemy's Heart
  29. We Almost Become a Norwegian Tourist Attraction
  30. Flām, Bomb, Thank You, Mom
  31. Mallory Gets Nuts
  32. Mallory Also Gets Fruit
  33. We Devise a Horribly Fabulous Plan
  34. First Prize: A Giant! Second Prize: Two Giants!
  35. I Get an Assist from the Murder Murder
  36. The Ballad of Halfborn, Hovel-Hero
  37. Alex Bites My Face Off
  38. Skadi Knows All, Shoots All
  39. I Become as Poetic as... Like, a Poetic Person
  40. I Get a Collect Call from Hel
  41. I Call a Time-Out
  42. I Start Small
  43. I Have a Big Finish
  44. Why Do They Get Cannons? I Want Cannons
  45. If You Understand What Happens in This Chapter, Please Tell Me, Because I Have No Clue
  46. I Win a Fluffy Bathrobe
  47. Surprises All Around, Some of Them Even Good
  48. The Chase Space Becomes a Place



  • Rick announced on his Twitter page that Percy's little sister's name would be revealed in this book. Her name was later revealed to be Estelle.
  • This is the only book of Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard without any kind of prophecy
  • This is the only full book in a non Greek or Roman myth based Rick Riordan series where Percy Jackson has made a physical appearance.
  • During their phone call at the end of the novel, Magnus notices Annabeth has been crying and suspects something has happened: the death of Jason Grace.
  • Chapter 7's title, "We All Drown" may be referencing Stephen King's novel It, as the main antagonist, Pennywise, says "We all float" throughout the novel.



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