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The Tree on the Hill is a song from The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.


Percy: Who’s Thalia?

Grover: You’re not the first half-blood I was sent to protect. I should have told you. B-but I thought that if you knew, you wouldn’t want me on this quest. If you knew what a failure I was. Ask Annabeth.

There’s a tree on the hill,
Up on Half-Blood Hill.

It watches over us,
Silent and still.

And no one at camp is safe until,
They can see the tree on the hill.

This was way before I met you. Chiron sent me to escort three half-bloods back to camp. Two were runaways, one was Annabeth, and the other was Luke. The third was Thalia, though girl. Like her dad, Zeus.

Percy: I thought I was the only kid of the big three gods.

Grover: You are now. We’d almost made it back to camp, but I got nervous and we got lost, and by the time we found the hill... something else found us.

And there on the hill
Up on Half-Blood Hill.

The cold wind blew,
Dark and chill.

For nothing would slake it’s wrathful will,
We had to make a stand-

Maybe if I’d been a little bit braver,
Maybe if I stayed behind to fight.
But maybe doesn’t let me go back and save her.

Maybe doesn’t make it alright.

Thalia saved us. We only survived because she stayed to hold off the monsters. She paid for her sacrifice with her life. That’s when Zeus showed up.

Percy: He saved her... right?

Grover: It was to late for that. As she died he turned her into a tree, so that she could stand protecting us forever. The way I never could.

There’s a tree on the hill.
Up on Half-Blood Hill.

That protects us all,
And always will.

And it’s there reminding me,
Of all I failed to be.

The tree on the Hill.