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Well, mortals, it's a good thing we arrived when we did, or that giantess might have hurt someone!

–Thor after arriving in Loki's Cavern after the battle, in The Hammer of Thor.

Thor (From ON: Þórr, "thunder", often spelled Tor)[1] is the Norse Æsir god of thunder, strength, fertility, and consecration, and is physically the strongest of the Æsir.[2] The son of Odin and Jörð, he is married to the goddess Sif. He was known as Thunor to the Anglo-Saxons, and Donar to the southern Germanic peoples. His symbols of power include the lightning bolt, hammer, axe, and club, goats, and oak trees.


Thor was born to Odin and the Jötunn Jörð, the Earth herself. As he grew up, Thor made a name for himself by defending both Asgard and Midgard from the jǫtnar.

Losing Mjolnir

As Thor slept one night, the giant Thrym snuck into his quarters and stole Mjolnir. The giant agreed to return the hammer if he was given Freyja as a bride. The gods had a meeting on the matter and agreed on a plan to put Thor in a wedding dress and send him in Freya's place, which the thunder god protests but reluctantly agrees to.

He and Loki, dressed as a bridesmaid, go to the wedding where Thor’s mannerisms draw suspicion from the giants. However, Loki creates lies to cover for Thor until the hammer is returned, at which point he killed every giant present except for Thrym III and Thrynga, Thrym's grandchildren.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

The thunder god is first seen in Jötunheimr being drowned by a female jötunn, whom Jack quickly slays. Thor then invites them to dinner and sends Magnus and his friends on a quest to find his "not officially missing" hammer Mjolnir.

After the group kill the giant Geirrod and his daughters Gjalp and Greip, Thor then appears on his flying chariot (having sensed Gunilla's presence), much to their annoyance. He accepts his staff and sends the four to where each of them needs to be, but not before asking the group to not tell anyone about Mjolnir being missing, especially his children and assuring Sam that he knows that not all the children of Loki, such as herself, take after their father.

The Hammer of Thor

When Magnus meets one of Thor's goats, Otis, at the Thinking Cup on Newbury Street, he learns that Thor's hammer is still 'unofficially' missing. Magnus later discusses with Sam, the movements of the jǫtnar in preparation to invade Midgard and that it is only their fear of Thor with his hammer that is preventing them from doing so.

When Magnus is sleeping in Hearth's house in Alfheimr, he has a dream about Thor in Jötunheimr, using Mjolnir to obliterate a thousand giants. Thor then looks directly at Magnus and tells him to hurry up with finding his hammer.

When Sif transports Magnus, Sam, Alex, Blitz, and Hearth to Bilskirnir, her and Thor's palace in Asgard, she directs them to Thor's "man cave" to discuss their plan to retrieve his hammer. They explain that Mjolnir is to be used as the morning after gift in the earth giant Thrym's marriage to Sam. Thor says that the bride has the right to insist that the gift be summoned in order to bless the ceremony and ensure that the hammer can be obtained. After they agree to infiltrate the wedding with Alex posing as Sam, Thor gives them his chariot to ride to the wedding. Thor explains he can concentrate to see through Otis and Marvin's eyes and that when the hammer is summoned by Thrym, he will lead a squad of gods and einherjar underground to retrieve the hammer and slaughter the giants. He then gives Blitz and Hearth "Thor's Hall Pass" in order to allow them to enter Valhalla and alert the einherjar to the plan.

Later on, Thor, along with Heimdall and Vidar, manage to break into Loki's Cave after Loki has been freed. Thor retrieves Mjolnir and vaporizes the giantess Thrynga with a blast of lightning from the hammer. After kissing and loving his hammer as if it was his wife, he then takes everyone back to Valhalla in order to celebrate the return of his hammer.

The Ship of the Dead

Thor, along with the other gods appear at the plains of Vigridr when Magnus and crew have captured Loki. They congratulate them and hold a party. He wanted to smash the walnut holding Loki, but Odin tells him otherwise.

9 from the Nine Worlds

Just Another Decapitated Head

Thor is seen by his father getting ready to jog the Nine Worlds to win a cameo on one of his favorite Midgard television shows, he starts off in Asgard.

This Is Why I Hate Clothes Shopping

Thor is seen by Amir Fadlan in Midgard while the clear sighted human is walking to Blitzen’s Best.

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to Let It Shine

As Thor jogs through Nidavellir, he jogs right though an assassination attempt by Alviss without even noticing. According to Mimir, Thor could've zapped all the dwarves if he found out.

Speaking of Trolls...

As he is jogging through Alfheim, he stops to say a quick hello to Hearthstone and Inge. He misinterprets Hearth’s sarcastic signs as a suggestion to lift weights while jogging.

My Eighth-Grade Physics Actually Comes in Handy

As he jogs through Jotunheim, he inadvertently aids Samirah al-Abbas in her mission to photograph the egg of Fajalar by dragging Eggther's harp along with him, causing the jotunn to chase after him.

Nice Doggy

Thor still had the harp on him along with the rest of the supplies Sam used when he jogs through Helheim. He accidentally caused Garm to chase him and get lost and was also seen by Thomas Jefferson Jr. when he had a vision from Hel.

So's Your Face!

Mallory Keen witnesses Thor on his jog through Niflheim and decides to chase him to get out. He was too busy to help her, so she ran after him while steam came from his farts melting the snow. Keen lost Thor but ended up at Hvergelmir, the hot spring surrounding the roots of Yggdrasil.

Well, That Was a Surprise

When Thor jogs through Vanaheim, he inadvertently wakes up four Vanir dragons that Halfborn Gunderson needed the scales of.

I Play with Fire

While jogging through Muspellheim, Thor was witnessed by several minor gods at Surt’s castle when the lord of the fire giants was trying to recruit them. Alex Fierro uses this distraction as an opportunity to shape-shift again so she would avoid being noticed.

Goal Achieved! Sort of...

Thor narrates this chapter himself. Once he had completed his ten million step trek across all nine worlds, he got chafing and blisters. He almost didn't make the cameo on his favorite Midgard show because of that, but he had to do it all over again because he forgot to turn on his FitnessKnut.


Thor was described as a god with shoulder-length red hair, a curly red beard, bodybuilder arms, and hands the size of pot roasts. He wears a sleeveless leather jerkin, dark iron gauntlets (that are reminiscent of robot hands) and a hauberk (chain mail shirt). Thor's face is handsome "in a beat-up way", like he'd spent years in the boxing ring. Thor is quite unkempt, with his hauberk being filthy, and his leather jerkin and trousers worn to the color of dirty snow. In addition, he also usually has goat grease in his beard, from eating Otis and Marvin so many times.

Thor has the name of his wife Sif tattooed on his left biceps inscribed inside a heart. He has a stylized tattoo of Jörmungandr the World Serpent coiled around his right forearm. Across his knuckles on either hand, in block letters, are the names of his sons Modi and Magni.


Thor is actually a very obtuse, temperamental god and can swear a lot. He is fond of watching popular TV shows on Netflix. Thor has a bad habit of passing gas or belching in public. He's also prone to smashing things. Thor also has a sense of pride as seen in The Hammer of Thor, when he refuses to repeat the same wedding dress ruse Loki used on him as he was humiliated following the incident and Loki repeated the story to make Thor into a laughingstock for ages. In The Hammer of Thor, Thor displays a very dense side, when he congratulates Magnus and his friends and claims they all should celebrate despite the fact that Loki escaped and the theft of his hammer was merely a smokescreen for the entire scheme.

He is sensitive about Sif's previous marriage, despite the fact that he has had several children with many partners. For all his rivalry with Loki, Thor does miss him as a friend and ally sometimes.

Thor also seems to have a certain sense of understanding as he admits that not all of Loki's children, such as Sam, take after their father.


The Norse god of thunder, and possibly the strongest of the Æsir, Thor is one of the most powerful gods in existence. His power is respected and feared throughout the Nine Worlds, so much, that Magnus Chase stated that the only reason why the jǫtnar (giants) had not invaded and destroyed Midgard yet, is because they fear Thor's wrath may fall upon them.

  • Massive Strength: As the God of Strength, Thor has incredible super strength, being the strongest of the Norse gods. Just a clap on the shoulder from him dislocated several of Magnus' joints. When wielding Mjolnir, he is strong enough to blow up an entire mountain, along with an army of giants, with just one hit from his hammer.
  • Electrokinesis: As the God of Lightning, Thor has absolute control over electricity and generates electrical sparks from his hands, ears, and butt when excited.
  • Atmokinesis: As the God of Storms, Thor has absolute control over storms.
  • Fertility Manipulation: As the God of Fertility, Thor can presumably manipulate the fertility of the ground.
  • Combat Prowess: Thor is a great combatant and with his incredible strength this becomes clear.
  • Teleportation: Thor was able to teleport Magnus and his friend's, but problem is Thor only teleports people to where their supposed to be (not where they want to be).
  • Goat Vision: If Thor focus enough he can see through the eye's of his goat's.


Thor's primary attribute is his mighty hammer Mjolnir, the most powerful weapon in all of Norse mythology. His other attributes include his iron gauntlets Járngreipr (which he is required to wear while handling his hammer), and his magic belt Megingjörð (which doubles his strength when he wears it), as well as the mighty Bone Steel staff, Gríðarvölr, his secondary weapon (used when he loses his hammer).


Thor has two loyal attendants: the goats Tanngnjóstr/Otis and Tanngrisnr/Marvin, who pull his chariot. They are killed and eaten by the god every evening, with them always resurrecting the next morning. He is also frequently accompanied by his regular manservant, Thjalfi, though Thor granted him a furlough due to the stress shortly before The Sword of Summer.


Immortal Children


Járnsaxa and unnamed giantess Magni and Modi
Sif Thrud

Demigod Children


Unknown Gunilla (died as a Captain of the Valkyries)
Mrs. Alhstrom Lars Alhstrom (reborn as an einherji)
Unknown slave woman John Henry (reborn as an einherji)


  • While Mjølnir is commonly depicted as either a simple blacksmith's hammer (Prose Edda and Poetic Edda) or an uru clubhammer (Marvel), it has been primarily depicted as either a wooden club or a mounted stone axe since as early as the Teutonic tribes. Even as late as the Viking era, the axe, wooden club, and hammer were all interchangeable depictions for Mjølnir.
  • Thor's Greco-Roman counterpart (in terms of his primary domain) is Zeus/Jupiter (thunder, lightning, and storms). He also shares domain with Hercules (strength), Aphrodite/Venus (fertility), and no specific counterpart his status as the god of consecration.
  • Thor watches a lot of Midgard (human) television. Some shows he watches are Arrow, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead.
  • Thor has lost Mjølnir three times.
  • During the events of Ragnarök, Thor is destined to kill Jörmungandr, the World Serpent, but to be slain himself by Jörmungandr's venom as it dies. He takes nine steps before dying.
  • The weekday Thursday (derived from Old English Þūnresdæg; originally Torsdag (Þorsdagr) in Old Norse) is named after him.
  • The Rune representing Thor is called Thurisaz.
  • Tacitus, a Roman historian, and senator, associated Thor (specifically, his Germanic persona, Donar) with the Greco-Roman hero Hercules/Heracles.
  • Thorium, a chemical element discovered by Swedish chemist Dr. Jöns Jacob Berzelius in the early 19th century, is named after him.
  • In the Swedish island of Gotland, a species of beetle (scarabæus Stercorarius) was named after the god; Thorbagge.
  • Thor's hero shrew (Scutisorex thori), a species of shrew native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, is named after him, due to him being associated with strength.
  • The Swedish death metal band Amon Amarth's 2008 studio album Twilight of the Thunder God is based around Thor's slaying of the serpent.
  • In Sweden in the 19th century, smooth, wedge-shaped stones found in the earth were called Thorwiggar ("Thor's wedges"), according to a folk belief that they were once hurled at a troll by the god Thor.
  • Ironically despite being three-fourths Jotunn, Thor affiliates himself with the Æsir and is classified as a god.
  • Thor is the third god to have a point of view in a series, the first two being Apollo and his father, Odin.


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