In The Hidden Oracle, a Three-Legged Death Race is a game conceived by one of Hephaestus' sons Harley. The concept is similar to a three legged race only in the manner that two demigods are tied together at the legs. The race however has no official starting line or finish line.  The objective is to be the first team to collect three golden apples. The game however takes place inside the Labyrinth, which had apparently kept re-growing even after Pasiphae's defeat.  The race has a number of dangers and deadly traps including exploding chainsaw Frisbees and iron orbs falling from the ceiling. During the race Meg and Apollo find themselves in part of the Labyrinth that is directly below Delphi where he hears "The Beast" (Nero) and Python talking about burning the Grove of Dodona. Despite winding up with shrapnel, the winners of the race were the Victor twins, Holly and Laurel.