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The Three Roosters of Ragnarok are three roosters that are destined to crow to signify the beginning of Ragnarök. They consist of Gullinkambi, Fialar, and an unnamed soot-red rooster, referred to as "Nameless" by Odin.


Gullinkambi is the golden rooster that lives in Valhalla and will alert the Einherjar and the gods.

Fialar is the crimson rooster that resides in the forest of Gallows-wood (or Gálgviðr is Old Norse) in Jotunheim and will alert the Jotnar. A Jotunn herdsman named Eggther, who sits on a mound and plays a harp, is Fialar's guardian.

"Nameless" is unnamed soot-red rooster that lives in Helheim and will alert the dishonorable dead.

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Samirah al-Abbas was in Odin's office to receive a special assignment. He shows her pictures of the three roosters. He tells her that Gullinkambi and Nameless are still in egg form and haven't hatched yet (which is good because they can't crow if they haven't hatched). But he said that he was concerned about Fialar, because the Jotnar had blocked his view of the egg with distortion magic, so he can't get an update. He then sends Sam to Jotunheim to take a picture of the egg and report back to him. She does so, and fortunately, the egg has no cracks in it.


  • Gullinkambi is Old Norse for "golden comb" while Fialar means "hider, deceiver".
  • Överhogdal tapestries depict a bird on top and one on the bottom of Yggdrasil, the world tree. They could be Gullinkambi and "Nameless".
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