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The gods on their thrones.

The thrones of the Greek gods are the seats owned by the Olympians in the Hall of the Gods. The 12 thrones were arranged in an inverted 'U'. A god's power is connected to their thrones, so destroying their throne is one of the ways to defeat a god, and why Kronos wanted to destroy the Hall of the Gods. They were all built by Hephaestus, with the first throne belonging to Zeus.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson met with Poseidon and Zeus. He saw all the gods thrones for the first time.

However, in the movie they are not arranged with the girls on one side and the boys on the other. Also, where Zeus and Hera are meant to sit side by side at the head (similar to arrangement of cabins at camp), Zeus is all by himself, and they are not divided by gender. The thrones do not appear to match the gods' powers however; instead they appear to be made of white marble and celestial bronze.

The Titan's Curse

While Percy is at the Council of winter solstice, he describes some of the god's thrones (with Hades pulling up a small chair).

The Last Olympian

Percy sat on Poseidon's throne to try and contact his father. When Poseidon arrived, he would have blasted Percy if he hadn't looked and hesitated. In the end, Poseidon forgave Percy for sitting on his throne, since it was an emergency. Percy describes how he felt when he sat on Poseidon's throne: like he was controlling the whole ocean. He realized how powerful his dad was and felt as though Poseidon should be the one in charge, and thought of how it must be with eleven other gods all trying to get their own way. After the events in The Last Olympian, Percy Jackson requested that the minor gods and Hades all have their own cabins at Camp Half-Blood with respective thrones on Olympus


Please note that not every throne has been described in the series.
Zeus had a simple throne made out of solid platinum, with lightning designs on the sides. It is also known as the middle throne inside the Hall of the Gods. While Zeus was praising the heroes that saved Olympus from Kronos, he also pointed out his throne was a little dented.
It has the picture of a willow and peacocks on it. It is made of ivory and adamantine. It is on the left hand side of Zeus' throne. [2].[citation needed]
According to Percy, it isn't nearly as grand as Zeus' throne. It has a molded black seal leather seat which was attached to a swivel pedestal, and with a built-in holster for a fishing pole. Instead of a pole, the holster held a bronze trident, flickering with green light around the tips. Basically, it looked like a chair on a deep-sea boat, that you would sit in it if you want to hunt shark or marlin or sea monsters.​​​​ It's opposite to Demeter's one.
It is woven of apple-tree branches, wheat stalks, and dried grass. It has a small yellow seat cushion to sit on.
His throne was made of leather and chrome with large human skulls built into the arms. He sat on a cushion of human skin. While Kronos was destroying the gods thrones, he slashed the arm seat of Ares' throne.
It is silver with golden basket work on the back and sides. There is a crown of violets above.
Hephaestus' Throne looks like a huge mechanical La-Z-Boy type chair covered with bronze and silver gears. When struck into defense mode, it will whir and hum with secret mechanism and can shoot out tendrils of electricity in all directions.
It's a golden throne.
Is a silver throne. It has two date palms on the back, full moons above, she sits on a wolf-skin cushion and probably some skins unknown to Percy that he saw in The Titan's Curse.
It's a silver and inlaid with aquamarines, beryls and other precious stones. The back is shaped like a large seashell and the seat is made from soft swansdown (swans are symbols of Aphrodite and she rose from the sea foam created from Ouranos' blood).
It's made of gray rock. It has ram's heads on the arms and he sits on a cushion of goatskin.
This throne formally belonged to Hestia. It is usually considered to be on the woman's side due to it's former owner, however in The Titan's Curse, it seems to be on the men's. And it also appears that in The Last Olympian, Dionysus grew his throne out of grape vines and sits on a leopard skin cushion (his symbol).
Since the end of The Last Olympian, Hades has a throne on Olympus, but has not made an appearance since Olympus. Before that, he sat on a simple stone chair. The throne has no description.



  • In the film adaptation and graphic novel, the thrones have the same design.