The Titans are the race of immortals who ruled the universe after the Protogenoi, and before the rise of the Olympians. Kronos was their king, with Rhea as his queen.


The Titans were one of three sets of beings born to Gaea and Ouranos, the personifications of the Earth and sky, respectively. Ouranos had earlier imprisoned his elder children, the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires, in Tartarus because of his respective contempt and fear of them. While Ouranos no doubt took delight in his wicked works, Gaea was outraged by the treatment of her sons and conspired with her remaining children to overthrow Ouranos. She presented them a new weapon she had forged (a large and jagged scythe), urging them to take it in order to rise up and take action against their father. All of them refused to do so out of fear of their father — except Kronos, the youngest and most terrible of the Titans, who agreed to kill his father and punish him for his cruelty. Taking the scythe, Kronos convinced his four brothers, Hyperion, Krios, Koios and Iapetus to help him. Gaea lured Ouranos down to the earth to meet her for a romantic dinner while Kronos and his brothers lied in wait to ambush their father. Hyperion, Krios, Koios and Iapetus leaped forth from their hiding places and grabbed Ouranos by each of his arms and legs, pinning him to the ground. Kronos then sprung out and attacked, taking the scythe in his hands and cutting off his father's genitals. He soon chopped Ouranos up into a thousand pieces and threw his severed genitals into the sea so as to insult to his brother Oceanus for refusing to participate in the conspiracy. Fresh from his victory, Kronos seized supremacy amongst the Titans and became their king.

He took his sister Rhea as his queen and ruled for countless eons. Mankind was first created in his reign though they were unsophisticated and simple — this time later came to be known as the "Golden Age". Like his father before him, Kronos grew into a corrupt tyrant along with many of the other Titans.

Shortly after releasing his brothers, the Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires, Kronos became disgusted by their awful smell and the noise they made and summoned the other two most powerful Titans, Hyperion and Atlas, to reimprision them. He also hired Kampê, the most terrifying monster in Tartarus, to guard them.

Eventually, Kronos learned that he was destined to be overthrown by his own offspring just as he had usurped his father. To evade his fate, Kronos would devour his five elder children before a desperate Rhea saved her sixth and last child, Zeus by substituting a stone for his father to consume as advised by Gaea. Raised in secrecy, Zeus would grow to adulthood and free his siblings to wage war aganist Kronos and the other Titans.

The Titans originally had the upper hand against the gods in battle as they were more experienced and skilled but with the help of the Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires and their extremely powerful newly crafted weapons, the gods quickly gained the upper hand. After eleven years of battle, the younger immortals emerged victorious; Zeus used Kronos' scythe to slice him into thousands of pieces just as he had done to his father, scattering his remains into Tartarus. Kronos' brothers were also cast into Tartarus, while Atlas was condemned to hold up the sky as punishment for leading the Titans' forces. With the Titans defeated, Zeus and his siblings assumed power as the the new rulers of the cosmos.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

With the help of Luke Castellan, Kronos began working on reforming and bringing the Titans back to power. He successfully returns by possessing Luke and leads the Titan army against the gods. However, the Titans are defeated once more in the Battle of Manhattan and Kronos' essence is scattered so much when Luke sacrifices himself to defeat him that he will hopefully never form a consciousness again let alone a body. The remaining Titans either fled afterwards or were defeated and reimprisoned.

First Generation

Hyperion, one of the elder Titans

The original Titans were the children of Gaea and Ouranos.

  • Oceanus: Father of the Waters and Titan of the Oceans and Water.
  • Koios: Lord of the North and Titan of Farsight, Intellect and Knowledge.
  • Krios: Lord of the South and Titan of the Stars and Constellations.
  • Hyperion: Lord of the East and Titan of the Sun, Light and Power.
  • Iapetus: Lord of the West and Titan of Mortality and Pain.
  • Theia: Consort of Hyperion and Titaness of Splendor.
  • Rhea: Queen of Mount Othrys and Titaness of Earthly Elements and Motherhood.
  • Themis: Lady of Conduct and Titaness of Divine Law, Justice and fairness.
  • Mnemosyne: Lady of Remembrance and Titaness of Memory.
  • Phoebe: Wife of Koios and Titaness of Prophecy and Mystery.
  • Tethys: Wife of Oceanus and Titaness of the Seas, Freshwater, and nursing mothers.
  • Kronos: King of Mount Othrys and Titan of Time and Agriculture.

Second and Third Generations

Prometheus, one of the younger Titans.

Although they are of this generation, the children of Kronos and Rhea are not counted among the Titans due to their First Titan War, but the children of the other ten are still placed among them.

Children of Hyperion and Theia

  • Eos: Titaness of the Dawn, Morning Red, Dew and Frost, Consort of Astraeus, Mother of wind gods and  who sided with the Olympians .
  • Helios: Lord of Sight and Titan of the Sun, Heat and Measurement of Time, who sided with the Olympians.
  • Selene: Titaness of the Moon, Night, Lunacy and Radiance. Consort of Endymion, who sided with the Olympians.

Children of Iapetus and Klymene

  • Atlas: Titan of Endurance, Consort of Pleione, Father of the Hesperides, the Pleiades, the Hyades, Calypso, Maera and Hyas, and Bearer of Heaven. 
  • Menoetius: Titan of Anger, Rash Action and Violent Rage.
  • Prometheus: Titan of Forethought and Crafty Counsel, Consort of Pronoea, Father of Deucalion and Aidos and "Benefactor" of Mankind.
  • Epimetheus: Titan of Afterthought and Excuse, Consort of Pandora and Father of Pyrrha.

Children of Koios and Phoebe

  • Asteria: Titaness of Prophetic Dreams and Consort of Perses. Mother of Hecate.
  • Leto: Titaness of Demurity and Protector of the Young. Mother of Artemis and Apollo.
  • Lelantos: Titan of Air, Hunt, Unseen Movement and the Hunter's Skill of Stalking Prey, Consort of Periboea and Father of Aura.

Children of Krios and Eurybia

  • Astraeus: Titan of the Dusk and Astrology, Consort of Eos, Father of Wind Gods.
  • Perses: Titan of Destruction and Consort of Asteria, Father of Hecate.
  • Pallas: Titan of Warcraft and Consort of Styx.

Children of Oceanus and Tethys

  • Oceanids: Daughters of the Ocean. Important Oceanides: 
    • Styx: Goddess of the River Styx, Oaths, Hatred, and the eldest child.
    • Klymene: Goddess of Fame and Renown, Consort of Iapetus, and mother of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius.
    • Metis: Goddess of Wise Counsel.
    • Dione: Goddess of the Oracle of Dodona.
    • Doris: Goddess of Pure Water and Rich Fishing-Grounds, Consort of Nereus and mother of the Nereids.
    • Periboea: Goddess of Pastureland and Small-streams, Consort of Lelantos and Mother of Aura.
    • Electra: Nephelae-Goddess of the amber storm-clouds, Consort of Thaumas.
    • Pleione: Goddess of Plenty, Consort of Atlas, Mother of the Pleaides, the Hesperides, the Hyades and Hyas.
    • Pronoea: Minor Goddess of Foresight, Consort of Prometheus and Mother of Deucalion.
  • Potamoi: Gods of the Rivers. Important Potamoi:

Children of Oceanus and Demeter

  • Dmia

Children of Themis and Zeus

  • Horae: Goddesses of Law and the Seasons.
  • Morae: The Fates.

Children of Mnemosyne and Zeus

Children of Atlas and Pleione

  • The Hesperides: Goddesses of Evening and Sunset. 
  • The Pleaides: Ladies of Plenty.
  • The Hyades: Goddesses of Seasonal Rains.
  • Hyas: God of Seasonal Rains.

Children of Atlas and Tethys

Children of Perses and Asteria

Children of Eos and Astraeus

  • Boreas: God of the North Wind and Lord of Winter.
  • Zephyros: God of the West Wind and Lord of Spring. 
  • Notus: God of South Wind and Lord of Summer. 
  • Eurus: God of East Wind and Lord of Autumn.

Fourth Generation

Children of Styx and Pallas

  • Zelus: God of Dedication, Jealously, Envy, Zeal.
  • Nike: Goddess of Victory.
  • Kratos: God of Strength, Might and Sovereign Rule.
  • Bia: Goddess of Force, Might, and Power.

Children of Helios and Hecate

  • Circe: Goddess of Sorcery.

Children of Boreas and Orithyia

Children of Thaumas and Electra

The Goddess Iris

  • Iris: Messenger of the Olympians (Iris Messages) and Goddess of Rainbows.
  • Arke: Messenger of the Titans and Goddess of the Secondary Shadow Rainbows.

Children of Lelantos and Periboea

  • Aura: Titaness of Breezes.


  • The power of the Titans is arguably equal to that of the gods, as Kronos stated that the Olympians would fade soon after the destruction of their thrones. The Titans, however, had their entire mountain fortress on Mount Othrys destroyed millennia ago, yet they have retained enough strength to lead a war against the Olympian gods. However, this is disputable as the Titans ultimately lost their first war to the gods, although not all the Titans fought Olympus (such as Oceanus or Prometheus and the 6 Titanesses) and the gods had the aid of the Hekatonkhieres, the Elder Cyclopes, and other Titans who joined their side (such as Styx, Selene, and others). Also, the defeat of Kronos and the destruction of Mount Othrys left them extremely weak for thousands of years and only with the pledging of loyalty by many demigods were the Titans able to rise again. It is also worth noting that by the onset of the Second Titan War, Mount Othrys was fully restored and it was a major target for the Olympians during the war.
  • Essentially all Titans possess vast supernatural strength, speed, and durability, possibly more so than the gods. Kronos is stated to be physically extremely powerful since he is essentially the most powerful and dangerous of all the Titans, but since Atlas is the Titan of Endurance and Strength, he is possibly narrowly as powerful as Kronos; Percy found it impossible to go blow-for-blow with Atlas (this may have been due to the curse Ares inflicted on him so that his sword would fail him in the fight with the Titan), and both Artemis and Zoë Nightshade found it extremely difficult to combat Atlas.
  • According to Dionysus, Kronos' true divine form is so violent that mortals are incinerated by simply being in its presence, and it also empowers the other Titans. As he is the Titan King it is unknown if it applies for all Titans or just him.
  • The Titans had complete dominion over the very elements of light, time, space, earth, air, water, and fire and most likely 'gave birth' to the things they preside over (e.g. Selene and Helios being the Moon and Sun instead of a deity of the moon and sun like Artemis and Apollo).
  • Some (or all) Titans possess the ability to release an incredible wave of force (or energy), usually accompanied by a yell or flick of the hand.


  • Titan is a moon of Saturn, named after this species. It is the second-largest moon in the Solar System. Appropriately, Saturn is also the Roman name/aspect of Kronos.
  • The element Titanium is named after the Titans.
  • Titans can be expelled and scattered. Another example is how Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood let Luke Castellan stab his Achilles´ Heel to expel Kronos.


First Generation

Second and Third Generation

Fourth Generation

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