Tjesu Heru GN

A Tjesu heru in the graphic novel

The Tjesu heru is a giant two-headed serpent with four dragon legs.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

When Carter and Sadie visited the 18th Nome (Russia) they sneaked into the Winter Palace in the Hermitage. Their purpose was finding the second part of the book of Ra to awaken Ra in order to defeat  Apophis,the serpent of chaos.To do that,they had to enter the headquarters of the 18th Nome through a secret entrance. There they met Menshikov,who does not notice them until he kills a demon named Death-To-Corks in order to summon the god of fire and evil Set who sees Carter and Sadie and informs Vladimir with the sentence "Maybe a young idiot magician who can't do a proper invisibility spell like CARTER KANE over there!". Vladimir attacks them by throwing his staff which formed into the Tjesu heru. Sadie freed Set with a Ha-di (the command hieroglyph for destroy) spell from the jar that Vladimir used to summon him and use his advice. Set refused to help destroy the Tjesu heru, allowing it to attack the Kanes, which resulted in a fight that the Tjesu heru was destroyed by Sadie but not before attacking Carter with its poisonous bite and nearly killing him.

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