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Magician's Kit GN

The different tools of a magician are the staff, wand, magician's box, and shabti statues.


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The staff is a primary offensive weapon; it can be used to control the elements, summon spirits, etc. It can be turned into any number of creatures like snakes, hippos, or crocodiles and in Sadie's case, a lion. If it's channeled by godly power, especially Isis's, it can be used to unleash blasts of divine energy. It is needed for offensive hieroglyphs if a magician can't simply speak Divine Words. In case of a combat magician, the staff is alternatively used with the Khopesh.


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The wand is usually a curved piece of hippo ivory. It is a primary defensive weapon, used to ward off enemy spells, counter curses, or repel enemies. It can be used as a throwing weapon to knock away attackers or held up to create a magic shield. It can also be used to draw magic protective circles and cast healing spells. Julius Kane used his wand to supposedly summon Osiris but destroyed the Rosetta Stone instead. In The Staff of Serapis when demigod Annabeth Chase took Sadie Kane's wand, it transformed into a celestial bronze dagger. The same happened in The Crown of Ptolemy when Percy Jackson took Sadie's wand except it transformed into a celestial bronze kopis.

The Magician's Box

Each magician carries supplies for casting spells. These include papyrus, stylus, and ink for writing scrolls, wax for making shabti statues, and other protective charms and amulets, and also a ball of twine. Magicians have a choice of a wooden box or a leather satchel.

Shabti Statues

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A good magician can craft statuettes that come to life on command and perform any number of tasks. Doughboy is quite annoying and is also Julius Kane's shabti. Shabti can also be used for a number of spells including execrations and shadow execrations.


Main article: Khopesh

Combat magicians use a Khopesh, a curved sword, instead of a wand. In addition to being used as a weapon, magicians can cast spells with it, such as when Carter uses his khopesh to cast the ha-tep spell on Freak. Also if stabbed in the ground the user can create a shielding spell in the form of a blue barrier of light.


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